Portland Wrestling Uncut TV report

-Jonas Robinson interrupts Joe V as he's opening the show and says he will join him on commentary since Josh Wilcox is out this week. Joe interviews Colt Toombs & Pat Large and the Blanchards & Mr. Ooh La La about tonight's tag team title match.

-Match #1 - PNW Tag Team Championship
Colt Toombs & Pat Large defeated the Blanchard Brothers (c) to win the title when Toombs pinned Bubba after Scotty Mac and Randy Myers interfered. The Blanchards brawled with Myers and Mac after the match.

-Roddy Piper chased Jonas Robinson away during the previous match and took over the color commentary.

-Toombs and Mac are shown backstage celebrating their title win, not even phased by the fact they won with shenanigans. They say they will defend the titles Friday at 212 Sports.

-Joe V interviews the Blanchards, who challenge Mac and Myers to a match on Friday.

-Match #2 - Battle Royal Qualifier
Ethan HD defeated Demarcus James after Gentleman George accidentally tripped Demarcus. George and Demarcus argued after the match.

-Joe V interviewed Dillon Divine, who will attempt to win a PWU contract and a spot in the #1 contender battle royal in the next match. Divine does a crazy gimmick.

-Match #3 - Battle Royal Qualifier
GRESHAM SAVIOR Buddy Highway defeated Dillon Divine with a superkick
Highway wins his first match on PWU, and Joe V reacted like he was Jim Ross and Barry Horowitz just won a match

-Joe V interviewed Thunder and Wade Hess. As Hess entered the ring for the start of their match, Pugsly and Jorel Nelson jumped Thunder. Thunder fought them off and threw them out of the studio.

-Match #4 - Battle Royal Qualifier
Thunder and Wade BY GOD Hess defeated Dr. Kliever and Eric Baeden when Thunder pinned Baeden after a lariat. After the match, Kliever attacked Baeden.

-Joe V interviewed Big Ugly, who called out the Grappler and the new PNW champ Exile. Ugly says Exile doesn't need Grappler in his corner. Exile agrees to give Ugly a rematch on Friday, much to Grappler's chagrin. Ugly says he will only take the match if Exile is a man and faces him without Grappler. Exile says he will handcuff Grappler in the corner so he won't interfere. Ugly brings out the REPLACEMENT WRESTLERS, who tackle Grappler and handcuff him. Poor Grappler, everyone hates him.

I really enjoyed the show this week. I liked the heavy promotion for Friday's house show. They've done a good job building it, so it will be interesting to see what kind of crowd they draw.

6/14 - 212 Sports in Clackamas
Roddy Piper hosts a Piper's Pit
Exile (c) vs. Big Ugly for the PNW title with Grappler handcuffed in the corner
Blanchard Bros vs. Scotty Mac/Randy Myers
#1 Contender Battle Royal
Pat Large/Colt Toombs defend the PNW tag team title

John Baumer

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