OVW TV report 6-22

Here is a recap of OVW TV Episode 722 which will air in Louisville on 6/22 and is already available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/722.
On to ringside with OUR OVW Announce Team of “Anchorman” Gilbert Corsey, and “Rocky Mountain Mouth” Michael Titus (Dean Hill is absent this week). They are marching on toward the next Saturday Night Special on 7/6 but on this show Gilbert announces that we have Sam Shaw going after Randy Royal's TV Title, Jessie Godderz vs Rockstar Spud, Paredyse vs Marcus Anthony, and Gilbert wonders aloud about the Coalition's reaction to the ending of last week's show!
"Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry comes out and demands a mic, so Gilbert has to run and fetch one. Terry climbs into the ring and reminds us that he will be taking on OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia at SNS. He goes on to say that he is the number one contender for the OVW Championship despite Jay Bradley trying to make statements by beating Ryan Howe and Randy Royal in the past two weeks. Terry then challenges Bradley to come take his number one contender spot! Here's Bradley (who I noticed does not have his picture on the OVW roster page), who says Terry is ruining his fun as he's having a blast boomsticking people whenever he wants. Bradley says he isn't ready at this moment but did notice that tonight's card had the man event spot open and that would be just dandy with him. Terry is OK with this and can't wait to rip Bradley limb from limb! Terry turns to leave and Bradley kicks him in the left knee! Bradley works over the knee a bit then grabs a chair and jabs in into the knee then whacks it across the side of the knee. OUR OVW Senior Official Chris Sharpe comes out to check on Terry as Bradley exits.
A silhouette clip (like the opening of James Bond movies) is shown as someone will be coming soon. The silhouette is posing and swiveling his hips and we learn it's The Body Guy (but he's already here)
Match #1: Paredyse vs Marcus Anthony
Anthony has "Strongest Gamer Alive" on the back of his tights. Paredyse briefly winds up on the arm but gets shoved across the ring a few times. Paredyse leapfrogs the charging Anthony and smacks him on the butt, then climbs on Anthony's back and hits an overhead eyepoke of doom! Paredyse gets in some offense but Anthony catches him off the second turnbuckle and slams him. Anthony goes for the Gamma Punch but Paredyse rolls away and dropkicks him. Paredyse does not get away the next time as Anthony catches him off the ropes and connects on the Gamma Punch for the pin.
Heidi Lovelace strolls down the hall in a frilly black skirt and fishnets, stopping by to see Taeler Hendrix, who is in a low-cut black cocktail dress. (Sort of looks like the same kind Heidi had on last week) Heidi is upset about Taeler using her as a human shield in her match against OUR OVW Ladies Champion Trina Thompson last week, saying she thought Taeler cared about her (awww...). Taeler said she's all stressed out over getting the title back. Heidi tells Taeler that she thinks "Teidi" is getting too one-sided but Taeler tells her to quit listening to what everyone else is saying. Taeler promises her that if she wins her match against Lei'd Tapa tonight; she will give Heidi all the attention she wants! Heidi leaves and Taeler rolls her eyes.
Match #2: "Mr. PEC-tacular" Jessie Godderz vs Rockstar Spud
As Godderz poses in the ring, Gilbert notes that Godderz hasn't had a good couple of months. Spud peppers Godderz with kicks but Godderz connects on a hairpull takedown and stomps away. Gilbert questions Titus as to what the Coalition might be up to but Titus' lips are sealed! Godders legdrops Spud but dawdles and only gets 2. Spud runs into a kneelift and Godderz picks him up in a Pec-tacular Press. Spud wriggles free then kicks Godderz away and makes him miss an elbow drop. Spud again channels Ultimate Warrior (note that Spud does have under his eyes painted white) as he fires up. Spud dropkicks Godderz then gives him the flip piledriver to get the pin and another loss for Godderz.
Taeler is now with Nikki St. John, who is in a cute burgundy dress with black trim. Nikki asks her if she is going to go to the ring with Heidi, who she refers to as a hobbit. Taeler says she doesn't need to as she has Heidi wrapped around her little finger! "Nikkaeler" head out for some drinks! A door opens and there is The Masked Guy standing in the doorway!
Match #3: Heidi Lovelace vs "Queen of Rings” Lei’d Tapa
Heidi blows a kiss to the camera as Gilbert says her head is in the clouds and she has no idea what Taeler is really up to. Heidi slaps Tapa then they do a test of strength but Tapa headbutts her so hard she flips over. Gilbert tries to help Heidi by hollering "stick and move" but it is to no avail. Heidi jumps on Tapa's back but gets snapmared for her efforts. Tapa rakes her nails across Heidi's back. Tapa slams Heidi face first into the mat then whips her into the ropes and catches her with a thrust kick to the head. After the Tongan Death Grip, Tapa does her finisher (the stunning F-5 looking thingy) on poor Heidi for the pin. No fun with Taeler for you!!!
