OVW TV report for tomorrow night's show

By Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 735 that will be aired in Louisville on 9/21 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/735
OUR OVW Announce Team of Dean Hill, “Anchorman” Gilbert Corsey and "Rocky Mountain Mouth" Michael Titus are all together again! It is noted that Gilbert has now been here 3 years and Titus has finished up his first year. This is the premiere of season fifteen of OVW TV! Gilbert plugs tonight's main event of a four-way ladder match for the vacated OVW Ladies Championship.
OUR OVW Tag Team Champions Mohamed Ali Vaez & Michael (not PS) Hayes, who are sporting playoff beards, come out to the announce table for the purpose of scouting the winners of the upcoming tag team match.
Match #1: Shiloh Jonze & Joe Coleman (w/ fellow Marauders-Flash Flanagan, Raul Lamotta, & Nick Dumeyer) vs Best Team Ever ("Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade & "Mr. Pec-tacular" (tm) Jessie Godderz)
Marauders come out and stare down the champs before making their way to the ring. Flash has a red kendo stick tonight. The winners of this match will take on Vaez & Hayes at the next Saturday Night Special on 10/5. BTE busts out the double team moves on Jonze to start. Jonze rakes Godderz' face and tags Coleman in but Coleman promptly gets armdragged twice. Flash reaches through the ropes and trips Godderz, allowing Coleman to choke him in the ropes. Vaez says one has to have eyes in the back of their head when they take on the Marauders. Jonze runs into a Godderz boot then Rudy tags in and peppers him with kicks before bulldogging him for 2. Lamotta pulls Jonze out to safety and Coleman attacks Godderz from behind. Vaez acknowledges that he and Hayes lost to Rob Terry & Marcus Anthony at the Nightmare Cup and are reviewing their strategies in order to be prepared (or over-prepared) when they face that duo again. Vaez also adds that multiple teams coming after their titles makes it more interesting and makes them "earn their keep" as champs. Meanwhile, Coleman throws Godderz out to Lamotta, who chokes and throws him back in so Coleman can cover him but only for 2. Jonze misses a splash and Godderz makes the hot tag on Rudy, although the crowd seems rather quiet. Rudy throws a bunch of forearms on Coleman then after Godderz slams him; Rudy hits a slingshot senton on him for 2. Flash comes up on the apron to distract OUR OVW Senior Official Chris Sharpe as Jonze and Coleman huddle for a sneak attack on BTE. They charge but BTE sidesteps them and they knock Flash off the apron. BTE gives out stereo belly to back suplexes on the duo, followed by the Best Finisher Ever (the death-drop thing) on Coleman. Rudy covers Coleman for the pin as Vaez golf claps.
Match #2: Evan Markopolis vs "The Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling" Dylan Bostic
Bostic must be serious as he has eye black on. It is pointed out that neither wrestler is well-liked around here. Each one backs the other to the corner and allegations of tight-pulling run rampant. Evan gets a quick rollup for 2 and they argue with each other and OUR OVW Official Josh Ashcraft. Bostic rolls up Evan using the Handful O'Tights for two and more discussion happens. Each wrestler goes to a corner and pulls out a chain then complains about the other doing it too. Ashcraft just throws up his hands and calls for the bell, ruling this a no-contest! Gilbert says it's like a fight between two kindergarteners!
The picture cuts to a ladder in the back, where several OVW wrestlers give their thoughts on the main event.
OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia says he knows what it takes to win a championship and understands the drive and passion needed to do so. He says ladder matches are dangerous and someone is going to the hospital!
Bostic says he has been in 4-way matches but not a ladder match. He says it's kinky.
The Body Guy tells Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus to watch the door. Body Guy says the ladder match was fantastic, it was the greatest ever! A voice off-camera tells him it hasn't happened yet. Body Guy wants to know where the Assassin is and what is Assassin's problem with him.
Markopolis gives the exact same speech as Bostic did.
Jessie Belle says she has used ladders for cleaning out gutters and hanging shingles but not for wrestling. She says you have to respect the wrestlers for doing this match.
