OVW TV report for tomorrow night's show

By Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 732 that will be aired in Louisville on 8/31 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/732.
"Triple R Superstar" Randy Royal is walking through the parking lot asking various people if Tony Gunn is around. Royal implies that he was told that he is allowed to be at OVW this week since Gunn has to be here. However, no one has seen Gunn.
"Rocky Mountain Mouth" Michael Titus is in the ring with the nine ladies in the "Miss OVW" contest! Titus says tonight will be round 2 featuring a test of strength by having the ladies doing a tug-of-war! The first two contestants are Lovely Lylah (in argyle socks) and Nikki St. John (in her Michael Cooper socks). Lylah pulls Nikki over in a few seconds to win. This is a gauntlet-style contest because Lylah's next opponent is "Twiggy"/Rachel, who has yellow ribbons tied around her arms (perhaps she's a Tony Orlando & Dawn fan?). Lylah just yanks Rachel over with one tug and Titus calls up Taeler Hendrix, who is wearing the tiara plus some rainbow socks. Taeler gets all up in Lylah's face and berates her. Lylah looks upset but still is able to yank Taeler over with one tug and defeat her. The Blossom Twins (Hannah & Holly, who are not dressed alike) both grab the rope and argue about who will pull it but Lei'd Tapa shoves them aside. Tapa grabs the rope and yanks Lylah over. OUR OVW Ladies Champion Trina Thompson grabs the rope to challenge Tapa! Trina slowly pulls Tapa towards her but when Tapa gets close, she clobbers Trina with a forearm. The other ladies and OUR OVW Senior Official Chris Sharpe clear out as Tapa wraps the rope around Trina's neck and chokes her before chucking both Trina and the rope out of the ring. Jessie Belle did not get a turn at the tug-of-war:(
The Marauders (Raul Lamotta, Shiloh Jonze, and OUR OVW TV Champion Flash Flanagan) are hanging out in the back. Lamotta inquires as to the whereabouts of the fourth Marauder, Joe Coleman. Jonze mentions something about a New York Times information blog and Lamotta seems to get this. Jonze mentions that Flash has an upcoming title match and that he and Coleman are still in the Nightmare Cup tournament. Jonze also mentions that they are recruiting new members when "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer walks up. Dumeyer pleads his case for being a Marauder, saying he can do good...or bad. Jonze says they have no place for losers then piefaces Dumeyer followed by Lamotta making him "take a bow" (backhanding him in the groinular region).
Camera cuts to Timmy Danger, Eddie Diamond, and Bobbie Bardot. Diamond says Danger is "to' up from the flo' up" after their tag match last week as he is shown with his ribs taped and leaning on a crutch. Danger says he got them another Nightmare Cup match and that they will win just like they did last week. Diamond points out that technically they did win last week (albeit by DQ). Danger is all fired up, saying their opponents tonight have never teamed up before while he and Diamond are undefeated! They high five and the camera pulls out to show Danger hobbling away.
To the announce table with OUR OVW Announce Team of Dean Hill, "Anchorman" Gilbert Corsey, and Titus. OVW is pressing their way toward the next Saturday Night Special on 9/7, which will be the semifinals and finals of the Nightmare Cup. Titus and Gilbert note that the Baxters put their Cup chance on the line at an OVW live event and lost the match, so Rockstar Spud and Ryan Howe are now in their place.
Match #1: "The Teflon Don from Boca Raton" Eddie Diamond & "The World's Most Dangerous Hype Man" Timmy Danger (w/Bobbie Bardot) vs "Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry & "Strongest Gamer Ever" Marcus Anthony
So this is a Nightmare Cup qualifying match. Diamond is beside himself after he sees who their opponents are. Anthony and Terry go all Road Warriors and attack their opponents at the bell. Anthony dumps out Danger then holds Diamond over his head for a moment before dropping him on the top rope. Announcers are in awe of this new pairing as Anthony and Terry double suplex Diamond, then both take turns squashing him in the corner. Terry does some intense armworking on Diamond then drags him over to the corner and forces a tag on Danger! Terry immediately powerslams Danger for the pin. Terry and Anthony celebrate by doing the forearm bash.
Match #2: Clint Poe vs "Team Boomstick" Jay Bradley
Poe is making his TV debut but Dean is already impressed with him after seeing him at live events. Bradley opens up with a big boot and hammering away on Poe, who fights back only to have Bradley hit harder. Bradley slams Poe, drops multiple knees and elbows, then headbutts him twice followed by a neckbreaker. Bradley then signals for the Standing O, the finisher used by OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia, and hits it on Poe for the pin.
Bradley directs some comments in Spanish towards Jamin and then points out that he did use Jamin's finisher on Poe. Bradley then explains the "Loaded Boomsleeve on a Pole" match at SNS between himself and Jamin, adding that Jamin can't swing the Boomstick like he can. Bradley emphasizes that he is more than a one trick pony. Jamin comes out and mockingly compliments Bradley on using his finishers. Jamin says he will show the fans a Boomstick they'll never forget later on tonight!
In the back, we see the Mobile Homers (Adam Revolver & "Man-Beast" Ted McNaler) with Brittany Devore. McNaler they lost their match last week because it was four on two and the Marauders had to cheat to get the pin. Revolver is sad because they lost their chance at the Nightmare Cup after being the runners-up last year but McNaler says their best days are ahead of them. He also says they still have legions of “Mobilehomermaniacs“ around! Royal walks up and asks them if they have seen Gunn, but the Homers reply that they wouldn't tell him if they did. They do point him to a nearby door and Royal goes over to listen. There is someone talking about somebody not being able to compete tonight and Royal scurries away. The door opens and the Assassin walks out! Behind the door we see The Body Guy with thigh master in hand laid out on the floor! "Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade is in the hall taking all this in before walking over and encountering "Mr. Pec-tacular" (tm) Jessie Godderz, who is mega-enthusiastic. Godderz says that last week was great and is all giddy about reforming Best Team Ever and claims to have them a spot in the Nightmare Cup! Rudy tries to slow him down but not in time as Godderz walks away. Homers look at Rudy and say that Godderz didn't hear a word Rudy said.
