Jim Duggan talks Mid South Wreslting, Dolph Ziggler

Tom Daly and Louis Tully of Chad Dukes Wrestling Show had a chance to
catch up with Hacksaw Jim Duggan at Big Time Wrestling's event at the
Montgomery County Agricultural Fair in Gaithersburg, MD on August
On which top young WWE Stars he thinks have the “It Factor”, Duggan
had praise for two in particular and second/third generation athletes
in general:
“I think everybody likes Dolph Ziggler, you know I seen him back in
the Spirit Squad days. You see that kid, he’s got the blonde hair and
a lot of white teeth, good body, good-looking young guy. He’s the kind
of guy, a marquee player that WWE looks for, like John Cena, Hulk
Hogan, somebody of that nature. I think Ziggler fits that bill. Kind
of an unknown hero is McGuillicutty (Curtis Axel). I think Curt’s boy,
third generation wrestler, he’s got a lot to show.”
“I think guys that grow up in the business are just a little more
polished than guys like myself who came into wrestling blind. I had no
idea what to expect. I think, like Jake the Snake Roberts, Ted
Dibiase, your second generation wrestlers, we see even more in Cody
Rhodes and Ted Junior, that they grew up in the business and have a
better understanding of the show.”
On the upcoming Mid-South DVD & Territory days:
“Mid-South was a great wrestling territory, as you know many of the
WWF stars came out of Mid-South. It was a great training area, not
only did you learn how to do your work in the ring, but you learned
how to do your interviews.”
“A lot more guys were making a living wrestling and it was a great
time in the business. Of course, the WWE, WWF days was better for a
few unique guys but for overall wrestlers, it was good in the
territory days.”
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Craig Anderson

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