OVW TV report for tomorrow night's show

By Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 734 that will be aired in Louisville on 9/14 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/734
Tony Gunn and Randy Royal are in Danny Davis' office. Gunn says he checked all the hospitals and Royal was nowhere to be found, despite Royal saying that he was at one due to another heart attack. Royal says he wouldn't use his real name since he's a superstar, and anyeay he has a serious medical condition and can't see why Gunn doesn't get that. Davis questions Royal as to why he is even here if his story is true, to which Royal replies that he's a man and needs the money. Davis calls him a "dumbass man" if he is here to wrestle tonight after supposedly having a heart attack last week. Davis tells Royal that he and Gunn are scheduled in a match tonight and if Royal no-shows, he is fired!
Out to OUR OVW Announce Team of Dean Hill and Gilbert Corsey (Michael Titus is absent again this week). They recap this past weekend's Saturday Night Special where Jamin Olivencia retained the OVW Championship and the team of Marcus Anthony and Rob Terry won the Nightmare Cup. Shannon the Dude is OUR OVW Ring Announcer.
Match #1: Mobile Homers (Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) w/Brittany Devore vs OUR OVW Tag Team Champions Mohamed Ali Vaez & Michael (not PS) Hayes
Friendly handshakes abound to start in this non-title match. Champs work over McNaler early, with Vaez using his swimmer's build to hold McNaler in the corner long enough so Hayes can splash him. They bust out some double team moves that culminate in double hiptosses for both Homers. Vaez lands awkwardly on his leg on a leapfrog attempt and the Homers target this leg for a bit. They make a wish with Vaez for 2 as Gilbert teases a big announcement concerning the OVW Ladies Championship coming later in the show. McNaler springboards off Revolver’s back and squashes Vaez in the corner. McNaler clamps on a figure four but Vaez turns it then breaks free and we get TAGS! Hayes works the leg of Revolver and gives him a single leg atomic drop before setting up for a figure four. McNaler dives onto Hayes to break this up but Vaez runs over to kneelift him and dump him out. Vaez neckbreakers Revolver and Hayes covers him for the pin then we go to break.
Next Saturday Night Special is 10/5 and next OVW Old School is 10/6.
Back from break, Hayes and Vaez are still in the ring. Hayes says he knows how good it feels to win the Nightmare Cup (as he and James "Moose" Thomas won it last year). Hayes says he and Vaez got right back up after losing in the Cup semifinals to Terry & Anthony and will be ready (or over-prepared) when Terry & Anthony cash in their title shot. Vaez wanted the $5000 and the trophy real bad (I'm guessing the 30-day vacation as well) but they are not scared of Terry & Anthony. Here comes Anthony with the trophy! He snatches the mic from Vaez and informs us that Terry is back in Wales for the next 3 weeks until his visa clears. Anthony tells the champs it won't be until after the October SNS that they will be able to cash in their title shot. In the meantime, Anthony says he has unfinished business with Jay Bradley and sets out to hunt him down! Best Team Ever ("Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade & "Mr. Pec-tacular" (tm) Jessie Godderz) comes out. Rudy points out a trend of people thinking that the champs don't deserve the tag titles and that BTE are two of those people. Godderz adds that at SNS they gave the fans twice the show that the champs did (since BTE beat the Marauders then lost in the finals) and BTE have already held the titles three times. Vaez says that BTE has never beaten him and Hayes and reiterates that BTE did lose in the finals to Terry & Anthony. The Marauders come out (Shiloh Jonze, Raul Lamotta, Joe Coleman, OUR OVW TV Champion Flash Flanagan, and Nick Dumeyer). Jonze says he is not a conspiracy theorist but claims to be a truth seeker and critical thinker, and he has irrefutable proof that ref Josh Ashcraft is a puppet of the Furions(?) and is in league with OVW management to deny the Marauders from spreading their message, oh, and also getting a tag title shot. Rudy reminds Jonze that BTE beat him and Coleman at SNS then Godderz reiterates this adding that the fans remember this. Rudy tells Jonze to put his tinfoil hat back on and leave! Vaez says all three teams lost at SNS but now the champs need an opponent for October SNS, so he suggests BTE and Marauders should wrestle each other next week and the champs will take on the winners!
Bradley is in the back peeking through windows to see if Anthony is around. He is startled by The Body Guy and Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus, who pop up from behind a big screen TV. They ask if Bradley has seen The Assassin but he hasn't. Bradley asks if they have seen Anthony but they haven't. Body Guy tells Bradley if he sees Assassin to say that Body Guy has gone to visit his mother.
Paredyse and Eddie Diamond are talking. Diamond still can't believe that his friend Timmy Danger sent James "Moose" Thomas to attack him at SNS. Paredyse knows that Diamond and Danger are like peas and carrots but even vegetables go bad! Paredyse wants to hear what Moose has to say and Diamond agrees, saying he has a match with Moose later.
Meanwhile, the Marauders are still in the ring. Jonze says it's time for Flash to teach one more lesson and spread the Marauder message! Out through the curtain come Elijah "Pope" Burke! Dean welcomes Burke back to OVW. Gilbert notes Burke started in OVW in 2004 and is a former OVW Champion. Dean points out that Jonze is wearing a Dennis Rodman Bulls jersey, so he can't get much more unstable than that!
