OVW TV report for Saturday night

Here is a recap of OVW TV Episode 723 which will air in Louisville on 6/29 and is already available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/723.
“Anchorman” Gilbert Corsey narrates a brief tribute to the late Jackie Fargo. They show clips from two of Fargo's matches with Jerry Lawler. They then cut to Gilbert in the ring and he tells young fans to ask their parents and grandparents about Jackie Fargo. Gilbert then asks everyone to stand and they do a ten-bell salute for Fargo.
On to ringside with OUR OVW Announce Team of Corsey, and “Rocky Mountain Mouth” Michael Titus (Dean Hill is again absent this week). OUR OVW Ring Announcer tonight is Terry Boddie. They are still marching on toward the next Saturday Night Special on 7/6 but on this show Gilbert announces that we have Tony Gunn going after Randy Royal's TV Title plus both Jessie Godderz and Lei'd Tapa have requested mic time.
Out comes the Coalition as Shiloh Jonze, Joe Coleman, Raul Lamotta, and the Ghillie-Man form two lines and salute as OUR OVW Tag Team Champions "The Washington Generals" (Crimson & Jason Wayne) come through the curtain. Gilbert complains that this is not listed on the run sheet (believe me, I know that feeling). In the ring, the Generals gloat over the fact that they painted yellow stripes down the backs of Mohamed Ali Vaez and Michael (not PS) Hayes at the end of last week's show. Wayne announces that the terrorist threat level has been downgraded to yellow, then calls Vaez and Hayes cowards. Crimson responds to chanting fans by saying that he and Wayne are true heroes and that Hayes is the biggest coward he's ever seen. This brings Hayes and Vaez to the ring followed by Rudy Switchblade, Ryan Howe, and Rockstar Spud. Vaez don't want to wait for SNS and wants him some of those Generals now! Crimson says that he wasn't done talking yet and is angry at being interrupted. Hayes tells him to shut up and fight. Wayne notes Hayes and Vaez appear to have a lack of respect for war heroes. Crimson calls Vaez a fraud then implies that Hayes' injuries were really caused by him being a short-order cook and an oven blew up while he was cooking!! Brawl is on as all 11 scuffle in the ring area! Crimson grabs a chair and wedges it in the corner (much like he did last week for Sam Shaw) then grabs Vaez and shoots him shoulder first into it as we go to break.
Back from break, Vaez gets helped to the back as the Coalition is still at ringside. Crimson says they have had a change of heart and will accept the challenge of Hayes and Vaez for the tag titles tonight. Crimson calls for a ref and OUR OVW Senior Official Chris Sharpe comes out. Crimson yells at him to start counting as the opponents have not come out. Hayes comes out without Vaez and accepts the challenge, apparently going it alone although Spud, Howe, and Switchblade are at ringside with him.
Match #1: OUR OVW Tag Team Champions "The Washington Generals" (Crimson & Jason Wayne) (w/ Jonze, Coleman, Lamotta, & Ghillie-man) vs Michael (not PS) Hayes (w/ Spud, Switchblade, & Howe)
Hayes fires up on both Generals to start and the Coalition huddles on the floor to regroup. Gilbert mentions that Shaw suffered a concussion last week and has not been cleared to return and it could be several weeks before he can. The Generals return to the ring only to both get suplexed by Hayes and roll right back out. Crimson distracts Hayes which allows Wayne to sneak up from behind but Hayes spots this and beats him down in the corner. Crimson clobbers Hayes from behind and Wayne holds him as Crimson grabs the flag. Hayes slips free and Crimson hits Wayne in the groinular region with the flag. Hayes pulls his prosthetic leg off and liberally uses it on the Generals until Crimson chopblocks him as we take another break.
Back from break, the prosthetic leg is over in the corner where Hayes' partner would normally be as Hayes gets worked over by the Generals. Wayne tries to grapevine the real leg but Hayes small packages him for 2. Crimson comes over and hooks in a single leg crab as Vaez comes out in with a sling on his left arm! Gilbert believes Vaez may have a separated shoulder. Hayes rolls and hits a jawbreaker on Crimson and we get TAGS!! Vaez busts out some one-armed offense then ducks and causes the Generals to collide. Vaez pulls down the top rope and the charging Crimson tumbles out to the floor then tiltawhirls Wayne out as well. Everybody hits the ring to fight again! Crimson grabs Vaez and launches him shoulder first into the ringpost. Wayne pulls the sling off and applies a standing armbar on Vaez. Hayes spots Wayne's metal rod in the corner and grabs it, hitting Wayne with it and that allows Vaez to roll up Wayne for the pin and the titles! And there was much rejoicing.