Match #3: Paredyse vs OUR OVW TV Champion Flash Flanagan (w/ Jonze & Lamotta)
Gilberts says that the combustible forces Royal and Gunn are both in the building. Paredyse grabs a chair to counter Flash's blue kendo stick. Sharpe draws praise from Dean and Gilbert for ejecting Jonze and Lamotta from ringside. Paredyse does a lot of sticking and moving to start then they trade chops as it is noted that Paredyse is a former 3 time TV champ. Flash grabs a headlock and punches Paredyse in the face. Paredyse fights free and hip bumps Flash before hitting an inverted atomic drop to send Flash to the corner. Paredyse hits a bronco buster on Flash for 2 but Flash manages to push him off and through the ropes. Flash dives out onto Paredyse and thows him back in. Flash slings him to the corner but Paredyse hangs on to the top rope and headscissors him then does what Titus refers to as a "keister to the kisser".
Flash kneelifts Paredyse but runs into a boot in the corner. Flash climbs to the top turnbuckle with Paredyse but gets kissed and shoved off. Paredyse comes off the top with the male version of Traci Brooks' "Pie in the Sky" for a cover.
Jonze and Lamotta come through the curtain beating on Dumeyer. Paredyse grabs Flash's stick and aims for them but Flash sneaks up and snatches it away then whacks Paredyse with it and covers him for the pin. Sharpe reverses the decision and disqualifies Flash then helps Paredyse to the back.
Marauders are in the back celebrating when Dumeyer appears, bragging about how he really helped! Jonze says he might be able to get some value from Dumeyer after all, so he hands Dumeyer his laundry!
Match #4: Double Platinum (Rockstar Spud & "Diamond Steel" Ryan Howe) vs Best Team Ever (Rudy Switchblade & "Mr. Pec-tacular" (tm) Jessie Godderz)
This is another Cup qualifying match. Howe graces us with another guitar solo. Godderz comes out alone (wearing the BTE tights) and seems dismayed that Switchblade is not there. The music plays a second time and Rudy comes out. BTE opens up with a lot of double team moves on Howe as Titus notes it appears that they haven't missed a beat in the time they have been apart. Howe takes an atomic drop from Rudy and a lariat from Godderz but tumbles over and tags Spud. Rudy catches Spud and plants him but charges at Spud in the corner and misses as Spud turns away. Spud drags Rudy over and tags Howe. Double Platinum attempt some sort of double team maneuver but they miscommunicate, resulting in Howe eating a Rudy boot and Spud flying over the top rope when Rudy pulls it down. Rudy and Howe collide and go down but Rudy quickly makes the tag. Godderz sideslams Howe, then he and Rudy do the death drop thing on Howe for the pin.
Rudy then pulls his tights off to reveal the BTE tights underneath!
Match #5: Yaden Matthews vs OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia
They mat wrestle a bit before exchanging slaps. Jamin unleashes a bevy of forearms on Matthews, who briefly fights back until Jamin neckbreakers and kneelifts on him. Jamin axe kicks Matthews then sets up for the Boomstick but Bradley runs out and uses the loaded Boomsleeve for the DQ!
Announcers plug the Elizabethtown, KY event on 8/31 with Bill Dundee coming in plus the main event of Bradley vs Trailer Park Trash with Danny Davis as ref for control of OVW-Elizabethtown! Dundee will also be at the OVW Old School show on 9/1 at the Davis Arena where Dean will celebrate his 25th year in wrestling!
Tony Gunn comes out still in a sling. He has one word for Royal-betrayal! He says he was Royal's friend through thick and thin, was with him at the hospital, got him back into the gym and back into the ring, even helping him to win the TV title! Royal then went off and blew the $1000 per defense on stuff instead of paying his medical bills. Gunn tips his hat to him since he made Gunn and everyone else look like fools. Gunn calls Royal a coward and a leech. Royal comes out to say he realizes that Gunn lies like a dog, and didn't have a career before he got here. Royal complains that Gunn cost him the TV title and it's Gunn's fault that he is now sleeping in his truck. Gunn cuts him off saying he is tired of all this and challenges Royal for next week in a no-DQ, no hold barred, anything goes match (even a bear on a pole?). Gunn promises retribution on Royal, who accepts the challenge and shoves Gunn down on the mat. Gunn pulls a piece of pipe out of his sling and clobbers Royal with it! Dean says it's a "lead pipe cinch" lol. Gunn says he will see Royal next week as the show goes off.
THOUGHTS: I've noticed that they regularly update the show opening with recent footage. Incredibly, Bradley is still not listed on the roster page at ovwrestling.com! Perhaps we will see Tapa vs Trina in a bullrope match soon? Taeler and Heidi Lovelace are scheduled to appear in Millersville, TN next Friday 9/6 for NWA-SAW along with Crimson and Cliff Compton. Unless things change again by next week, the four teams in the Nightmare Cup are: OUR OVW Tag Team Champions Michael (not PS) Hayes & Mohamed Ali Vaez, Jonze & Coleman, Terry & Anthony, and Godderz & Switchblade. Is Godderz just setting up everyone to do something bad or has he really changed as much as Dean claims he has? I'm liking the setup for Jamin vs Bradley, I wouldn't be surprised to see Bradley win at SNS. Does anyone else see Royal having "health issues" next week? I enjoyed this show quite a bit so it's getting a thumbs up. 

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