Northeast Wrestling report 9-21 Fishkill for Night Under the Stars

N.E.W. Wrestling under the stars 2 results. 9/21/13 event held at Dutchess Stadium.

1)      Colt cabana pinned  Manscout Jake Manning after a superfly splash off the top rope

2)      Rikishi, the godfather and Mikey Webb beat J busta, Mark Shuman and Gregory Edwards. Rikishi scored the pinfall.

3)      Kevin Nash and Cody Hall (w/ Scott hall) over the outcast Killaz: Dibablo and Oman Tortuga. Cody scored the pinfall after the outsiders edge. He botched the spot 2 times before hitting it for the finish you can see the match here

4)      Romeo Roselli pinned Joe Ausanio after Ausanio missed an elbow off the top rope.

5)      Jerry “The King” Lawler pinned Matt Striker after a fist drop off the second rope. After the match Lawler hit striker with a piledriver. They built this around a storyline with Striker was planning to hit lawler with a heart punch so he can replace Lawler on WWE TV

6)      NEW Champion Brian Anthony kept his title over Jeff Star after hitting a suplex through a table for the finish.

7)      John Morrison pinned Robbie E after hitting starship pain.

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