Feedback to New Japan Fantastica Mania

Thumbs Up.
Best Match: Sombra/Rush vs Nakamura/Ultimo Guerrero
Worst Match: None
The show was pretty much your average New Japan spot show with CMLL talent being used. A fun 2 hours with the crowd being into everything & the NJPW guys appearing to be having a blast working with the CMLL crew. Definitely a skipable show for the NJ fan looking for long 4+* matches but worth checking out to see something different involving the current NJ stars.
Will definitely be ordering Saturday's show! Very excited to see Rush beat the hell out of Nakamura.
Rob Millenium

Thumbs: Up, but not way way up
Best: Main
Worst: All CMLL 6-man

This show ended way too early. I spent the $15 for visual quality not availability, so when you cut the show short you cut short part of the reason to spend the money, if that makes sense. I knew I was only getting 6 matches but the wrestling was over within 2 hours. The last two matches were very good but had room to be much better. Tanahashi/Okada have a Hogan/Savage kind of thing going on where I really want to look at Okada as the best in the world but it's so hard to do so, and it will continue to be that way, until Tanahashi leaves for an extended period of time. Other than expecting the matches to stretch a little longer, this show was exactly what I thought it would be. Watching Liger prance around arm-in-arm with Maximo was memorable; good to see Tanahashi with the Universal title again, as well. Worth staying awake for.

Scott Winter
San Francisco, CA

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