Match #2: "Mr. Pec-tacular" Jessie Godderz vs Marcus Anthony
"Mr. Pec-tacular" is talking, says he doesn't need Switchblade (former partner) or his agent to tell him who he can fight. He also says he doesn't need a booker as he will fight whoever comes through that curtain. He then spells "pec-tacular" (I've been getting it right, yay!). Out comes Anthony, who truthfully may be even more "pec-tacular" than Godderz. Lots of posing and flexing from both to start then Anthony hiptosses Godderz all the way to the ropes. Test of strength ends with Anthony pulling down Godderz, who responds by ramming a shoulder to the midsection of Anthony. Godderz gets picked up and shoved into the corner then dragged by the throat and tosses back across the ring. Anthony misses a splash and Godderz rolls him up for 2.9 then slides out to grab Anthony's leg and bang it into the ringpost. Back in, Godderz does some more leg working but Anthony eventually spinkicks him away. Anthony grabs Godderz and gives him the Gamma Punch for the pin.
In the back, Jay Bradley (who does not have a profile on the OVW website yet) vents to "King of Pink" Dylan Bostic about not being the number one contender for the OVW Championship. Bradley thinks they would want him to be OVW and TNA champions at the same time since he is also in the Bound for Glory Series. Bradley cracks on the small stature of OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia, who just happens to come into the picture and inform them that he is going to be the guy that beats Rob Terry at SNS and the guy who is going to beat Bradley tonight! Olivencia walks off. Bradley tells Bostic that if Olivencia were still here, he would Boomstick his face off. Bostic points and says Olivencia went that way.
Match #3: Tony Gunn vs OUR OVW TV Champion "Triple R Superstar" Randy Royal
Gilbert plugs OVW's Elizabethtown live event this Saturday 6/29 (which I highly recommend-see below). Royal attacks before the bell rings. Gunn recovers and unleashes a flurry of offense before Royal slinks out of the ring. Gunn retrieves him and grabs an ankle lock, keeping him away from the ropes. Royal turns over and escapes the hold but Gunn hits a flying burrito and flapjacks him for 2. Each tries to hook the other in a backsliding position but they twirl around until Royal hits ref Josh Ashcraft. Royal then lowblows Gunn and covers him for the pin.
Royal gets all up in Gunn's face then celebrates his hard-fought victory. Gunn spears Royal and pounds away on him until Ashcraft has to pull him off Royal.
Match #4: "Team Boomstick" Jay Bradley vs OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia
"Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry comes out to join Gilbert and Titus at the announce table for this non-title match. Terry says he has got to respect Olivencia for what he has accomplished. Titus brings up Terry's bum leg and Terry wants to reach over and smack him. Gilbert even offers to back up so Terry can do this! Olivencia goes all high-octane on Bradley to start, to which Terry says he only needs one move to win even if Olivencia hits 10! Olivencia comes off the top with a forearm, sending Bradley to the corner. Bradley begs off but Olivencia yanks him out of the corner by his legs. Bradley gets pulled up but hits an Eyepoke of Doom on Olivencia then follows that up with kicks to the ribs and facerakes. Bradley hits a slop drop for 2 as Terry says he wants to beat the champ at his best. Bradley tries several pinning combinations but can't hold Olivencia down for a three count. Bradley puts some knees upside Olivencia's head then grabs a headlock. Olivencia fights out of the headlock, whips Bradley across, and hits a missile dropkick. After multiple lariats, Olivencia goes for the Standing O but Bradley pushes him off. Both wrestlers are down but Bradley crawls out and grabs a chair. Terry says this is not right and leaves the announce table as Bradley argues with ref Sharpe. Terry snatches the chair away and hits Bradley with it, getting Olivencia DQ'd! Terry goes to hit Bradley again but Bradley sidesteps and Olivencia gets hit with the chair as the show goes off.
THOUGHTS: Glad they did the Fargo tribute. I didn't have any problem with the tag belts changing since that seems to be secondary in the Coalition-Hayes/Vaez feud and may in fact lead to some sort of stipulation kind of match at SNS. Anthony is now 4-0 since his return, again getting a win over someone who is a regular on OVW TV. Royal vs Gunn was pretty much what I expected. Terry seemed to be more comfortable with Titus firing questions at him that Olivencia was last week. Was it just me or did Bradley seem a little more hesitant this week that he has been? We didn't get to hear from Lei'd Tapa-or any other ladies for that matter. The first half of the show was solely the Coalition-Hayes/Vaez story and I thought that worked well. Overall, we had an OVW TV that was nearly all wrestling which was different from what we'd been seeing lately and it was well done. I'll give this a thumbs up, even though I do enjoy the backstage stuff too.
ALSO: I did a pair of podcasts from OVW's 5/25 event in Elizabethtown that can be checked out here:

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