OVW TV report for tomorrow night

By Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 726 that will be aired in Louisville on 7/20 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/726. The show's opening has been updated a bit with clips from recent action. Off to the ring with OUR OVW Announce Team of Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Michael Titus!

"Team Boomstick" Jay Bradley comes out and snatches the mic away from OUR OVW Ring Announcer Shannon the Dude. Bradley refers to OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia as "Nacho Oliveras", saying he is not surprised by Olivencia's actions last week where he flipped a table and hit Bradley in the face. Bradley understands Olivencia is afraid and says cowards sometimes do irrational things such as fainting when he signed the contract for their title match at the 8/3 Saturday Night Special. Bradley says "Nacho" has never beaten someone with a Boomstick before! Olivencia comes out for a rebuttal, stating that he did not sign that contract but he did bring a good friend to help negotiate it, Joseph Park! The contract is perused by Park, who is taken aback by some of the stipulations in it such as: Olivencia loses the title if he gets DQ'd or counted out, and Bradley gets 3 time outs! Bradley explains the stips by saying Hispanic wrestlers have a legacy of stealing and lying. Park litigates and says the contract is not worth the paper it’s written on so it's null and void. He has a legitimate contract in his hand that he will witness if both sign it but Bradley leaves the ring and stands out on the floor. Bradley challenges Park and Olivencia to a tag match later. Marcus Anthony comes out and Bradley says he has found a new friend.

Back from break, what appears to be an old OVW opening that has an outer space motif airs. We learn that there is an OVW Old School event on Sunday 8/4.

Match #1: Yaden Matthews vs Shiloh Jonze (w/ Joe Coleman, Raul Lamotta, & Flash Flanagan)

Titus groans as Matthews comes out. Dean says "old school" is going to be like it was when CWA turned into USWA and guys like Bill Dundee and Jimmy Valiant wrestled at the Louisville Gardens. Dean adds that Dundee and Valiant won't actually be there but you get the idea. Flash has a seat at the announce table and is wielding a green kendo stick that kind of looks like a light saber. Jonze is wrestling in a camo vest as Flash acknowledges that Jonze is the leader of the foursome known as the Marauders, which arose from the ashes of the Coalition. Meanwhile Jonze attacks Matthews from behind as the match starts. Matthews chops on Jonze but gets pulled down by the legs and dragged over to the corner to get posted groin-first. Flash says the fans have turned their backs on him for years but Dean begs to differ. Gilbert notes the intensity of Jonze but Flash threatens him for interrupting. Matthews fights back but Jonze snaps him across the top rope then comes off with a flying fist. Flash says he aligns with those he can trust, and there are more folks in the back that feel the way he does , so there is recruiting going on. Jonze hits an axe kick on Matthews for the pin.

In the dressing room, "Triple R Superstar" Randy Royal comes up and slaps "Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade on the back. Royal wants Rudy to give up his spot in the TV title match later so Royal can get the title back. Royal offers Rudy a 60" TV and a Bowflex that's still in the box but Rudy turns him down. Royal channels Lou Thesz, saying we can do this the easy way or the hard way.

Taeler Hendrix in a leopard print bustier and the redhead from last week in a red bustier with a black skirt are walking down the hall. Taeler reminds her that Wednesday's nail polish color is supposed to be blue. They knock on the unisex bathroom door and "Mr. Pec-tacular" (tm) Jessie Godderz pokes his head out and says he is changing but the girls are welcome to come in. The girls note his losing streak and walk away but Godderz says someone else will come around.
ODB comes out to the ring!! Dean gets a free pat on her butt! (I still have my autographed 8x10 of ODB in her "pre-enhancement" days.) ODB has a flask with her and grabs the mic. She has lots of memories here like being OUR First OVW Ladies Champion (apparently she won this in Rio, lol), getting arrested here, the Six Flags shows, Beth Phoenix, Serena Deeb, Katie Lea, etc. She says she has gotten married and gotten a few more tattoos since she was last seen in OVW. She says she would like to go after the ladies title, and tells them to bring out the toughest chick! Gilbert notes that the ladies locker room is stacked (yeah!!). OUR OVW Ladies Champion Trina Thompson comes out and introduces herself but gets interrupted as Lei'd Tapa comes out. Tapa pie faces ODB and gets all up in Trina's face then tells ODB she needs to stop drinking! ODB decides she wants a threesome (a match, that is) and requests a referee. Josh Ashcraft comes out as we go to break.

Match #2: ODB vs Lei'd Tapa vs OUR OVW Ladies Champion Trina Thompson

This is a non-title match but more like a "who's the toughest chick" match. Tapa shoves Trina down then gets in ODB's face. ODB chops and splashes but Tapa throws some forearms. ODB chest bumps Tapa down and grabs a front facelock but Trina comes up to shove ODB back to the corner then lariat her for 2. Tapa breaks up the cover and clotheslines both. Tapa stomps ODB and slams her then rakes her nails across the back. Trina clubs Tapa from behind but Tapa pops her with a forearm. Tapa misses a splash on ODB, who tries to pick Tapa up but falls backwards and gets covered for 2. Trina jumps on Tapa's back and tries a sleeper but Tapa snapmares her. Trina and ODB work together a bit to throws elbows and put Tapa down on the mat. Trina ends the cooperation by rolling up ODB for 2. Trina pulls the top rope down and the charging ODB flies out. Tapa gives Trina a thrust kick for the pin.

