Evolve results 9-22 Brooklyn

EVOLVE Wrestling presents EVOLVE 24
September 22nd, 2013
Brooklyn, NY

Credit: http://goo.gl/ivBV2H

4 way w/ Lince Dorado vs Green Ant vs Mr Touchdown vs Psycho Mike Rollins w/ Larry Dallas
- Lince Dorado wins with a reversal of Green Ant’s reversal of a springboard hurricanrana. Lince has a new mask with a mohawk on it.

Shane Strickland def Matt Jackson after a meteora from the top rope to a seated Matt Jackson.
- Total Superkicks: 4.

SHINE Showcase: Su Yung w/ Anthony Nese and Mr. A def Ivelisse with a roll up

Anthony Nese def Josh Alexander via 450.
- Mr. A grabbed Josh’s legs which led to the finish

Trent? def Maxwell Chicago with the Dudebuster.
- Caleb Konley came out & challenged Trent. Trent accepted.

Trent? def Caleb Konley w/ the Dudebuster

Four way tag team Freestyle
Los Ben Dejos vs The Bravados vs Gentleman’s Club vs. Jigsaw & The Shard
- Bravados win with their finisher on Orange Cassidy

Bravados say they’re the winners cause they went 2-0. Matt Jackson psyches them out of a handshake. Bravados say its not 08 and they wont be disrespected. Told Matt to bring his brothers and they would “beat that ass.”

Style Battle Final
Drew Gulak def Biff Busick with his body scissor dragon sleeper
- Unbelievably stiff, technical and rugged match that got a standing ovation
- Gulak thanks Busick after the match and shakes his hand. He demands a rematch with Jon Davis. Concludes with “I AM THE LAW!”

Open the Freedom Gate Championship
Johnny Gargano def Rich Swann via the GargaNO Escape to retain
- Bryce got superkicked! Swann had Gargano down but nobody there to make the count. Johnny low blows Swann
- partially through this match the ropes were broken and saggy. They tried to fix them before the main event but were not back to 100%.

Evolve back in Queens at the Elks Lodge on Nov 16th and at the Brooklyn Lyceum on Nov 17th.

Evolution’s End – The Final Chapter
evolve rules inside the ring – anything goes outside the ring
(Fox said Fuck This Ring, lets make the match no DQ and falls count anywhere. It was agreed with.)
AR Fox def Ricochet with Fox vaulting off the top of the post into a double stomp onto a pile of junk covering Ricochet
- Ricochet takes the mic and says AR Fox is incredible. Fox says Ricochet made him a better man. They hug. They lead chants for each other.
- Ricochet says hes done with distractions and wants the Open The Freedom Gate title. Su Yung comes out.
- Su Yung offers Ricochet the chance to join the Premier Athlete brand. Ricochet turns them down. Nese came out with Mr. A and spinebusters Ricochet “This is what happens when you disrespect the Premiere Athlete Brand.” – Nese

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