David Farmer talks the death of Matt Osbourne

by David Farmer

Tribute to Matt Borne

I grew up watching WCCW & The WWF, I knew of Matt Borne, from Texas, to Wrestlemania I, To Atlanta & then back to WWF. I met Matt in 2010, He contacted me about coming back to North Texas for a run, He asked me to do a podcast one night & it was him & I on for 1 hour. He gave me props for knowing my history, We together worked on a weekend where he would return home to Texas. He asked if I wanted Doink & I said no. I wanted Matt Borne. He was delighted. 
August 2010 Skandor Akbar passed away days before that weekend.  Then Matt's father Tony passed away the week of.  Matt flew home to Oregon, but promised me he would be back for my show, We had him all over promos & ads, I told Matt to do what he needed to do. Matt got back & on Sat Aug 28th he hosted a clinic in Fort Worth that had over 30 people attend to soak up knowledge. That evening We had a show and drew over 300 fans the largest audience we had. Matt was a face for the intro, but would turn heel that evening & in the process give several young stars "the rub". Matt had a blast. The next day he would hang out with myself & family in a bar in Fort Worth texas for my birthday. 
Anytime Matt was here, we'd meet up for lunch or dinner, he would film a promo for the promotion & was always glad to do it. In 2011 he was inducted into the Texas Wrestling Hall of Fame that IHWE Started. This past March Matt attended the 2013 Ceremony & was delighted to see Stan Hansen.  Matt raved about the event. He was pictured wearing Black Bart's cowboy hat during his induction. Matt called after & said he had so much fun and gave us props for doing what we do.
Yesterday Morning Matt & I spoke on Facebook & He said he would be at the Hall of Fame in March of 2014. We were going to do a tribute to Devastation Incorporated & Skandor Akbar. 
This one hurts. Matt was a great guy that did so much for so many. He was a friend of mine & helped so many in Texas the last few years. He will be missed.
We have several photos of Matt while he was in Texas at our facebook page, you can also post memories & thoughts.
Matt will be honored at the Hall of Fame in March.
David Fuller

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