OUR OVW Tag Team Champions Michael (not PS) Hayes and "The Man with the Swimmer's Build" Mohamed Ali Vaez are walking down the hall discussing someone flying off of a mechanical bull. Vaez opens the restroom door and notes that Godderz looks good in pink. Hayes reminds us that "Mr. Pec-tacular" (tm) is trademarked!
Bradley and Anthony are chatting. Bradley wants Anthony to take care of Park. Anthony rebuffs him, saying he should pin Olivencia so he can be number one contender just like Bradley. Anyway, Anthony is going to look out for himself!

Match #3: "Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade vs OUR OVW TV Champion "The

Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling/King of Pink" Dylan Bostic
OUR OVW Senior Official Chris Sharpe is in charge here. Bostic matadors Rudy and slaps him upside the head then kneelifts him. Rudy armdrags then takes Bostic over in a fireman’s carry for 2. Rudy rolls away from a sunset flip, drops an elbow and then brushes Bostic's dropkick aside. Rudy charges into the corner at Bostic but misses and hits his shoulder on the post. Bostic beats down Rudy for a bit. Rudy grabs Bostic's legs and tries to apply the Boston crab but Royal runs out and attacks both guys for the DQ.

Tony Gunn runs out wearing a sling and makes a one-armed save. They end up on the floor where Royal slings him twice into the ringboards. "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer and the Baxters have to pull Royal off of Gunn.

"The Teflon Don of Boca Raton" Eddie Diamond and the bespectacled Timmy Danger are in the hall. Diamond laments his recent failures with the opposite sex and has Danger make sure his deodorant is working OK. Diamond opens the bathroom door and notices Godderz, who he says is a "Suckah of the Week" if he ever saw one! Diamond closes the door and we see the Masked Guy standing behind Danger. Diamond gets spooked and he and Danger depart. Masked Guy opens the bathroom door and Godderz yells at him. Masked Guy closes the door and just shakes his head.

Dean is in the ring and recaps Godderz' recent history. Godderz had a lot going for him but then he split up from former tag partner Switchblade and his losing streak got going. Last week he lost his match to Elvis Pridemore, thus the fans got to choose his punishment for losing. Dean says Danny Davis listens to OVW fans so Godderz will be brought out! Godderz comes out in a pink bunny suit (probably a Christmas gift from his Aunt Clara, lol)! Dean tells Godderz that this won out over the French maid outfit. Godderz blames Dean for all of his troubles. Dean then informs Godderz that he will wear this suit until he wins a match, if he removes it before he wins, he will be fined, fired, and will lose his TNA contract! Godderz says he is still a winner! Dean tells him not to put all his eggs in one basket!

Match #4: "Mr. Pec-tacular" (tm) Jessie Godderz vs Jack Dundee

Dundee is making his debut here. Godderz gets slammed then whiffs on an enziguri. Dundee sunset flips Godderz for 2 but misses a fist drop. Godderz misses a splash and Dundee hits a moonsault for the pin! Godderz gets to look like a deranged Easter bunny for another week:)

Match #5: "Team Boomstick" Jay Bradley & "Strongest Gamer Alive" Marcus Anthony vs Joseph Park & OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia

Ref Sharpe separates everyone as we get going. Olivencia grabs a waistlock on Anthony but takes an elbow to the head. Olivencia tries to hammer away on Anthony's chest but gets dropped with one punch (not the Gamma Punch). Bradley then tags in and briefly beats on Olivencia, who slips away and tags in Park. Bradley beats down Park, who arises to hiptoss and slam Bradley. Olivencia comes off the top but Bradley moves, making him miss. Bradley gives Olivencia a running boot in the corner then tags Anthony in. Olivencia fights free from Anthony and tags out. Park slams Anthony then goes to the second turnbuckle but misses a kneedrop. Bradley pushes Anthony out of the ring and backbreakers Olivencia but Park reaches through and yanks Bradley out to the floor. Anthony comes back in to Gamma Punch Olivencia for 2 but Bradley is back in and yells at Anthony that he is not the legal man! Bradley Boomsticks Olivencia for the pin and Anthony is pissed! Park checks on Olivencia as the show goes off.

THOUGHTS: Interesting that Bradley recruits someone just like himself for the main, that is, someone who is just out for himself. I thought I heard Taeler refer to the redhead as "Evie"? Looks like Tapa will be the next ladies champ sooner than later, she hasn't lost on TV. I enjoyed seeing ODB again. Oh well, it was about time to start up a new heel faction that's going to recruit everyone from the locker room and take over OVW until Mohamed Ali Vaez becomes the savior (again). Royal is now getting desperate for the TV title and the $1000, wonder if Bostic should show how he's spent his money and rub Royal's nose in it. The wrestlers’ reactions to looking in the bathroom door at Godderz were pretty funny and I wasn't expecting a bunny suit. Does Anthony now interject himself in the title picture the way Bradley did with Olivencia and Rob Terry? Isn't OVW pretty much old school anyway? Overall, this show was relatively fun, so I'll give it a thumbs up.

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