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Here is a recap of OVW TV Episode 720 which will air in Louisville on 6/8 and is already available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/720.
On to ringside with OUR OVW Announce Team of Dean Hill, “Anchorman” Gilbert Corsey, and “Rocky Mountain Mouth” Michael Titus! OUR OVW Ring Announcer tonight is Shannon the Dude (a local radio personality who debuted at the Elizabethtown event I attended a couple of weeks ago). Gilbert gives us a couple of items from last weekend's Saturday Night Special: OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia defeated "Mr. PEC-tacular" Jessie Godderz to keep the title but will now face "Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry at July's SNS on 7/6, and the duo of Michael (not PS) Hayes and Mohamed Ali Vaez came out victorious over OUR OVW Tag Team Champions "The Washington Generals" (Crimson & Jason Wayne) in a non-title match despite having the other four Coalition members join the Generals in a sore loser attack afterwards, about which Titus is overly excited.
Hayes and Vaez come to the ring. Vaez says they did not fire the first shot but they won the battle at SNS, adding the rest of the Coalition attacked them only after the Generals couldn't get the job done! Vaez wants to finish this tonight. Crimson comes out alone, accusing Vaez of spreading propaganda. He says Wayne is in the VA Hospital due to injuries suffered at SNS when Hayes, Vaez, and their friends beat he and Wayne down. People cheer this and Crimson is offended! Vaez offers a rebuttal in the form of actual footage from SNS showing the Coalition beating down Vaez and Hayes after the match! Hayes challenges Crimson to get in the ring right now and they go at it. The other 4 Coalition members (Joe Coleman, Shiloh Jonze, Raul Lamotta, and Ghillie-Man) come out and jump Vaez then hit the ring to join in attacking Hayes. Vaez recovers and grabs a chair, using that and the swimmer's build to clear the ring.
In the back, Godderz is talking on the phone to his agent. Godderz admits that he lost the TV title once, maybe twice. Godderz then asks the agent if he is on TV tonight. Apparently the answer is no and the call disconnects. Former tag partner "Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade comes up and the two have a brief but pleasant conversation before Rudy heads to the ring for his match, which he notes IS on TV.
Match #1: "King of Pink" Dylan Bostic vs "Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade
It is mentioned that tonight's TV main event is Hayes vs Crimson! Dean suggests reality shows for Godderz to appear on although he left out "Toddlers & Tiaras". It is also noted that Bostic hasn't been the same since getting dumped by Taeler Hendrix. Bostic backs Rudy to the corner and musses up his hair, so Rudy slams Bostic then kicks him in the back for 2. Rudy crossbodies Bostic from the top for 2 then acts like he's going to do a piledriver but instead rakes his nails across Bostic's back. Rudy goes for a slingshot senton but Bostic gets his knees up to block it. Dean wonders if Taeler unfriended Bostick on Facebook. Rudy blocks a rollup and applies a Boston crab but Bostic is able to grab the bottom rope. From the apron, Bostic stunners Rudy then goes up top but Rudy catches him with a diamond cutter for the pin.
In the back, Taeler is chatting with Nikki St. John, who has accessorized her wardrobe this week with a flowing black and white scarf. Nikki says that Heidi Lovelace was worthless at SNS in her match with OUR OVW Ladies Champion Trina Thompson. Taeler assures Nikki that she has come up with a perfect plan. Nikki says Taeler "will play (Heidi) like a flute" and slips off camera as Taeler begins manufacturing some tears. Heidi comes up to the "crying" Taeler ("Teidi"!!!!), who tells Heidi that her feelings got hurt at SNS. Heidi apologizes to Taeler for letting her down then says she will challenge Trina to another match tonight!
The camera pans to VIP Joe Rosa and friend (maybe another VIP). Rosa tells friend that Heidi "don't go to their club no more" but the VIP Club is always open! They exit the room and turn out the light as the camera pans over where the masked guy from last week is standing under a black light.
Olivencia comes out to the ring. He says he made Godderz look stupid at SNS then brings up his recent battles with Doug Williams. Olivencia notes that though Williams made excuses constantly, he still beat Williams every single time they met. He admits Terry is an animal and rips people to shreds. Olivencia says he is a man of emotion, intensity, and no fear, a man who walks into a room and changes the atmosphere! He does not fear facing Terry, as while some may think it's David versus Goliath, it's Terry who will be climbing the mountain this time.
In the back, OUR OVW TV Champion Randy Royal comes down the hallway and encounters trainer/friend Tony Gunn, who wants a title match tonight. Gunn sees Royal's pattern of behavior (cheating in matches and not paying doctor bills) and insists he is doing this for Royal's own good.
The Coalition is in their meeting space when OUR OVW Senior Official Chris Sharpe comes in and informs them that Danny Davis says all of them except for Crimson must leave the building. Crimson goes berserk!
