OVW TV report for Saturday night's show

By Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 728 that will be aired in Louisville on 8/3 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/728.
Show opens with a shot of Dean Hill at the announce table remembering the late Corey Maclin.
"Rocky Mountain Mouth" Michael Titus returns to OUR OVW Announce Team this week, joining Dean and "4-Time Emmy Winning Anchorman" Gilbert Corsey and OUR OVW Ring Announcer Terry Boddie. They are matriculating toward the next Saturday Night Special on August 3, which has a main event of OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia defending his title against "Team Boomstick" Jay Bradley.
In the back, OUR OVW Senior Official Chris Sharpe is looking inside his locker when Bradley comes over to slam the door shut. He demands that Sharpe read the contract for his match tonight that he is holding in his hand and then wants Sharpe to do something about it (since he's the senior official and all). Sharpe says he's no attorney (and doesn't play one on TV) so Bradley will just have to face "Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry tonight as scheduled. Bradley adds "if he (Terry) gets here". Sounds like somebody's getting 4 flat tires again!
Gilbert announces that to follow up last week’s wonderful ladies' segment, there will be a ladies' battle royal with the winner facing OUR OVW Ladies Champion Trina Thompson at SNS!
Match #1: "Mexicutioner" Roberto DeLuna (w/VIP Clubbers Joe Rosa & J Best) vs Michael (not PS) Hayes (w/Mohamed Ali Vaez)
Rosa is on the mic to make it clear to everyone that Hayes & Vaez (OUR OVW Tag Team Champions) have to operate by VIP Club rules tonight and at SNS. So I guess that means the champs will have to wear collared shirts and dress shoes? Actually Rosa explains that tonight he will pick one of 3 VIP Clubbers to take on Hayes and at SNS he will pick 2 of the 3 to challenge for the tag titles. Rosa chooses "Mexicutioner" to take care of business tonight. DeLuna shoves Hayes around to start but Hayes drop toeholds then bodyslams him. Hayes misses on a dropping headbutt and DeLuna slams him for 2 then drives shoulders into him as we go to break. Back from break, DeLuna picks up Hayes, who hangs on and rolls him for 2. DeLuna beats on Hayes and headbutts him but Hayes fires up and returns the headbutt. Hayes hit a belly to back suplex for 2 then comes off the corner for 2 as Rosa gets up on the apron. Vaez chases Rosa away and Hayes applies a crossface to DeLuna. Best is now up on the apron as DeLuna is tapping. Rosa runs back out and clobbers Hayes with an ice bucket, allowing DeLuna to roll over and pin Hayes. Two in a row!!Break up the VIP Club!!
"Strongest Gamer Alive" Marcus Anthony is in the back when Bradley approaches him. Bradley rhetorically asks Anthony what happens to dogs when they lose a fight, saying they get put down. Anthony replies that he has his eye on the title and Bradley can't stop him! Bradley attacks Anthony's leg and leaves him writhing in pain on the floor. Bradley says the Bound for Glory title and the OVW title are his!
Also in the back, Olivencia is on the phone with Terry, who apparently is having car trouble. Jamin says he needs Terry here and will get a ride for him. Jamin sees Tony Gunn (still in a sling) and "Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade, and asks if either is interested in going to fetch Terry. Both decline as they say they have to deal with possible antics from "Triple R Superstar" Randy Royal. Gunn and Rudy agree to watch each other's backs!
The Marauders come out! Shiloh Jonze tells us that the OVW we used to know is no more and the Marauders’ warpath begins tonight with the capture of the TV Title!
Match #2: Flash Flanagan (w/Shiloh Jonze, Raul Lamotta, and "Thunderlats:The Ultimate Male" Joe Coleman) vs OUR OVW TV Champion "The Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling/King of Pink" Dylan Bostic
Flash now in matching camp with the rest of his buds and has a red kendo stick this week. Bostic is hesitant to enter the ring as Titus calls the Marauders "predators". Coleman has a seat at the announce table as Dean jokingly congratulates him on his new movie (?), to which Coleman is not impressed. Coleman says applications to join the Marauders are coming in daily as Dean wonders aloud what the qualifications would be. Flash throws Bostic in the corner and pounds away but then misses a splash and Bostic hiptosses him in to a rollup for 2. Coleman says Flash is the most violent Marauder while Gilbert thinks Jonze is the scariest one. Meanwhile, Bostic sunset flips Flash for a cover but Jonze is up on the apron to distract OVW Official Emeritus Joe Wheeler. They trade chops before Bostic runs into an elbow and Flash beats on him some more. Gilbert asks when more new Marauders are coming (like he's excited about seeing more? ) and Titus offers his services to the group. Bostic charges at Flash and they tumble over the top rope and out to the floor as we go to break. After seeing that Hero's Sports Cards is the official OVW ticket vendor in Elizabethtown, Bostic hits a thrust kick followed by a jaw jacker for 2 1/2 as Dean praises Bostic for his efforts thus far. Bostic goes up top but Jonze and Lamotta are over to distract which allows Flash to climb up with him. Bostic knocks Flash off the corner but Flash grabs him and DDTs him from the second turnbuckle. Flash covers for 2 but Royal runs out and pulls ref Wheeler off the cover. Gunn runs out and attacks Royal as the Marauders join in while Bostic grabs the belt and slips away. Switchblade comes out followed by several others to attempt to break this up. Royal gets free and again throws Gunn into the steel steps. Flash grabs the kendo stick and whacks Royal upside the head!
