Former WCW wrestler Al Green passes away

Al Dobalo, who wrestled in the 90s in WCW as Al Green, passed away today at the age of 57.

A big bodybuilder type, Green had been suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and a number of other health problems that went with it.

Green was brought in as part of a bodybuilder tag team called The Master Blasters (named after Joe Weider's nickname), which was also Kevin Nash's national debut.  But the team was pushed before it was ready, and was dropped.  He later formed a tag team called The Wrecking Crew, with Marc Laurinaitis, the younger brother of Joe & John Lauriinaitis.  Green was known as Rage.  They feuded in a promotion run by Eddy Mansfield with The Long Riders (who later became Bart & Billy Gunn).  They became a lower mid-card team in WCW, before being let go and they worked in Austria, Germany and Japan.

In the latter days of WCW, Green was brought back under the name "The Dog," where his matches consisted of spots like lifting his leg and acting like he was going to the bathroom. 

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