In the back, Godderz is on the phone. He tells the caller that yes, he knows he lost. Apparently, he is not getting anymore bookings as the caller appears to be his agent who has fired him (hey, it beats getting fired on a message board!). Godderz screams "I'm fired? No, you’re fired!"
"The Teflon Don from Boca Raton" Eddie Diamond is standing in the hall with Bobbie Bardot, who is dressed like Little Bo Peep. Epiphany confronts Diamond as she has found Tapa's picture on his phone! Epiphany is pissed but Diamond claims he was doing research since she might have to face Tapa so he wants her to be ready. Epiphany storms off!
Rob Terry is getting his knee looked at by a trainer. He tells the trainer to just wrap it up real tight. Bradley runs in and kicks the knee again, leaving Terry on the floor. Bradley says "See you in the ring, buddy!"
Match #4: Sam Shaw vs OUR OVW TV Champion "Triple R Superstar" Randy Royal
Royal comes out alone. Shaw says Royal is not fooling anyone and questions Royal's friendship with Tony Gunn. Shaw was OK with letting the title shot from last week be postponed but tells Royal that the title will be his! Royal attacks at the bell but Shaw recovers with a dropkick followed by a monkeyflip. Shaw hits a Thesz press then gets up and is questioned by ref Chris Sharpe. This allows Royal to pull out a chain and slug Shaw for the pin.
Gunn comes out and stooges the chain off to Sharpe. He grabs Royal by the arm and the chain falls out of Royal's armpit. Sharpe calls for a restart even though Gunn is all up in Royal's face. Royal gets shoved down and Gunn pulls off his shirt as he's ready to throw down! Royal knocks Gunn out of the ring but Shaw hits Royal with the back cracker and neckbreaker for a cover. The Coalition (OUR OVW Tag Team Champions "The Washington Generals" (Crimson & Jason Wayne), Raul Lamotta, Joe Coleman, Shiloh Jonze, and the Ghillie-Man) runs out and attacks Shaw for the DQ. Mohamed Ali Vaez, Michael (not PS) Hayes, Rudy Switchblade, and Ryan Howe all run out to join in. Crimson wedges a chair in the corner then he and Wayne sling Shaw into it head first. Shaw keeps going, landing in a heap on the floor.
Back from break, Gilbert is outraged at this turn of events as Shaw had to be carried out. Titus suggests he should take some medicine to calm down. OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia comes out to the announce table to observe the main event.
Match #5: "Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry vs "Team Boomstick" Jay Bradley
Jamin says he has no preference as to which guy he would like to face at SNS. Bradley tries to give OUR OVW Ring Announcer Shannon The Dude a wet willie. Terry limps out from the earlier attacks. Bradley immediately goes after the knee although Terry is able to gingerly stay on his feet. Bradley hits an eyepoke of doom and drags Terry to the apron then bangs the knee into the ringpost twice! Titus is busy firing questions at Jamin as Gilbert reports that Sam Shaw has been taken to a local medical facility. Back from break, Bradley is punishing Terry's left knee and keeps it up for several minutes as Terry struggles to get back to his feet. is still struggling to get back to his feet as he kicks Bradley away. Terry pushes Bradley off of a two count and Bradley rolls out to the floor. Terry gets to his feet but Bradley reaches through to grab the leg and bang the knee into the apron. Back in, Bradley chopblocks Terry and tries to grapevine the leg. Terry kicks Bradley away, finally getting to his feet to give Bradley a big backdrop. Bradley goes for a crossbody but Terry brushes him away. Terry catches Bradley coming off the ropes and powerslams him for the pin!
Jamin walks up to Terry and they exchange pleasantries.
Vaez and Hayes come out. Vaez says this conflict with the Coalition ends now! He calls out the Coalition and it's on! Switchblade, Spud, and Howe run out to join in the fracas. Jason Wayne runs to the back but returns with the metal rod, which he uses on both Hayes and Vaez. The two are laid out in the ring as Wayne says the Coalition refuses to be censored. He says every week they hear boos and "shut up" chants even though they have been on more missions than anyone. Meanwhile, Crimson takes a can of yellow spray paint and paints a stripe down the back of both Hayes and Vaez. Wayne says that war has affected the Generals mentally and their lives will never be the same although they still get disrespected by people who cheer two cowards like Hayes and Vaez! Wayne leads the Coalition version of the Pledge of Allegiance as the show goes off.
THOUGHTS: They're trying really hard to convince skeptics like myself that Bradley won't be getting into the title match at SNS. Anthony is now 3-0 on TV since his return, all against OVW regulars to boot. Looks like we'll be seeing Tapa vs Epiphany sooner than later as well as Royal vs Gunn. Wonder who will step in the handcuffs to replace Shaw at SNS? What will Godderz do without an agent? Storage Wars Louisville? Didn't care for Coalition Beatdown #462 but the yellow spray paint brought back some memories, maybe somebody gets tarred and feathered next week? Anyway, I was OK with watching this twice, so I'll go with a 45-degree thumbs up.

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