CZW Tournament of Death notes 6-8 Townsend, DE

CZW Tournament of Death XII 
Townsend, DE
Ron Mathis def Joe Gacy 
Danny Havoc def Rory Mondo 
Lucky tHURTeen sufferred a serious, serious puncture wound near the kidneys and officials call an end to the match. Scotty Vortekz advances. Lucky 13 had a nasty cut on his back that had to be duct taped after going through a light tube ladder
Tsukamoto def DJ Hyde
non-tournament scaffold match: Drake Younger def Devon Moore 
TOD Round 2: fans bring the weapons between 
Vortekz nail the Spanish fly from the top onto a shopping cart. Ron Mathis cannot continue. Vortekz advances to the finals
TOD Round 2: Light Tube match
Danny Havoc def Tsukamoto 
MASADA rushed to the ring and was attacked by the debuting Chris Dickinson & Drew Gulak
Greg Excellent vs Sami Callihan may have been the match but no result was given. Order the iPPV to find out 
TOD Finals: 1000 Light Tubes
Danny Havoc def Scotty Vortekz
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