OVW TV report for Saturday night's show

Here is a recap of OVW TV Episode 724 which will air in Louisville on 7/6 and is already available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/724.
Show opens with clips from last week where Michael (not PS) Hayes and Mohamed Ali Vaez became OUR OVW Tag Team Champions by defeating The Washington Generals (Crimson & Jason Wayne).
On to ringside with OUR OVW Announce Team of Dean Hill, "Anchorman" Gilbert Corsey, and “Rocky Mountain Mouth” Michael Titus plus OUR OVW Ring Announcer Terry Boddie. The next Saturday Night Special is the evening of 7/6 which features a double main event. Gilbert says that the Generals have requested a rematch and the new champs will respond later tonight (despite the two teams already being scheduled to face each other at SNS in one main event). The other main event is about to be addressed as OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia comes to the ring and immediately calls out SNS opponent "Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry! After some mic issues, Terry says he respects Jamin as champion then calls last week's chairshot on Jamin a mistake. Jamin asks for some elaboration on "mistake" as in was it getting Jamin disqualified or Terry letting Bradley become #1 contender? Jamin thinks probably it was Terry hitting him from behind with a chair. Terry says Jamin shouldn't let Bradley get in his head. Terry then asks if Jamin honestly believes that someone that is Terry's size would attack him from behind. Jamin says the only thing bigger than Terry is Terry's ego. They bump chests for a moment before Bradley comes out to say that he doesn't have to be in Jamin's head because it doesn't matter who wins. Bradley then calls "winners" as Jamin and Terry both say they will beat the other at SNS then beat Bradley. Jamin pops Terry in the face with a left but Terry just stands there before picking up Jamin and slamming him to the mat. Bradley points to his armpad that says "Boomstick" while Terry walks off as Jamin is left lying in the ring.
Taeler Hendrix and Nikki St. John are both decked out in leather and conversing in the back. Taeler brags about having Heidi Lovelace wrapped around her little finger and believes that soon she will be a FOUR-TIME OVW Ladies Champion without having to get her hands dirty. Nikki wants to go enjoy some adult beverages, so she and Taeler head out for that purpose. A door opens and it appears that Heidi has been listening to all this and is sad:(
Match #1: J Best & Aaron Sky & "Mexicutioner" Roberto DeLuna vs Rockstar Spud & "Diamond Steel" Ryan Howe & "Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade
Gilbert notes that Lei'd Tapa will be in action later, having been rescheduled from last week due to the tag title situation. Spud, Howe, and Rudy hit the ring and attack at the bell. Ref Chris Sharpe sorts out the chaos and we have Howe and DeLuna alone in the ring. Howe hits a Thesz press on DeLuna as Glibert notes that the trio has jelled as a unit during the time they have been backing up Vaez and Hayes in their squabbles with the Coalition. Rudy drops an elbow on Best then Spud missile dropkicks and Best tags Sky in. Howe blockbusters Sky then Rudy hits the "Best Frogsplash Ever" on Sky for the pin. Rudy then takes the mic to send Coalition members Shiloh Jonze, Raul Lamotta, and "Thunderlats-The Ultimate Male" Joe Coleman a message. Rudy, Spud, and Howe challenge those three to a Texas Tornado Rules match at SNS! Spud says it's gonna be a war!
Match #2: Marcus Anthony vs Stephon J Baxter & Albert Einstein Baxter in a handicap match
Anthony picks Stephon, who is in full body tights, up in a firemans carry and slams him hard. Albert comes in and drops down in the corner to make Anthony miss a splash! Double Baxter dropkicks are quickly negated as Anthony clotheslines both Baxters at once. Anthony holds up Albert before slamming him then Gamma punches Stephon for the pin. Anthony now is 5-0 since his return!
Match #3: Lei'd Tapa vs Holly Blossom (w/Hannah Blossom)
Blossoms come out in blue peppermint tights tonight. Tapa is out to avenge and upset loss to Holly in Elizabethtown that I witnessed several weeks ago. Camera alternately zooms in on Tapa's chest and hips for some reason. Holly tiltawhirls Tapa to the corner but Tapa stays on her feet. Tapa then gives Holly a thrust kick to the throat. Meanwhile, Epiphany has come out and got all up in the camera as it is revealed that Eddie Diamond is running the camera!! Tapa applies the Tongan Death Grip to Holly but lets go as Epiphany grabs the mic. Epiphany berates Diamond, who obviously is not doing research on Tapa like he said last week, then accuses Tapa of trying to steal Diamond away! Epiphany says she is the real powerhouse around here! Tapa says she doesn't even know who Diamond is, much less that he is her boyfriend. Tapa wants Epiphany to bow to her! I reckon the match is a no-contest as Epiphany climbs in to confront Tapa. Diamond tries to get in between them but both swing and knock him out! Epiphany challenges Tapa for SNS to see who will be the queen bee of the ring. Tapa says Diamond is face down in the ring with his butt up in the air and she will put Epiphany right next to him!