Match #3: Flash Flanagan (w/fellow Marauders-Jonze, Coleman, Lamotta, & Dumeyer) vs OUR OVW TV Champion Elijah "Pope" Burke
This is a rematch from last week where Burke won the title. Dumeyer, then Coleman pop into the ring and right back out just enough to distract Burke so that Flash can attack him from behind. Flash chokes Burke in the ropes as Dean accuses Titus of being in cahoots with the Marauders. Jonze reaches in to choke Burke before Flash chops him in the corner then rakes his face across the ropes. Burke manages to kick Flash away then give him an atomic drop followed by a flipper forearm. Flash flips Burke through the ropes and out so that Jonze, Coleman, and Lamotta can put the boots to him. Flash retrieves Burke but ends up taking a couple of headbutts and a splash. Jonze gets on the apron and Burke swats at him, which allows Flash to plant him into the mat as we go to break.
Back from break, the match is over!!! Gilbert takes us through a replay where Flash is stomping Burke's leg but Burke gets free to uppercut Flash. Burke unleashes a flurry of offense on Flash, culminating with a right hook that drops him to the mat. Burke goes up top and has to kick Jonze away but still comes off with a crossbody. Burke rolls through and Flash ends up on top for for 2.9. Burke gets up and jaw-jacks (looked like a lungblower to me) Flash for the pin.
We go back to the ladder!
Vaez recalls a ladder match with the Metal Master and he was hurt for like three weeks.
Hayes recalls a ladder match he had with James "Moose" Thomas and it changed his life forever. He adds that the girls involved will never be the same.
Ray Lynn doesn't understand why they just don't take the stairs? Then she asks for a sandwich.
Tony Gunn says he was in a street fight last week but doesn't want to be anywhere near the ring tonight.
Lovely Lylah says it sounds dangerous and she hopes nobody gets hurt. She adds she doesn't think she could do it.
The Assassin says nothing; he just looks at his watch!
Mobile Homers (Adam Revolver, Ted McNaler, & Brittany Devore) are shown. Revolver says ladders are dangerous since his granny got electrocuted on one! McNaler and Brittany are busy scratching off lottery tickets until McNaler scratches off a winning $2 ticket! Revolver grabs a ticket and starts scratching!
Match #4: "Team Boomstick" Jay Bradley vs "Strongest Gamer Ever" Marcus Anthony
Bradley offers a handshake; even putting Anthony's hand in his but gets a lariat for his trouble. Bradley is down in the corner and tries to pull Anthony into the turnbuckles but Anthony grabs the ropes. Bradley connects on a right to the jaw but Anthony just brushes it off. Anthony hammers away but Bradley comes out with a big boot. Anthony slams Bradley and drops a knee on him for 2. Bradley rakes the face and grabs a headlock but Anthony gives him a belly to back suplex. Anthony goes up top for a moonsault and despite missing it he still lands on his feet. Bradley exits through the curtain and returns wearing the Boomsleeve and uses it to Boomstick Anthony for the pin.
Match #5: James "Moose" Thomas (w/"The World's Most Dangerous Hype Man" Timmy Danger) vs Paredyse (w/ "The Teflon Don from Boca Raton" Eddie Diamond & Bobbie Bardot)
Bardot is dressed like a pirate in anticipation of National Talk Like A Pirate Day. Apparently Danger and Paredyse have joined the "playoff beard" movement in OVW. Danger is compared to a pouty teenager in his recent behavior. Paredyse sticks and moves a lot on the much larger Moose to start, then jumps on his back and tries a sleeper until Moose snapmares him down. Paredyse tries the "keister to the kisser" but Moose just flips him to the apron. Paredyse climbs back in the ring only to fall victim to a Moose Kick! Moose doesn't pin Paredyse but just bangs his head into the mat repeatedly until ref Ashcraft calls for the bell, ruling this a no-contest.
