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This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 727 that will be aired in Louisville on 7/27 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/727. Michael Titus is on assignment so OUR OVW Announce Team consists of Dean Hill and the now 4-time Emmy award winning Gilbert Corsey! They are moving toward the next Saturday Night Special on 8/3.
"Team Boomstick" Jay Bradley comes to the ring. He says you can't keep a good guy down along with other related clichés that he says all apply to him. He says he will win the Bound for Glory series and become TNA Champion. He goes on to say that he has the golden touch because in just a couple of weeks he will be the OVW Champion for the third time! OUR OVW Ring Announcer Shannon the Dude hands the mic to OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia, who comes out to the ring. Jamin says he is not the only one that is talking to lawyers, referring the the contract for the OVW Championship match at SNS that was put together by Joseph Park last week. Bradley says there is more than one lawyer at Park, Park, & Park and states that if he was willing to pay $5000 of his money to "Old Man" Danny Davis, how much would he pay a lawyer to put a stipulation in a contract? Jamin wants to see this stipulation and then says he has his own stipulation but is interrupted as he gets attacked from behind by Marcus Anthony, who picks up Jamin and throws him overhead down to the mat. Bradley tells "Nacho" Olivencia that his stipulation is that he gets to pick Jamin's opponent for tonight and it's Anthony!
Match #1: VIP Clubbers J Best & "Mexicutioner" Roberto DeLuna (w/VIP Joe Rosa) vs Rockstar Spud & "Diamond Steel" Ryan Howe
This is a number one contender’s match for the tag titles. Howe plays his guitar solo and Spud is face paint-free tonight. Spud and Howe do lots of arm working and quick tags early on Best (who is not referred to by name in the match). They double dropkick both VIPs then Best comes off the ropes only to have Howe uppercut him followed by Spud bulldogging him. Spud throws DeLuna through the ropes and follows as Rosa throws his jacket at OUR OVW Senior Official Chris Sharpe, then wanders over and throws his drink in Howe's face. Best rolls up Howe with the Handful O'Tights and gets the pin!
The Blossom Twins (and I can't tell Hannah and Holly apart) are in the back wearing matching blue striped outfits. They have been here a while and been the ladies champion before and believe they can do it again if they step up their game. (Do they wear the title belt on alternate days?) Anyway, Taeler Hendrix and the redhead (who they call "Envy") are peeking around the corner and listening to this. One Blossom departs and Taeler and Envy approach the remaining Blossom. Taeler calls a "fashion alert", cracking on the Blossom's outfit saying she sees a train wreck coming! Taeler advises her to ditch the sugar for some spice and just maybe the Blossoms can be part of the A-List. Taeler and Envy high-five and walk off as the remaining Blossom is taken aback at this.
The clip for OVW Old School on 8/4 plays several times on this show.
The Marauders comes out. Gilbert says they are more dangerous than ever!
Match #2: "Thunderlats: The Ultimate Male" Joe Coleman (w/Shiloh Jonze, Raul Lamotta, & Flash Flanagan) vs "Illusionist" Damian Adams
Gilbert says Adams was in OVW from 2005 to 2008 (and also was a regular on SAW in Nashville around 2008). Adams comes out in a Spellbinder motif with cape, top hat, etc. Jonze goes to the announce table and tells Gilbert that the Generals had the right idea but the wrong execution, suggesting that the real power in OVW is in holding titles. Jonze says where you find blood, guts, and glory, you’ll find the Marauders! Adams, still in his dress shirt, armworks Coleman but runs into an elbow and Coleman unleashes a torrent of offense, finishing up with a splash. Jonze says he has his eyes on a select few in OVW (he did keep referring to his group as himself and 4 others) as Adams finally gets his dress shirt off and fires up on Coleman. Adams backdrops Coleman for 2 but misses a running boot as Coleman ducks. Coleman catches Adams off the ropes with a rock bottom for the pin and there was much rejoicing among the Marauders.
Bradley is in the back with the VIP Club. Rosa is confused about Bradley's choosing Anthony as Olivencia's opponent tonight since it appeared that Anthony, like Bradley, is out for himself. Bradley tells Rosa that Anthony is just a big, dumb meathead. Of course Anthony walks up and tells Bradley that Bradley's Boomstick is just a stick to him!
VIPs walk into the next room where they encounter their opponents at SNS, OUR OVW Tag Team Champions Michael (not PS) Hayes and Mohamed Ali Vaez. Rosa informs the champs that the match will be like "Freebird rules" where any two of Rosa, DeLuna, or Best can be the challengers. Hayes reminds the VIPs that he and Vaez went through a war to get the titles and the VIPs had better bring all they got, because they aren’t getting the titles!
