OVW TV report for Saturday night

By Jimmie Daniel

OVW TV Episode 729 Recap
This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 729 that will be aired in Louisville on 8/10 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/729.
We begin with yet another silhouetted clip of The Body Guy and he's coming tonight!!!
OUR OVW Announce Team of Dean Hill, "4-Time Emmy Winning Anchorman" Gilbert Corsey, and "Rocky Mountain Mouth" Michael Titus will take us through the aftermath of last weekend's Saturday Night Special!
Match #1: "The Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling/King of Pink" Dylan Bostic vs "Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade
This is a number one contender's match for the OVW TV title, which was won by Flash Flanagan in a four-way match at SNS that also included these two and Randy Royal (who got attacked by Tony Gunn before the match took place). Dean says that the best thing to happen to getting rid of former tag partner "Peter Rabbit" Jessie Godderz. Gilbert piles on by calling Godderz "Bugs Bunny's cousin". Rudy hangs on to a headlock for a bit then the two have a shoving match. Bostic pulls OUR OVW Official Josh Ashcraft in between them then when Ashcraft steps aside, Bostic kicks Rudy in the midsection. Rudy rolls through a sunset flip and drops an elbow before setting up for a Boston crab. Bostic scoots over and grabs the bottom rope, pulling himself onto the apron. Bostic tries to snap Rudy on the top rope but gets shoved down on his backside before Rudy baseball slide kicks him into the announce table. Rudy tries to come out through the ropes but Bostic forearms him then climbs up top but loiters, which gives Rudy the chance to get back to his feet.  Bostic drapes Rudy on the second rope and comes off with a double stomp to the chest. Dean suggests that Bostic only wants the title to aid in picking up chicks (well, that $1000 per defense would help too). Bostic misses an elbow drop off the corner and Rudy backdrops him before attempting the crab again. Bostic struggles to turn over but Rudy cinches in the hold and Bostic taps out.
They plug their monthly event in Elizabethtown, KY on 8/31 which has a main event of "Team Boomstick" Jay Bradley vs Trailer Park Trash with special referee Danny Davis and the winner gets control of OVW in Elizabethtown!
Dean notes that much fun was had at the OVW Old School event this past Sunday and announces that Old School events will be held the first Sunday of every month with the next one being 9/1. The event is also now available online at ovwrestling.com!
Randy Royal comes out but we got to go to break! We return to find a rather upset Royal in the ring. He has tried talking to Tony Gunn and beating him like a dog. He says they have to end this tonight, and then he wants to reclaim the TV title because he needs the money! He says as long as he was collecting that $1000 per defense, everything was fine as he was paying down his $51K in medical bills from his heart attack last fall (but mostly buying big screen TVs and Bowflex machines). He says what happened next was someone who he thought was a friend (Gunn) having his back only to end up getting stabbed in the back anyway. Royal implies that he is sleeping in the cab of his truck since he has now lost his house. Gunn comes out still wearing a sling and offers a rebuttal, asking what he has done Royal that Royal didn't deserve. Gunn says he put his own career on hold to help his friend Royal restart his career and HE ended up getting stabbed in the back. Royal says Gunn pissed him off to a new level by costing him the aforementioned match at SNS, saying Gunn is jealous of him. Gunn asks Royal if he got called out so that Royal could again ram him into ring steps, barricades, steel beams, etc. Royal, who calls Gunn "boy", says he will beat Gunn anywhere, adding he will fight Gunn with one arm tied behind his back! Gunn accepts this offer for later in the show!