Heidi is in the back sharing her sorrows with OUR OVW Ladies Champion Trina Thompson, who offers to tag with Heidi at SNS against Nikki & Taeler ("Nikkaeler") with the goal of wiping the smirks off their faces. This ends abruptly as Jason Wayne commandeers the camera man and says they are going on a tactical mission!
Match #4: "King of Pink" Dylan Bostic vs OUR OVW TV Champion "Triple R Superstar" Randy Royal
Dean is disappointed in Royal's actions lately but Gilbert brings up that Royal has held the belt for ten weeks so he has collected ten grand in bonuses so far. Royal makes OUR OVW Senior Official Chris Sharpe check Bostic for contraband and finds a pair of brass knuckles on him. Bostic then implores Sharpe to check Royal and Sharpe finds some on Royal as well. Most of the match was spent with the two wrestlers trying to out-cheat each other. Bostic whiffs on a back senton from the top but Royal only gets a 2. Royal then removes a turnbuckle pad but Sharpe sees this and replaces the pad, which gives Bostic the chance to lowblow Royal. Bostic goes to the opposite corner and removes the turnbuckle pad but again Sharpe goes to replace it. Royal pulls a chain from his kneepad and hits Bostic with it.
A video of Tony Gunn appears and he is golf clapping. Gunn says he is sitting at home with a groin injury. Gunn says he put his own career on hold to help his friend Royal come back from his heart attack then helped him win the TV title but ended up getting stabbed in the back. Gunn doesn't like what Royal has become, so his new mission is to make Royal's life miserable as long as he holds the TV title, which won't be long!
The video goes off as Royal has been watching this. Bostic sneaks up and schoolboys Royal, putting his feet on the ropes for the pin and the TV title (and the $1000!).
Another silhouette clip promoting the return of The Body Guy (the 2012 Suckah of the Year)!
"Mr. PEC-tacular" Jessie Godderz comes out and reminds us that his nickname is trademarked. Godderz has hand-picked his opponent and says he will win tonight!
Match #5: "Mr. PEC-tacular" Jessie Godderz vs "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer
Godderz whips Dumeyer to the corner and splashes him, then blocks a rollup try and pounds away on him. Godderz gives Dumeyer a standing dropkick and decides to pose until Dumeyer shoves him into the corner and rolls him up for the pin!
Godderz blows a gasket and shoves ref Josh Ashcraft. Dean calls Godderz over and lists all of Godderz' accomplishments but adds that he hasn't won a match in a month of Sundays! Dean asks what is wrong with him. Godderz says he is good looking and successful and is above everyone in OVW, fans and all, even though Dumeyer just defeated him. Godderz says he's on TV and people watch TV. Dean thinks if Godderz loses again, he should give up his contract. Godderz thinks the fans should decide what stipulation gets carried out if he loses again and suggests that they send responses to Dean's or OVW's Facebook page.
Gilbert calls Vaez and Hayes to the ring for their response to the Generals' request for a rematch. Vaez calls the Coalition a group of thugs with no morals that hide behind their service to justify their actions.
They get interrupted by a video of Crimson driving in a residential neighborhood. He pulls up to Hayes' house and joins the other Coalition guys in entering. They start rummaging through the house as Crimson notes that this is illegal but this is war. They find a case with Hayes' Purple Heart inside and run out of the house. Crimson says they will return the Purple Heart when they get their property (the tag titles) back. The Coalition vehicle speeds away sans the cameraman and we cut back to the ring.
Vaez gets very angry, saying he didn't report to West Point 16 years ago this week to hide behind his service to justify everything he wants to do. It's not about tag titles anymore, it's about war! At West Point they taught him duty, honor, and country and that made him the man he is today!
Hayes comes up to the mic. He says he is not going to scream at them since for the past seven years there has been hate and violence in his soul. The Coalition stole the representation his country gave him for giving himself for his country and at SNS the Generals are going to see exactly what hate and violence looks like. Show goes off.
THOUGHTS: They accomplished filling in most of the undercard for SNS despite there not being much actual wrestling on this show. They continue the practice of changing a title the TV show before SNS and Bostic as TV champ seemed to come out of left field. Godderz could always become OUR OVW Janitor if he loses again! Diamond on the camera and his getting caught by Epiphany was the funniest thing on the show. I guess that's the end of "Teidi". I really liked the closing segment which took the Generals vs Hayes/Vaez feud up another notch. I'll give this a 60-degree thumbs up.

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