On screen we see "Imagine if you woke up with a body like mine..."-The Body Guy. We see yet another silhouette video, this one with a male then a female admiring this silhouetted body. Clip ends with "He's coming-next week"
Dean announces that "Mr. Pec-tacular" (tm) Jessie Godderz was scheduled to wrestle in the bunny suit again tonight but has called and advised OVW that he refuses to wrestle in the suit, again blaming Dean for all of his problems. OUR OVW Ladies Champion Trina Thompson comes out to observe our next match which is...
Match #3: Ladies Over-the-Top Battle Royal
They do explain the rules here, as it's really two ladies start and a new one comes out every minute but it's still over the top rope elimination, so I guess it's a battle royal/gauntlet hybrid thing. The winner gets a title match with Trina at SNS. Trina has no preference as to who wins. The first two contestants are Taeler Hendrix and Heidi Lovelace. Gilbert asks Trina about Lei'd Tapa, to which Trina says it seems Tapa can only attack people from behind. Taeler stands ready to receive a kiss from Heidi but gets slapped instead. Contestant number three is Hannah Blossom and the three scuffle in the corner before Heidi and Hannah try to dump Taeler over the top. Number four is Nikki St. John! Taeler steps back and lets Nikki fight the other two. Taeler then shoves Nikki into Heidi as all four end up on the mat. Number five is Holly Blossom, who locks up and trades moves with her twin sister before Nikki grabs her and throws her out to eliminate her. Gilbert wonders why Hannah just stood there and watched her sister get eliminated. Number six is Lovely Lylah wearing her tiara, although she loses it as she flips herself into the ring. Hannah dropkicks Lylah while Heidi and Nikki scuffle and Taeler just hangs out alone in the corner. Number seven is Jessie Belle, who is all decked out in yellow! The action keeps going as our eighth contestant is Lei'd Tapa! Tapa thrust kicks Heidi and tosses Hannah out. The others gang up on Tapa but she just swats them away. Tapa then eliminates in short order, Taeler, Nikki, and Jessie. The ninth and final contestant is Envy who enters as Tapa eliminates Lylah. Tapa then grabs Envy by the throat and chucks her out, leaving only Heidi to finish off. Tapa turns to yell at Trina and Heidi clubs Tapa from behind. Tapa grabs Heidi by the hair and pulls her into a powerbomb position. Tapa goes over to the ropes and drops her but she hangs on and flips Tapa over and out to the floor to win!
Trina comes into the ring and shakes hands with Heidi then poses. Tapa initiates a "sore loser attack" that leaves both ladies laid out on the mat. Tapa throws the title belt down on Trina and leaves. Ref Sharpe checks on the girls as the masked Assassin comes out! Dean worries what the Assassin might do, but he helps both ladies to their feet and raises their hands in the air.
Dean plugs the OVW Old School event at the Davis Arena on Sunday August 4. He says the event will feature wrestling like it was back in the USWA days (does that mean we could see Boy Tony or The Man of the 90's??). He then says that a 4-way TV title match has been signed for SNS with Bostic vs Royal vs Flash vs Switchblade.
Bradley comes out and hates to tell us that Rob Terry is not here. He is sorry to rob people of their hard-earned money but he says that Terry fears the Boomstick, so he jumped in his car and drove back to Wales! He asks ref Sharpe to ring the bell and begin counting out Terry. Olivencia comes out and says hold on, Terry's coming! Bradley says it’s not his problem that Terry has 4 flat tires (told ya)! Olivencia attacks Bradley and the dressing room empties to break it up (there's Yaden Matthews, wonder if Titus ever got the money he claims Matthews owes him, lol). Order gets restored and Bradley again tells Sharpe to start counting. At seven, Terry shows up in cargo shorts but does have boots on.
Match #4: Jay Bradley vs Rob Terry
Terry breaks out some armworking then knuckle locks Bradley down to the mat and Bradley gets free and crawls out but Olivencia throws him back in. Terry bangs Bradley's head into the corner as we go to break. Back from break, a clip is shown of Bradley shoving Terry into a steel beam that hold the roof up and Terry barely beating the count back in the ring. Bradley comes off the top and drives Terry into the mat then drops a knee and an elbow before going for a sleeper. Terry works his way back to his feet and drops Bradley then kneelifts, rights, and splashes him. Bradley slides out and snaps Terry on the top rope. Terry grabs Bradley as he comes back in and sets up for a powerslam but Bradley slides off and rakes Terry's face. Bradley loads his arm pad and Boomsticks Terry for the pin.
Olivencia glares at Bradley as the show goes off.
THOUGHTS: They finished setting up the main part of SNS here, so the top four matches are Olivencia/Bradley, the 4-way TV title match, Trina/Heidi, and VIP Club/Hayes & Vaez. All four also leave the door open for shenanigans from those not directly involved in the match. The show entertained me enough to get a thumbs up.

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