Match #2: Taeler Hendrix vs Holly or Hannah Blossom
Taeler is in a sparkly two-piece outfit tonight and insists that she is only going the wrestle one of the twins tonight. The twins seems to have some difference of opinion about which one tangles with Taeler, who tosses them a Sharpie so they can mark which one is wrestling since she can't tell them apart. A voice comes over the speakers saying "Excuse me. What are broads doing in my ring? Tonight, incase you didn't know, The Body Guy makes his grand debut. So stand back, relax and ..." as music hits and -The 2012 Suckah of the Year -The Body Guy comes out in his robe. He has blonde hair but a black beard leading Dean to say he has Handsome Jimmy Valiant hair, lol. Body Guy gets in the ring and tells us he has the most gorgeous body in wrestling. The three ladies are not quite sure what to make of this. The Body Guy then says he will remove his robe so that his gorgeous body can caress the eyes of the ladies audience. He says to hit the music for the Robe Removal Ritual but some different music plays. The masked Assassin comes out and steps into the ring as the girls and OUR OVW Senior Official Chris Sharpe bail out. Assassin just walks up to The Body Guy and clotheslines him! Dean says they should call him The Bruise Guy. I think this was OVW's equivalent to Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone's vault except this was funny.
Gunn is sitting in the back with Rockstar Spud and "Diamond Steel" Ryan Howe. They try to dissuade Gunn from competing tonight but Gunn is mad because Royal stabbed him in the back. Gunn says he is going to end this tonight! They tell Gunn to be safe.
A new OVW training commercial airs where Matt Cappotelli is now doing the beginners class that Nick Dinsmore previously was doing.
Bradley is at ringside on the mic. He notes that he got yet another victory over OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia at SNS, where Jamin (who Bradley refers to as "Nacho Olivares") got himself disqualified. He refers to the OVW Championship as just another bump in the road since he is also in the Bound for Glory series on his way to the TNA Championship. Bradley says today is someone's birthday and we're going to have a party! Gilbert breaks out his mad reporting skills and tells his that Jamin did get disqualified but only after Bradley had loaded his Boomstick pad with a foreign object and hit Jamin twice, followed by Jamin getting caught using it after fishing out of the pad. Out comes some beautiful OVW ladies to accentuate the atmosphere (Taeler, Lovely Lylah, Jessie Belle, Nikki St. John, OUR OVW Ladies Champion Trina Thompson, both Blossoms, and "Twiggy"-the blonde from a few weeks ago). Bradley tells the ladies to "flaunt it if you've got it". Bradley then invites the guest of honor, Jamin, out since it's his 28th birthday! Bradley has set his up well with hot chicks, cake, streamers, gifts, and even music (although it's "La Cucaracha" that plays). Bradley says he is not here to fight tonight, noting that he is not wearing his "Boomsleeve" (the pad mentioned earlier) on his arm, although Jamin seems skeptical about all this. Bradley first shows Jamin a card with monkey on it that is supposedly from Jamin's favorite counter girl at Taco Bell! They show a plate of Nachos Bellgrande (yum!!) and Jamin takes a bite of them. A second card from a La Migra officer contains a "green card" so Jamin can "live here legally". Bradley then hands Jamin a gift bag, which contains an autographed 8x10 TNA picture of Bradley. Jamin rips it up then digs a little deeper into the bag and finds the foreign object from SNS! Bradley says he'll get the receipt but instead charges at Jamin, who ducks and hits Bradley with the knuckles then shoves cake in his face.
Sharpe is in the back at his locker when Royal comes up wanting to know what exactly will be used to keep his arm behind his back in the main event. Royal hints he may be allergic to bandages, etc. Sharpe produces a set of handcuffs with a longer than normal chain. Royal acknowledges this and departs,
Match #3: "The Teflon Don from Boca Raton" Eddie Diamond (w/Timmy "Rampage" Danger) vs OUR OVW TV Champion Flash Flanagan (w/fellow Marauders Shiloh Jonze, Raul Lamotta, and Joe Coleman)
Flash is back to the green kendo stick this week as Dean admonishes him for getting help from his fellow Marauders in winning the title at SNS. Jonze  comes to the announce table and says they celebrated in their own style after Flash's victory. Gilbert starts asking when we will see new members and Jonze says it's about time for them to make a bigger statement. Diamond crossbodies Flash for 2 then tries his hopping fistdrop but Lamotta reeaches through the ropes and trips him up. Flash boots Diamond in the head then chokes him in the ropes. Diamond sunset flips for 2 but Flash retaliates with an explosive clothesline for 2. Flash misses a springboard legdrop and Diamond gives him an inverted atomic drop followed by an uninterrupted version of his hopping fistdrop. Lamotta climbs up on the apron but Danger yanks him down only to have Jonze and Coleman attack him. Flash takes advantage of the chaos by rolling up Diamond with his feet on the ropes for the pin.
