Judges issues warrant for the arrest of Ric Flair

Dave Meltzer

Just hours after Jacqueline Beems, the fourth wife of Ric Flair, turned herself in following a warrant for her arrest on charges of harassment filed by Wendy Barlow Kidder, Flair's girlfriend, a Mecklenberg County judge ordered the arrest of Flair in contempt for not paying $32,352.51 in spousal support over the last eight months.

The order for Flair's arrest was on 7/3, so it was not related in timing to Beems turning herself in today. It becoming public on the same day was likely not coincidental. 

Flair said he would pay Beems the money he owed her tomorrow, which would drop the charges against Flair who had at least two court orders against him to pay the money. 
Flair claimed he didn't pay her because he hadn't worked in three months due to being hospitalized with a blood clot and his son Reid dying.
Flair told the Charlotte Observer that Beems, who had very nasty split from Flair, had left five threatening phone calls and 50 texts to Kidder.

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