NJPW news: Alex Koslov out of Super Juniors

Alex Koslov is out of the Super Juniors tournament going on in New Japan Pro Wrestling from a shoulder dislocation at yesterday's opener at Korakuen Hall.

Koslov dislocated the shoulder a first time when opponent Ricochet did a dive onto him on the floor.  The doctors were able to pop it back in, but at the 14:00 mark of the match, Koslov jumped off the top rope, landed on his feet and the shoulder went out.  He was in tremendous pain and wasn't able to continue.

The injury appeared to be serious enough to take him off the rest of the tour, and at today's show it was announced Koslov was forfeiting the rest of his matches.

What is key about this is New Japan tournaments are very carefully booked regarding who beats who and points, and there are matches Koslov was going to win that were needed to get the ending booked, so something like this really throws a monkey wrench into Gedo & Jado's plans.

No word at this point on how long Koslov's injury will keep him out of action.

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