New Japan/CMLL iPPV report 1-18 Korakuen Hall, killer six man

By Bryan Rose (

1. Maximo vs. Taichi vs. Jado

Taichi wants none of Maximo as he starts to leave, but comes back to start the match anyway. Mostly just Maximo doing his usual routine at the start- slapping Taichi on the butt and double teaming with Gedo to take out Taichi, only for Gedo to turn on him until he's taken out by a kiss from Maximo. On the outside, Maximo kisses what I believe is an announcer who is so mesmerized by this kiss he's taken to the backstage area. Taichi works over Gedo a bit before Maximo enters but he's laid out with a superkick. Gedo gets a nearfall with the Orton draping DDT but Taichi breaks it up. He goes for the punt, but Maximo tries to kiss him and blocks a sunset flip attack by sitting on him for another nearfall. Gedo exits the ring only to be waffled by a Maximo suicide dive. Taichi is back, but Maximo removes his pants and during a scuffle he kisses the ref, then tries to kiss Taichi again, but Taichi blocks it...only for Maximo to power out and gives Taichi a long kiss, I guess knocking him out in the process. A la magistral cradle secures the win for Maximo. A fun little opener. **

Taichi is taken to the backstage area after the match. I guess Maximo's kisses are an effective finishing maneuver here.

2. Stuka and Rey Cometa vs. Shigeo Okumura and Yujiro Takahashi

Rey and Okumura start off with some lucha. Their partners tag in and from  there it becomes a melee. Stuka with a crazy looking dive to the floor while Cometa hits a moonsault on Yujiro for a nearfall. Cometa with a sick skytwister press from the ring to the floor, but takes out Stuka instead of Yujiro. Yujiro takes advantage but Cometa pulls through and another sick dive to Okumura on the floor. Stuka goes for a move off the top but gets waffled with a steel chair to the back by Okumura. Yujiro then hits the Tokyo Pimps for the pinfall. Short but some spectacular dives. **1/2

3. Titan, Fuego, Tiger Mask & KUSHIDA vs. Rey Escorpion, Vangellys, Niebla Roja and YOSHI-HASHI

KUSHIDA and Escorpion start things off with Escorpion applying some lucha offense that gets the better of KUSHIDA as he tags in Fuego as he and YOSHI-HASHI do battle. Fuego sends YOSHI-HASHI to the outside as he does not one, but two suicide dives to the outside. Titan tagged in as Vangellys does some power moves, but Titan shows great agility by taking him out with a hurricanrana and goes to the outside where he's taken out by the rudo's manager. Tiger Mask and Niebla Roja's turn as Tiger Mask sends him to the outside. Heels gang up as they take out Tiger Mask then start working on Fuego, then take out KUSHIDA as well. Tecnicos start making a comeback after Tiger Mask hits the tiger driver on YOSHI-HASHI and KUSHIDA flies off with a great senton to the outside. Titan with a sweet moonsault to the outside. Fuego and Vangellys are in the ring, however, and Vangellys takes out Fuego with a dead lift German suplex for the pinfall. Pretty good with some excellent high flying moves. **3/4

4. Volador Jr. and Bushiroad vs. Mascara Dorada and Desperado

Volador is dressed up in Captain America garb for some reason. Some early back and forth. Dorada lands an incredible springboard skytwister press on the outside to Volador Jr. A lot of tornado tag like action as all four men are in the ring. They start to spill out as all four hit high flying moves that send them all to the floor, including BUSHI hitting a twister press that looked to be in slow motion compared to the others seen tonight. All four end up brawling into the crowd as Volador leaps off a balcony with a crossbody to Dorada. They make their way back to the ring as Dorada is laid out by BUSHI And Volador as Volador climbs to the top and hits a top rope hurricanrana on Desperado for a nearfall. Volador and Dorada brawl for a bit as Bushi does a rebound but Desperado counters with a modified seated powerbomb for the three count. Some good high spots, and nothing bad, but never got going into anything great. **1/2

5. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Rush

Nakamura comes to the ring with red and black paint over his body, kind of like Devitt from the Tokyo Dome. They brawl for a bit, then Nakamura puts out his hand but Rush just attacks him instead. On the outside, Nakamura jams his knee into Rush's face. Nakamura looks for some more kicks but instead Rush powerbombs him. Nakamura finds himself in a corner as Rush NAILS him with a running dropkick, shades of Shibata on the stiffness scale. Nakamura powers back after Rush rushes into the turnbuckle. Nakamura goes to the outside but Rush meets him with a flying dropkick to the face. Back in the ring, back and forth forearms until Rush headbutts Nakamura, hits a side suplex and a splash for a nearfall. Nakamura with a dropkick then hits the boma ye for the nearfall. That finish felt kinda anticlimactic. Good stiff stuff here- if Rush did another tour here he'd probably be right there with Ishii and Shibata as some of the stiffest guys on the roster. I wish it would have gone longer though because it probably would have developed into something awesome. ***1/2

6. Hiroshi Tanahashi,Tetsuya Naito and La Sombra vs. Ultimo Guerrero, Kazuchika Okada and Tomohiro Ishii

Ultimo Guerrero and La Sombra nearly go at it during the introductions. Tanahashi and Guerrero start things off Guerrero takes a bump to the outside and Tanahashi teases the high fly flow early but doesn't do it. He tags in La Sombra who goes a great flip into the ring and dares Okada to do one too, and he does to the delight of the crowd. Okada does some impressive lucha grappling but Sombra takes him out of the ring. Ishii and Naito now go at it. Some quick action but Ishii is sure to slow it down. Some forearm shots by Naito but Ishii doesn't go down until he's headbutted by Naito. After an exploder suplex by Ishii The rudos start isolating Naito as they all work on him, then on the rest of the technicos. Guerrero works over La Sombra and tries to take off his mask, but to no avail. The other technicos start to even things back up as Sombra hits a huge dive to the outside, taking out Guerrero as Okada and Tanahashi go at it in the ring. Okada does the rainmaker pose and goes for the Rainmaker but Tanahashi counters with the sling blade and goes for the high fly flow, but Ishii blocks it and hits a big suplex off the top rope. Naito comes flying by with a dropkick. Naito on offense for a while but Ishii fights back with a stiff side suplex as Guerrero and La Sombra go at it. Twisting hurricanrana off the top for a nearfall. Brainbuster attempt by La Sombra on the top rope, but Guerrero blocks it and hits his own. La Sombra recovers quickly and hits a running knee to the corner. Another hurricanrana attempt by La Sombra, but Guerrero hits a powerbomb off the top only for Tanahashi to break it up. Clothesline sends them both over and out as Naito and Tanahashi work over Ishii, then Okada as they both do big dives to the outside. La Sombra and Ultimo Guerrero are back in and La Sombra tries to do his one arm powerbomb finish, but Guerrero blocks it, crotches him on the top rope and hits a huge reverse suplex off the top rope to the mat, covering him for the three count. Kind of choreographed at times, with two rivals running to the ring as soon as two others made it to the floor, but definitely the best match on the tour thus far. ****

7. Mephisto vs. Mistico

This is for the Mexican National Lightweight championship. Some back and forth lucha early until Mistico sends Mephisto out and hits a huge senton to the outside. Mistico shows some great agility and handles himself well in the air. Mistico flies off the apron and looks to do a hurricanrana, but Mephisto grabs him and powerbombs him into the steel post. Mistico slides back into the ring but the assault continues. Mistico pulls through and manages to send Mephisto to the outside, then succeeds this time in nailing the hurricanrana off the apron to the floor. They both get in the ring around 13 but Mephisto is back up first, putting in a few submissions to wear down Mistico. Mistico fires back by crotching Mephisto and launching off with a hurricanrana for a nearfall. Mephisto bails as Mistico goes to the top rope and this time hits an amazing shooting star press off the top rope to the floor. That's astounding. Back in the ring, Mephisto tries to counter Mistico's offense but it's to no use until he finds himself on the top rope, blocks Mistico's offense, grabs him and hits what I believe is called the Demon Driller off the top rope and scores the pinfall, retaining his championship. Mistico is spectacular as far as flying goes, the rest of the work was pretty good too. ***1/4

SUMMARY: This was a very good showcase for the CMLL talents- I'm definitely interested in checking out the promotion well after the Fantasticamania tour ends. After intermission, this turned out to be a far better card than the first iPPV from a few days ago, with the trios match being exceptional. For $15, this is well worth picking up the replay just to see the best that both NJPW & CMLL have to offer.

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