OVW TV report for tomorrow night's show

By Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of Ohio Valley Wrestling television episode 725 that will be aired in Louisville on 7/13 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/725.
We begin with a clip that would have opened last weekend's Saturday Night Special that promotes the double main event of "Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry vs OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia and The Washington Generals (Crimson & Jason Wayne) vs OUR OVW Tag Team Champions Michael (not PS) Hayes & Mohamed Ali Vaez. Part of this clip shows Crimson leading the Coalition into Hayes' house to steal Hayes' Purple Heart (which aired in its entirety last week). We then move on to highlights from some of the matches at SNS including the two main events.  This montage lasted about 3 1/2 minutes and was something different as they rarely show clips from SNS shows on TV.
On to ringside with OUR OVW Announce Team of Dean Hill, "Anchorman" Gilbert Corsey, and "Rocky Mountain Mouth" Michael Titus. They note Olivencia retained his title and there will be a contract signing later on with Olivencia and number one contender "Team Boomstick" Jay Bradley (who is not yet on the OVW roster page) to meet at the next SNS on 8/3. They also mention that Heidi Lovelace got some retribution on Taeler Hendrix, the escalation of the Tony Gunn/Randy Royal feud, and Lei'd Tapa defeating Epiphany in what Titus called "King Kong vs Godzilla". Gilbert also mentions that Vaez and Hayes retained the tag titles plus the police showed up after SNS and arrested the Coalition, so Hayes got his Purple Heart back!
Match #1: Paredyse vs "Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade
Paredyse goes with the turquoise and pink motif tonight. Rudy grabs an early headlock and takes Paredyse down. Rudy tries for a Boston crab but Paredyse squirms free and flees to the apron. Rudy slingshots him back in but Paredyse kneelifts him. Rudy catches and slams the rolls through on a sunset flip try but runs into a Paredyse boot. Rudy throws Paredyse off the top but gets an eyerake for his trouble. Paredyse throws Rudy through the ropes and out to the floor, where he comes off the apron with an elbow to the head. Back in, Paradyse rear chinlocks Rudy, who gets to his feet only to be catapulted into the corner. Rudy hits a crossbody for 2 followed by a backbreaker then tries the Boston crab again but Paredyse kicks free. Paredyse whips Rudy into the ropes and attempts to grab a neckbreaker but Rudy cartwheels away and pulls Paredyse into another Boston crab try, which he is able to lock in and make Paredyse tap out.
OUR OVW TV Champion Dylan Bostic is in the back with the belt as he is talking on his phone and showing off the belt (which has not been done up in pink...yet). Randy Royal comes up and tells him not to get too attached to it, since he plans on winning it again (and the $1000 that goes with it). Royal claims he got Bostic out of having to face Gunn later tonight. Bostic begs to differ as he still has to take on Gunn since Royal attacked Gunn at SNS.
Match #2: VIP Joe Rosa (w/VIP Clubbers J Best & Roberto DeLuna) vs Yaden Matthews
Gilbert says Rosa is returning from an injury and Matthews is making his OVW debut. Dean notes that Matthews is from Colorado just like Titus, who claims that Matthews owes him a lot of money! Matthews hangs on to a headlock for a bit then Rosa escapes only to get armdragged. Gilbert compares Matthews' armdrags to those of Ricky Steamboat! Rosa hits the Eyepoke of Doom then stomps and chokes Matthews in the corner. Matthews hits a legsweep then drops a fist from the second turnbuckle as Best and DeLuna climb up on the apron. Matthews knocks both off to the floor but turns right into a Rosa spinebuster. Rosa then does the VIP Legdrop followed by a neckbreaker for the pin.
A third edition of Body Guy silhouette clip is shown.
Shiloh Jonze, Raul Lamotta, and Joe Coleman come out to the ring. Jonze takes the mic and says the entire Coalition did indeed get arrested Sunday morning for the breaking in of Hayes' house. Only three of them are free right now because certain concessions were made and certain plea bargains were struck. Jonze says the three reasons for the Coalition's success are now standing in the ring. He says the Generals talked about power, championships, and success but somewhere along the way, the Generals lost their way. The Generals wanted to destroy OVW but Jones asks rhetorically, "What good is being a king with no kingdom to rule?” Coleman reiterates that the Generals made lots of promises, and then reminds us that all 3 of them have held OVW gold at some point. Coleman then adds that they are undefeated as a team (having won their match at SNS over Switchblade, Ryan Howe, and Rockstar Spud) and are unstoppable. Lamotta says the Generals dropped the ball but they had already begun recruiting and thus bring out their first recruit, Flash Flanagan! Dean says they didn't throw the Generals under the bus, they threw the Generals under the gavel! Gilbert notes that Flash helped the trio get that win at SNS. Flash, in a Flashamania shirt and camo pants, says he spent a long time wanting to destroy OVW but saw some truth in what Jonze had said. Flash said the three would not turn their backs on him like the fans did. Jonze says to consider the quartet "dishonorably discharged" and "ex-soldiers", as they are now "marauders"!