Match #2: Heidi Lovelace vs OUR OVW Ladies Champion Trina Thompson
Heidi comes out still all fired up as Gilbert says that Taeler is manipulating Heidi's mind, transforming her from a fun-loving, chipper girl to a woman possessed! Trina shoves Heidi down but gets speared and clobbered on. Trina (in a short flowery skirt tonight) fights back on Heidi and gives her a Samoan drop for a cover but Taeler and Nikki (without the scarf) run in and attack Trina for the DQ. Taeler and Nikki each grab an end of Trina and plant her face first into the mat then high five each other. Notable that Taeler and Nikki are color coordinated.
Match #3: "Team Boomstick" Jay Bradley vs "Diamond Steel" Ryan Howe
Howe come out to some Poison and has someone off camera pitch the guitar to him so he can play us a solo. Howe then pitches the guitar off camera and enters the ring. Gilbert says that Howe is the #3 contender for the OVW Championship and that Bradley is below him on that list. (So apparently Terry is #1 on the list but no mention of whom #2 is much less who else would be on this list) Howe with a firemans carry takeover on Bradley as Gilbert and Dean put over Howe's professional growth in the near two years he has been on OVW.  Howe goes for a crossbody but Bradley catches and slams him. Howe grabs and hangs onto a headlock but gets his suplex try blocked as Bradley drops him across the top rope. Bradley drops some elbows on Howe then slings him across and catches him with a belly to back suplex for 2. Bradley hooks in an abdominal stretch while pounding Howe in the ribs until Howe twists him around into a backslide for 2. Howe dropkicks and leg lariats Bradley but gets hotshotted on the ropes and Bradley boomsticks him for the pin.
Bradley calls out Olivencia, telling him not to forget about their little tiff a few weeks back. Bradley then tells us that he beat Sam Shaw at the TNA pay per view thus is in the Bound for Glory series for a TNA title shot. Bradley says he has beat another top contender here (Howe) and may just make a pitstop on the way to grabbing TNA gold by getting some OVW gold. He hopes Olivencia is ready for him!
Match #4: Tony Gunn vs OUR OVW TV Champion "Triple R Superstar" Randy Royal
They use the same entrance music! Gilbert says that Royal used a chain on Rockstar Spud at SNS to retain his title. They shake hands and trade armdrags and other stuff though it seems like Gunn is slowly getting the best of Royal. Gunn flapjacks Royal for 2 then gets backdropped to the apron, where Gunn hits a slingshot sunset flip for 2. Gunn hits a crossbody for 2 but Royal scoots over to the corner holding his chest. It gets real quiet as ref Sharpe checks on Royal then makes the "X" signal. Sharpe and Gunn look to the entrance as Royal crawls over and schoolboys Gunn for the pin! Titus suggests it may have just been an anxiety attack.
Gilbert is shocked at Royal's actions as Titus still takes up for him. Gilbert plugs some Ashland, KY appearance prior to their live event there.
Match #5: Michael (not PS) Hayes vs "Washington General" Crimson
Crimson stalls because he wants ref Sharpe to send Vaez away from ringside, so Sharpe obliges which give Crimson the chance to jump Hayes from behind. Hayes drops and pulls down the top rope, sending the charging Crimson out to the floor. Crimson grabs Hayes and shoves him into the announce table then both make their way back to the ring. Crimson targets the lower back of Hayes and applies a Crimson clutch, alternately dropping down on Hayes' lower back. Hayes gets away and elbows Crimson then comes off the top but Crimson catches and squashes him. Crimson lariats Hayes for 2 then Hayes fires up and sideslams him. Hayes comes off the top with an elbow but misses. Crimson charges and squashes ref Sharpe as Hayes catches him in a small package. The miraculously healed Jason Wayne comes out and rolls Crimson on top but Sharpe is still down. Vaez comes out and rolls Hayes back on top and Sharpe arises to count the pin.
Vaez and Hayes high five, then Vaez says that they will face the Generals for the tag titles at SNS as the show goes off.
THOUGHTS: This show seemed to fly by as a watched it. Seems like losing has caught up with Godderz as Switchblade appeared to rub it in just a bit. Looks like Taeler already has a new buddy in Nikki St. John though she intends to keep this "Teidi" thing going until she regains the ladies title I guess. Somehow Bradley is going to face Olivencia at SNS, although people won't be giving up their "spots" so much as Bradley will just take them. Also,  no response from Rob Terry about this at all??? Will there be no more Mr. Nice Guy from Gunn now that Royal has faked his way to victory? They FINALLY banned Coalition members from the building but they almost got one over on OVW anyway. Once again Vaez is "the savior of OVW" as he was when he took OVW's side in the 7-on-7 match against Josette Bynum's team last summer. Thumbs up for this show!

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