Match #2: Elijah "Pope" Burke vs OUR OVW TV Champion Flash Flanagan (w/all the Marauders)
OUR OVW Senior Official Chris Sharpe snatches the blue kendo stick away. Burke gets a quick rollup for 2 and Flash bails out. Flash rolls back in but Burke bangs his head into the turnbuckle like ten times. Burke lariats Flash back out as we go to break.
Back from break, Gilbert notes that Burke popped in at an OVW live event and won the opportunity for this title shot. Burke tenpunches Flash but the other Marauders distract Sharpe and Coleman gets Burke's attention long enough for Flash to hit him with a forearm. Flash lowblows Burke and stomps him in the corner as Dean calls Dumeyer a Chihuahua! Burke sunset flips for 2 but Flash comes right back up with a lariat then hooks in a sleeper. Burke eventually gets up on his feet and suplexes Flash but both guys are down for a seven count. Burke fires up on Flash, throwing some elbows to the head then comes off the top with an elbow drop for 2.9. Burke pulls his kneepad down and charges at Flash, who sidesteps him. Burke uppercuts Flash as some Marauders climbs up on the apron. Burke knocks off Jonze and Coleman as Dumeyer grabs the kendo stick but throws it too far from Flash. Burke pops Dumeyer then lungblowers Flash for the pin and the title!
Match #3: James "Moose" Thomas (w/Timmy Danger) vs Eddie Diamond (w/Bobbie Bardot)
The now-buzzcutted Moose attacks Diamond at the bell and send him through the ropes and out to the floor. He slams Diamond on the floor and rolls him back in as Dean says that Moose felt disrespected when he left here before. Moose carries Diamond to the corner and beats on him before splashing him. Diamond dropkicks Moose then steps out to grab Danger to try to talk to him. Moose comes out and clobbers Diamond then throws him back in to give him the Moose Kick! Diamond is laid out as Moose pounds away on him as Danger encourages Moose to "kill him"!, so Sharpe calls for the bell. Moose keeps going until Paredyse runs out to chase him away.
Moose takes the mic and says since day one in OVW, he has been loyal but when he was at his lowest point, only Danger was there. He says Danger will be there with him when he is back at the top.
Mobile Homers and Brittany are in the back. While Brittany is consoling the discouraged Revolver, McNaler is checking his handful of lottery tickets and has won like $5 and another free ticket! Revolver is irritated that McNaler continues to do this.
Dylan Bostic and Evan Markopolis bump into each other. Evan notes that Bostic used the Handful O'Tights to win their three way match last week when Bostic pinned Aaron Sky. Evan says that won't work when they wrestle next week! Bostic tells him to duct tape his tights!
Gilbert is in the ring to address the ladies title situation as Trina Thompson vacated the title last week. He says Danny Davis and the OVW Board of Directors reached a decision and it's something that has never been done in wrestling before (so I guess that rules out "cornbread on a pole"). He calls out the final four contestants from the Bikini Battle Royal at SNS: Hannah & Holly Blossom, Taeler Hendrix (wearing the tiara), and the winner Lei'd Tapa. Dean reminds us that "Miss OVW" will not be decided until the October SNS. Gilbert announces that there will be a 4-way ladder match next week on TV for the ladies title! Each lady has something to say. Hannah says she came here to be the best, Taeler says she is the center of attention (thus makes Gilbert stand behind her) and she is a step above the rest, Holly says this will be the toughest match of her career. Tapa forces Gilbert to bow down to her then says she is here to dominate and will win so everyone can bow down to her. Taeler is not impressed.
Shannon the Dude is in the back with OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia! Jamin says people said it couldn't be done, but he climbed the pole, grabbed the loaded boomstick, and used it on Bradley. He is setting new standards and asks aloud if the world is ready for Jamin Olivencia? He says no as he is here to stay!
Match #4: Randy Royal vs Tony Gunn
Shannon introduces everyone, even Ashcraft! He adds that Ashcraft's only function here is to count pinfalls. This is an anything goes street fight, so Gunn pulls the pipe from his sling and whacks Royal with it, then removes the sling! Gunn dives over the top and out onto Royal then grabs a table and slides it into the ring. Royal hits Gunn but gets slung into the ringpost. Royal hits Gunn with a trash can lid then throws him into the ring boards. Back in, Royal leans the table onto the corner and reaches down to pull Gunn in but gets hit with the lid. Royal DDTs Gunn for 2 then fetches a staple gun. Gunn spears Royal and peppers his head with fists. Royal exits through the curtain and Gunn follows him. After some noise, Royal staggers through the curtain wearing a toilet seat. Gunn uses a crutch, mule kicks to the groinular region, and hits Royal with a trash can. Back in the ring, Gunn again hits Royal with the pipe and sets up the table. Royal kicks Gunn and leans him on the table then climbs to the top turnbuckle. Gunn follows and suplexes Royal through the table for the pin.
Gunn stands triumphant in the ring as the show goes off.
THOUGHTS: So this was like one those "shuffle the deck" kind of shows. Wonder if Flash will now team with Jonze next week against BTE? Also wonder if we will have different tag champs by the time Terry & Anthony cash in their shot. I would lean toward "yes" on both. Not really sure where Olivencia is headed right now as they don't really have a contender, could he be turning? Found it odd that Danger didn't get on the mic at all to hype Moose as a killing machine or something. Liked how they teased Royal using the staple gun in the main event but didn't actually do it. I got this feeling that someone other than Tapa will win the ladder match. I liked this show both times I watched it so I'll give it a thumbs up.  

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