In the back, Olivencia is walking as we go to break.
Bradley is standing outside what used to be Trailer Park Trash's office. He is talking to "Davis", telling him that the check cleared and there was probably a nice big party at his place. Bradley says in a month he will beat up that "little Puerto Rican Jamin Oliveras" then "Davis" will have to deal with him as OVW Champion. Bradley says there will be a contract signing later but not a signing that "Davis" expects.
Match #3: Tony Gunn vs OUR OVW TV Champion "King of Pink" Dylan Bostic
Royal runs out and attacks Gunn! Gilbert says Bostic is trending in his own mind. Dean openly cheers for Gunn as assorted personnel (including the Baxters!!) emerge from the back to separate Gunn and Royal. Bostic stands there grinning as the two have difficulty being kept apart. They spill out to the floor and get separated as we got to break.
Back from break, order has been restored and the match gets going as Gunn appears to be no worse for wear. Gunn backs Bostic in the corner to chop and punch on him then grabs a headlock. Bostic stunners out and chops but Gunn backdrops him. Bostic rolls out of the ring then grabs Gunn by the feet and pulls him out. Gunn slugs Bostic and then they make their way back in where Gunn pounds away and dropkicks him. Gunn runs into a boot but makes Bostic whiff on a missile dropkick. Gunn hits a Thesz press and hammers away on Bostic's noggin. Royal runs out to attack Gunn again for the DQ and again personnel come out to break it up. Bostic slithers away as Royal throws Gunn into the steps twice and laughs at him.
"Mr. Pec-tacular" (tm) Jessie Godderz comes out and says that all the kids want to grow up to be like him, all the women want to date him, and all the men want to look like him. He states that he is a winner and lists all his accomplishments at age 27. He addresses his bet that he made with Dean last week where if he loses tonight, the fans will get to pick a punishment for him. He claims Nick Dumeyer pulled his hair last week and caused him to lose. Godderz has set up a match with a former OVW Champion and he brings out Elvis Pridemore! Gilbert admits there were some extenuating circumstances to Pridemore's title reign. So...
Match #4: Jessie Godderz vs Elvis Pridemore
Godderz hammers away on Pridemore, alternately exchanging witty banter with Dean. Godderz dropkicks Pridemore and throws him out to the floor. Godderz slams him on the floor then continues to mouth off to Dean. Meanwhile, Pridemore has crawled back into the ring and ref Josh Ashcraft counts to ten and calls for the bell. Dean rings the bell for like 30 seconds while he laughs at Godderz for getting counted out!
In the back, Eddie Diamond must be running the camera again because we get a close-up of Taeler Hendrix and her chest standing behind a doorway. In the room there are two girls with British accents. A redhead is dressing down a blonde in regards to her body type and sense of fashion. Taeler walks in and piles on the insults then dismisses the blonde (who she calls "Twiggy"). Taeler tells the redhead that she has a friend named Nikki who would love her! Taeler asks the redhead if she likes cosmos, which she does, so they're off to the bar! They happen upon Olivencia, who is laid out on the floor but they just keep on going because those cosmos aren't going to drink themselves. "Twiggy" comes up on Olivencia and calls out for help!
Apparently one can go to ovwrestling.com and pick Godderz' punishment. (It's not there yet.)
Gilbert is in the ring for the contract signing. There is a table and chairs set up. Bradley enters the ring and snatches the mic from Gilbert, announcing that unfortunately, Olivencia will not be able to come out. Bradley says Olivencia's feistiness has gotten the best of him, getting so flustered over discussing this contract that he (Bradley calls him "Nacho Oliveras") passed out in the back. Bradley says Olivencia has never beaten anyone bigger and stronger than he is but Gilbert corrects him by saying Rob Terry was and Olivencia beat him at SNS. Bradley holds up a contract that he claims Olivencia signed before he passed out and sits at the table to sign it. Olivencia comes racing out to the ring and flips the table over onto Bradley then attacks him. Bradley is standing outside the ring holding his nose as the show goes off.
THOUGHTS: The opening montage was really good and had a couple of moments that didn't get mentioned on this show such as Heidi Lovelace kissing Taeler then rolling her up for the pin in the ladies tag match. They also showed Epiphany powerbombing Eddie Diamond! Come to think of it a lot of those from SNS weren't on TV this week. Wondering if Crimson will be returning at all? I have no idea who the two British girls are. I was surprised at Rosa getting a win. At least the ex-Coalition guys and Flash have a common goal along with the camo pants. I'm curious to see what they will do to Godderz (maybe they should get him in "Siberia"). Looks like Royal and Gunn are headed for a cage! No ladies matches this week:( Overall, I'll give this an upper thumbs in the middle. 

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