Match #4: VIP Club (Joe Rosa, J Best, & "Mexicutioner" Roberto DeLuna) vs OUR OVW Tag Team Champions Michael (not PS) Hayes & Mohamed Ali Vaez
This is not only a rematch from SNS but it's also a first round match in the 2nd Annual Nightmare Cup tournament. The finals will be at the next SNS on 9/7 with the winners getting a trophy and $5000! The champs get an added incentive in that if they win the tournament, they will get a month off! They mention that Hayes and James "Moose" Thomas won the initial Nightmare Cup last year. VIPs are again doing the whole "Freebird rules" thing as Rosa and Best will wrestle the match. DeLuna distracts Vaez, who gives chase thus allowing the other two to attack Hayes. Best rams his shoulders into Hayes then drags him off to the wrong corner. DeLuna chokes Hayes then distracts ref Ashcraft as Best and Rosa work on Hayes for a bit. Best misses on a running knee then Hayes gets out the way on a splash and tags in Vaez, so the VIPs now have to deal with Vaez and his swimmer's build! Vaez gives Best a double-arm DDT and neckbreakers Rosa as Hayes runs over to yank DeLuna off the apron. Champs whip Best and Rosa together but the Marauders hit the ring for what apparently is a no-contest. Flash channels Sandman and whacks everybody with the kendo stick. Nothing was mentioned as to how this affects the tournament.
Dean talks briefly about the Nightmare Cup but
is interrupted by "Mr. Rabbit-tacular" (not tm) Jessie Godderz. According to Godderz, this whole bunny suit thing is not funny anymore. Godderz says he could win right now if he wanted to and still blames all of his recent shortcomings on Dean. Godderz goes to the ring and calls out Dean, questioning his manhood by making some personal remarks. Dean hears enough and goes to the ring to say that Godderz brought all of this upon himself. Dean says he was a police officer for 25 years, he put a lot of idiots in the slammer, broke up a lot of bar fights, and he can handle himself! Dean tells him to just let this all go. Dean turns to walk away and Godderz says Dean is not a man since "your wife reminds me everytime I leave money on the nightstand"! Dean gets very angry and challenges Godderz to a match next week, telling him to bring a lunch (I guess carrots, cabbage, lettuce, etc.) since Dean's coming to kick his butt! 
Match #5: "Triple R Superstar" Randy Royal vs Tony Gunn
Gunn comes out and says ref Sharpe needs to chain Royal's arm before he gets into the ring. Sharpe fixes the cuffs although Royal's arm appears to just barely behind his back. Gunn climbs in the ring wearing his sling but Royal had the handcuff key in his mouth as he spits it into his free hand and unlocks the cuffs. Royal attacks Gunn and they spill out onto the floor. Royal then shoves Gunn into the ringpost, again hitting the slinged arm. Royal then handcuffs Gunn to the ringpost and hits him several times with a chair. Royal taunts Gunn and the show goes off.
Dean also briefly mentioned the 8/23 event where Danny Davis, Rip Rogers, Trailer Park Trash, and Nick Dinsmore are going to tell stories of their various escapades in wrestling. Bostic vs Switchblade would obviously be match of the night, you know since we had two matches that never really started and two others with the Marauders interfering. In fact, I can pretty much sum this episode up by saying it could have been subtitled "It's All Fun & Games Until The Marauders Show Up". The Body Guy segment and Jamin's birthday party would be enough for me to give this like a 30-degree thumbs up.

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