Taeler and Envy come to the ring in tight little black dresses. Taeler has fishnet stockings while Envy has chosen to accessorize with a gold belt (not a title belt obviously). Taeler says the ladies championship is lacking bling and sass, so she decides that she should be in the ladies title match and when she wins she will be a four-time champion! Here comes OUR OVW Ladies Champion Trina Thompson, who heard this challenge and points out that Taeler has only beaten her one time and that was by cheating. Taeler tells Trina that she needs to eat a sandwich! Heidi Lovelace comes out, saying the wool is not pulled over her eyes anymore, and reminding Taeler that she pinned Taeler after the "kiss of death". Envy interrupts her, saying that this is not Heidi's chance, it's Taeler's chance and she will be the next champion. Hey look, here comes Jessie Belle!!! Jessie correctly points out that she never got a rematch after losing the title to Epiphany a few SNS's ago. Taeler cracks on Jessie's attire (kind of red bustier with a black frilly skirt) then quotes Ke$ha by saying "blah, blah, blah, nobody cares!” Here comes Nikki St. John in an interesting pink and black outfit, saying although she is new around here, she knows how Taeler operates and everybody knows what Heidi is after. Oh wow, here's Lovely Lylah in a white corset with black trim. Lylah says "do you know who I am? I'm a princess" (despite not having her tiara, maybe Titus kept it?) Taeler then drops a "the 1990's called and they want their lingerie back" bomb on poor Lylah. But wait! There's more! Here come the Blossom Twins! They say the deserve a title shot although there's some disagreement about which twin gets it. Trina is tired of listening to all this and tells them to just fight it out and a free-for-all ensues. Out comes Lei'd Tapa to clean house on all except Lylah, who Trina takes down with a full nelson. Tapa then plants Trina on the mat and takes the mic. She says she is here to dominate, this is her ring, this is her island, and all females will respect her!
Match #3: "Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade vs OUR OVW TV Champion "The Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling/King of Pink" Dylan Bostic
Tony Gunn is still wearing a sling as he comes out with a chair. He is sick and tired of Randy Royal's antics and what he has become. Gunn is going to sit at ringside and be ready when Royal inevitably comes out to interfere in the match. Rudy gets a couple of quick two counts then they trade forearms. Bostic misses a dropkick but Rudy hits one and goes for a tenpunch but only gets to 6 as Bostic pushes him off and kicks him under the shoulder. A "Burger Queen" chant breaks out aimed at Bostic. (Fun fact: Louisville was home to the Burger Queen restaurant chain. Bostic was probably born too late to have experienced a Royal burger, an Imperial burger, or the ever-popular Breakfast On A Bun) Gilbert calls Gunn over to ask about his condition, to which a frustrated Gunn replies that he has torn ligaments and tendons so he needs to have an MRI. Meanwhile Bostic drapes Rudy on the middle rope and lungblowers him. Bostic misses a doublestomp but hops over and stomps Rudy anyway. Bostic goes up top but Rudy follows and snapmares him but only gets 2. Rudy grabs Bostic's legs and goes for a Boston crab. A loud pop is heard and Royal has run out and hit Gunn with a chair! Royal does this a couple more times until Rudy breaks to hold to chase Royal away. In doing so, Rudy gets counted out.
Gilbert and Dean wonder about Royal's mindset as "Mr. Pec-tacular" (tm) Jessie Godderz wanders out still in the pink bunny suit. Godderz blames Dean for not only his losing streak, but his library card being revoked and his Lexus being towed away last night. Godderz demands that Dean pick an opponent for him tonight, saying it doesn't matter who Dean picks since he will beat them and get to shed the bunny suit. Dean leaves to find an opponent as we go to break.
Godderz is still at the announce table and is upset that some fans have brought carrots for him! Dean returns and tells Godderz to hop into the ring, saying Godderz should be careful what he wishes for! No, his opponent is not Elmer Fudd.
Match #4:  "Mr. Pec-tacular" (tm) Jessie Godderz vs "Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry
Terry shoves Godderz down the grabs him by the legs and twirls him around. Terry charges but hits his knee on the turnbuckle. Godderz can't pick Terry up to slam him and Terry slams him. Godderz ducks two lariats then kicks Terry in the knee then slides out to drag the leg over and bang it on the apron. Back in, Terry catches Godderz and gives him a chokeslamming atomic drop. Terry doesn't need a spear or a magic helmet to "kill the wabbit", he just powerslams him for the pin. Another week of Godderz in the bunny suit!
Another Body Guy silhouette video airs.
Gilbert brings up the 7/27 live event in Elizabethtown, KY where Hayes & Vaez will defend the tag titles against Coleman & Jonze.
Match #5: "Strongest Gamer Alive" Marcus Anthony vs OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia
Jamin hits the ring and attacks Anthony but comes off the second turnbuckle and eats a lariat. Anthony stomps and punches then gives Jamin a couple of running forearms in the corners. Dean plugs an event on 8/23 at the Davis Arena with Danny Davis, Trailer Park Trash, Rip Rogers, and Nick Dinsmore telling stories of their escapades in wrestling that will be an adults-only event. Meanwhile, Anthony runs into an elbow then Jamin takes him down with dropkicks. Jamin comes off the top with a crossbody but Anthony catches him and throws him overhead as he did earlier in the show. Bradley comes out and climbs on the apron but Anthony runs over and clobbers him. Jamin fires up on Anthony as Bradley makes his way back up on the apron only to have Jamin forearm him and send him back on the floor. Anthony grabs Jamin and sets up for the Gamma Punch but Jamin hangs on and hits the Standing O for the pin.
Jamin calls for the mic and says there’s a reason why he's the champion. Jamin says since Bradley wants to put people in his way, he has a surprise for Bradley. Jamin's stipulation is that he gets to pick an opponent for Bradley next week and it will be Rob Terry! The show goes off here.
THOUGHTS: Although Bradley is the number one contender, he's still not on the roster page at ovwrestling.com! This is despite the fact that Anthony along with the Assassin (the masked guy that randomly appears) both have been recently added. Corsey won a regional Emmy for best anchor, which he does at WDRB (the Fox affiliate) on their 4PM newscast. What's up with everybody seemingly growing beards? Contracts with hidden stipulations rank right up there with people giving up their "spots". I could see a TV title 4-way coming with Bostic, Royal, Switchblade, and Gunn. I'm feeling like Anthony has called "winners". Obviously, I loved the ladies segment which gets this show a thumbs up!

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