Danger slides a chair into the ring and Moose lays Paredyse on it. Diamond comes in to save but gets a Moose Kick as well. Moose splashes Paredyse then bangs Diamond's head into the mat until Olivencia runs out to stop all this. Danger tells Olivencia that he has put his nose where it doesn't belong, adding that Moose is a 350 pound wrecking machine and there is now a big bullseye on Olivencia's back!
More ladder match comments from the participants!
Taeler Hendrix says we are looking at a four-time ladies champion after this match. She says she has been in an evening gown match, a no-disqualification match, and a bikini battle royal, so she has this covered!
One Blossom twin says she has never been in a ladder match and she doesn’t know how she will feel after it, but it will feel good coming down with the belt!
The other Blossom twin says it's the most dangerous match she has been in plus she has her sister and a "seven foot monster" to deal with but she didn't come four thousand miles to lose!
Lei'd Tapa just says "My ring...my island" and screams!
OUR OVW Ring Announcer Shannon the Dude introduces the guest ring announcer for the main event-Christy Hemme.
Match #6: Hannah Blossom vs Taeler Hendrix vs Holly Blossom vs Lei'd Tapa
This is a 4-way ladder match for the OVW Ladies Championship that was vacated two weeks ago for former champion Trina Thompson. Both refs (Sharpe and Ashcraft) are out here. Dean checked with Vegas and the odds are on Tapa to win. Blossoms go after Tapa as Taeler goes outside the ring to fetch the ladder. Taeler makes it to the apron but the Blossoms baseball slide kick the ladder and send it and Taeler to the floor. Tapa lariats both Blossoms then tries to pull the ladder into the ring but Taeler won't let go. Taeler slams down on the ladder and the other end hits Tapa in the mouth. Blossoms go after Taeler but Tapa grabs one Blossom and chucks her out of the ring then takes the ladder and knocks the other Blossom and Taeler down. The first Blossom then missile dropkicks the ladder into Tapa but it only staggers her. (At this point, Dean admits he can't tell the Blossoms apart so I don't feel too bad about not being able to do so either. Gilbert is able to as he mentions something about them wearing different colored eye shadows) Tapa misses on a ladder squash as Holly steps out of the way then grabs the ladder and jabs Tapa in the midsection with it. Holly sets up the ladder and starts up but Taeler pulls her down. Hannah then starts up it until Tapa yanks her off then grabs the ladder and hits the other three with it. Tapa starts up the ladder until Taeler bites her leg and the Blossoms join her in shaking the ladder. Tapa goes down pretty hard as the ladder appears to have hit her in the ribs so she is slow to get back up. A Blossom sets up the damaged ladder and starts up to be joined by Taeler and the other Blossom. Tapa pulls one Blossom off and gives her a stunner as the other two girls slug it out on the ladder. Taeler goes for a kick but Holly grabs her leg and throws her off. Holly can't reach the belt as the ladder was set up a bit too far away. Holly comes off the ladder and squashes Taeler but comes up limping. Blossoms set the ladder back up under the belt and both start up on the same side as Tapa comes up the other side. Tapa grabs both around the throat but Taeler climbs up over Tapa's back and tries a sleeper on her! Taeler slips and reapplies the hold but eventually falls off. Blossoms grab Tapa's head and bang it into the top step of the ladder and she falls. Holly falls off the ladder as well and Hannah grabs the belt to win! Hannah celebrates as the show goes off!
THOUGHTS: They certainly hyped the ladder match but that being said, I thought the match itself was just fine. They didn't try to do anything spectacular and didn't really need to. So now will we see "Battle of the Blossoms"? Will it be Tapa or Taeler calling winners? Looks like Olivencia has a challenger in Moose. I was glad they let Danger hype him up this week. Marauders have really hit the skids the last couple of weeks as far as winning matches and I think they will place the blame squarely on Dumeyer before long. We probably haven't seen the last of Flash/Burke but you never know when someone else will get a title shot based on an OVW live event. I have a feeling that Best Team Ever might come out of October's SNS with the tag belts and go right into defending against Anthony & Rob Terry. Yeah, I'll give this a thumbs up.  

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