Oregon legend Dutch Savage passes away

Dutch Savage, one of the five biggest stars in the history of pro wrestling in the Pacific Northwest, passed away last night at the age of 78.

Savage, real name Frank Lionel Stewart, had been having health problems with his heart and with a series of strokes in recent years.  He had not recovered from a stroke in April which left him paralyzed on the left side of his body.

Savage was a great bump taker, strong talker and top level working as the brawling former coal miner who came to the Pacific Northwest in 1966, and never left.  For the next ten years, he, Lonnie Mayne, Jimmy Snuka and later Bull Ramos carried the territory until the emergence of Buddy Rose and Roddy Piper in the late 70s.  He rarely traveled far, but had many top matches in Japan and neighboring territories such as in British Columbia and Northern California, where he headlined the San Francisco Cow Palace for a series with Pat Patterson.

He also worked as the territory's booker for years, owned 33% of the promotion at one time and also owned the Washington territory.

He later worked as a television announcer.  After wrestling, he was heavily into religion.

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