PWG live coverage 6-15 Reseda Cole vs. Callihan 60 minute Iron man match

By Erik Barnes

It's a packed house in Reseda to the point of standing room only.  PWG really needs to find a new venue because there was no room for everybody.  Partially because of squeezing in the crowd and because they're usually late, we started around 9:30pmish instead of 8:00pm.  Excalibur shows up and gives us the typical opening spiel then it's off to the races!

The Unbreakable F'n Machines (Brian Cage and Michael Elgin) pinned The RockNES Monsters (Johnny Yuma and Johnny Goodtime)-  This match was the usual decent stuff from these men.  Very early in the bout, Elgin and Cage got in a dueling delayed suplexes keeping their opponents up for a minute long before tumbling down.  Yuma did the use-ragdoll-body-as-weapon offense while also being tossed around like said rag doll.  Match ended with Elgin turnbuckle powerbombing Yuma into Goodtime before hitting Yuma with the spiral bomb for the pin.  Fun opener.

Kyle O'Reilly beat Davey Richards via submission -  Both men went for arm bars and cross armbreakers early and then the kickfest commenced.  There were some MMA influences as expected in this match along with some PWG-style comedy spots including both men capturing each others legs mid-kick and negotiating a truce so neither man would be dragonscrewed.  Kyle worked on Davey's shoulder while Davey worked on Kyle's knee, but In the end Kyle got Davey to tap to a cross armbreaker.  Davey grabbed the mic and put Kyle over as the next world champ.

The Dojo Bros (Roderick Strong and Eddie Edwards) pinned FIST of Ronin (Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano) -  A great tag match with usual Taylor humor with Roddy and Davey chopping and kicking the hell out of their opponents.  A decent back and forth tag bout that ended with Gargano getting hit by Roderick's End of Heartache backbreaker for the pin.  Fine tag wrestling.

Drake Younger pinned Kevin Steen -  This match was hard hitting with both men taking hard bumps on the outside.  Steen at one point got death valley drivered from the apron to the floor and Younger got powerbombed on the edge of the hard camera's stage.  This match might have worked for others, but I found it to be slow.  Steen gabbed and shut down hecklers to the entertainment of the crowd.  Younger wasn't as crisp as he could be.  Towards the end of the match, referee Rick Knox got bumped and Steen had a visual pin on Drake.  While the ref was down, PWG champ Adam Cole ran in and hit Steen with the title belt.  As Younger got to his feet, Cole saw this as an opportunity to strike.  Younger intercepted and hit Cole with a vertebreaker.  With Cole out of commission, Younger went to pin Steen as the ref recovered.  Steen kicked out but lost a minute or so later to a backslide by Younger.  Not at all a bad match, but I've definitely seen much better from both men.

The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) beat Samuray del Sol and A.R. Fox -  Great action from both sides of the ring, however while the Bucks/del Sol were quick and crisp it seemed like A.R. Fox was working at under half speed in many spots.  Kick and flip combos akimbo throughout the contest.  Match ends with Bucks hitting the More Bang for Your Buck for the pin on del Sol.  There was a polite applause and cheers for Samuray post-match being that he is supposed to be in WWE developmental soon.

Iron Man Match for the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Championship:  Adam Cole beat Sami Callihan -  This sixty minute bout was a fine match by any Iron Man match standard, but suffered from the same issues Iron Man matches face of the crowd getting complacent and quiet because they know that it's the final minutes that really matter.  Sami comes out to Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" and gets the streamer treatment from the crowd.  Cole demands that Sami and crowd suck his dick, much the joy/disdain of the audience.  Match starts with ten minutes or so of action then Cole getting the first fall via low blow and roll up.
Cole - 1:  Callihan- 0
Then less than two minutes later, Cole reverses an inside cradle for a second pin, followed by a third.  Cole dominates the early going.
Cole - 3:  Callihan - 0
Cole works on Callihan's leg wrenching and putting on the figure four leglock, while Callihan acts like a wounded animal getting shots in when he can.  Cole gets cocky and mocks Sami with crotch thrusts and the like.  Both men attempt to get the other counted out, but make it back in just in time.  In fact, Sami had some assistance by members of the crowd tossing him back in.  Callihan animals up and makes Cole tap twice in a row, once with the stretch muffler and then changing it into a crossface immediately after the first tapout.
Cole- 3:  Callihan- 2
After some action, during a sunset flip-kickout-reversal-and-back-again spot Callihan scored two pinfalls, gaining the lead.
Cole- 3:  Callihan- 4
Both men get winded and Callihan keeps selling his leg.  Cole eventually ties it up by hitting his Florida Key suplex.
Cole- 4:  Callihan- 4
About five minutes later, Cole hits his Panama Sunrise piledriver on Sami to gain the lead.
Cole- 5: Callihan- 4
Callihan will not die and after some back and forth, he hits Cole with a lariat to tie it up.
Cole- 5: Callihan- 5
Both men just put out all the stops with piledrivers and Sami hitting a Panama Sunrise on Cole, Cole hitting his signatures and Sami hitting his with both men kicking out or getting limbs on the ropes.  With two minutes to spare, Cole scores another pin via sunset flip for the lead.
Cole - 6: Callihan- 5
Cole realizes how little time in left in the match, so he runs away from Sami around the ring, through the crowd, towards the men's room, all the while trying to eat away at the clock.  Sami eventually catches him and locks in the stretch muffler.  Hard.  Cole is passed out but the time expires just before Cole's arm goes limp for the third time.  Cole retains.

The crowd gives Sami a great, loud sendoff.  Adam Cole even claps.  Cole then embraces Sami afterward, then kicks Sami in the scrotum.  Kevin Steen rushes from the commentary table to chase Cole off.  As Sami rises back up, the crowd chants, "WE WILL MISS YOU!" at him as the ring fills up with streamers and wrestlers from the back.  Steen grabs the mic and says that while Sami hasn't been in PWG as long as many other have, he made a great name for himself here.  Steen also added, "By the way, when you get there, say hello to the other Sami for us" referencing El Generico.  Sami grabbed the mic and said that he loved each and every person in the building along with saying thank you for letting him perform "in the greatest wrestling promotion in the world, PWG!"  Crowd cheered, chanted "P-W-G!" and then we were sent home being told that Pro Wrestling Guerrilla would be back on August 9th.

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