Day two of World Triangle League 10-4 Oberhausen, Gremany

By Patrick Gronemann

we’re back with a detailed report on night two of the wXw/CZW/BJW World Triangle League. They really upped the ante and set a new standard for a great show on this particular weekend.

In the early afternoon, there was a Q&A session with some of the wrestlers from all three promotions at a local sports bar, which was lots of fun and very informative.

There were three panels and the whole thing lasted about 90 minutes. Panel one had Axel Dieter Jr., Zack Sabre Jr., Drew Gulak, Kim Ray and Jonathan Gresham.

Highlights were Zack talking about how he was very happy in NOAH and they always treat him good, so he has no intentions to leave and go to New Japan, for example, but would be open to working there if NOAH and New Japan reached some sort of working agreement. He also said he’d love to go to places that have little to no wrestling and introduce the sport there, kind of like British wrestlers would do in the 70s, when they went to Africa or South America. Drew Gulak said that as the CZW champion he’d love to represent the company on an international level and face the champions of other promotions, specifically mentioning Tommy End, the current wXw champion.

Panel two had Big van Walter, Robert Dreissker, Daisuke Sekimoto, Yuki Lee and Drake Younger. Drake talked in-depth about death match wrestling and how he had no idea what it would involve to from all the crazy stuff that was done in Japan in W*ING or IWA to the hard-hitting cookie-sheet-to-the-head stuff in ECW to staple guns and syringes in CZW and the early wXw. He said he quit death matches because of all the blows to the head which he wouldn’t take anymore and how sometimes he walks into a room and doesn’t remember what he wanted to do. He also is one of the nicest guys ever and I think he’d make a great guest on Figure Four Daily or Observer radio talking about all that stuff. He said his new goal was to have matches with guys like Sekimoto (who he was to face that evening) and show that he could hang with the strong-style guys. CM Jakobi also talked about how the office tried to prevent injuries and “would take steps to try and have guys not get injured on purpose”. Walter and Daisuke talked about their match and Walter said how they knew each other pretty well by now and knew what to expect, so it wasn’t as hard to prepare for the match as it had been in the past. Both Walter and Dreissker also talked about how they loved wrestling but also how it was hard to make any money as a European part-time wrestler and that they’re happy how things are going right now but if it doesn’t work out in the long run, they’d be OK with it. Walter also promised to deliver an “Ohrenreiberl”, a set of hot ears, to somebody this weekend. This was something that was requested all the time at the old CWA shows in Vienna, so I brought it up. Walter than asked “is this the last question?” and when they told him yes he got up and said, “Well, as you know – if you’re an Austrian, you’re actually a human being. If you are German, you’re an asshole!” and left. Yay!

Panel three was maybe the most fun and informative, not the least because DJ Hyde is very outspoken and comes across very intelligent with a good mind for the business. It consisted of AR Fox, Ricochet, DJ Hyde and Bad Bones.

DJ Hyde on Nick Gage and on if he would return to CZW after his stint in jail: He’s ripped to the gills because all he does in jail is work out. When he gets out we’ll have a conversation with him about returning. I can relate to him because, and many people don’t know this, I myself spent a year in prison for attempted murder. Would I like to have him back? Well, yes and no. His return would do great business, but in the long run being affiliated with somebody like that can really have a backlash on the promotion in the long run. “Bad Bones” John Klinger about winning the Online TNA GutCheck Challenge: I can’t really talk about that, but we’re still in contact. You’ll just have to wait and see. They fired some people so there should be some empty spots on the roster that need to be filled. Everybody on possibly signing with WWE and being in developmental, even if it means taking a pay-cut for a while: They basically said they’d both go for sure, even if they’d have to be in developmental for a lengthy period of time. They both hope they’ll get a call sooner rather than later so the wear and tear they put their body through finally pays off. Ricochet also said that he probably won’t be taking a pay-cut with how much (or little) he makes now. DJ Hyde was not that high on developmental, stating that running only one place is a mistake in his eyes, but he gets how WWE does what is best for their company and “best for business”. He also said he’s been down to the new complex and he’s friends with lots of guys from there, how he talks to Sami Callihan about twice a wek and Sami told him that right now they’re in the process of “reprogramming” him. He also said that by the end of next year, WWE will probably raid half his roster.

Results from day 2 at the wXw Arena (Centreville/Turbinenhalle), thus far the promotion hasn’t announced how many people it drew, but it was probably in the 300-350 ball park.

1.) WTL Block B: Yuko Miyamoto (3) beat Jonathan Gresham (3)

Fantastic opener. Both guys worked as babyfaces. Gresham worked over the left arm of Yuko and Miyamoto worked over the left leg of Gresham. They told a nice story and had a fast paced match with Yuko overpowering Gresham throughout the match. A bunch of submission attempts by both men on the weakened limb of the opponent. Miyamoto does a deal were he chants “ZickeZackeZickeZacke” at the fans (a popular chant at parties from the 70s and 80s I guess) and then goes to the top rope to deliver a tomahawk chop on his opponent. This got over really big. In the end they did they switched pinfall attempts back and forth, until after about 8 or 9 different variations, Yuko pinned Gresham with a La Magistral Cradle. They shook hands and hugged after the match.

2.) 2-Face beat Steve Murdoch

Textbook squash. Murdoch came out with Jakobi to further their storyline. Murdoch is a trainee at their own school, the Westside Dojo. About a dozen elbows in the corner from 2-Face. The ref tried to get 2-Face away from Murdoch since he was sitting in the corner. He kept pulling him away and almost DQ’d him a couple of times. Murdoch had a short comeback with a running elbow and a nice dropkick, only to be shut down moments later and getting hit with a massive Lariat by 2-Face that turned him inside out for the pin.

After the match 2-Face cut a promo saying that this is what’s going to keep happening if you put kids in the ring with men. He tried to get Murdoch, who was still just lying there motionless, after being legit waffled by that Lariat, to talk into the mic. He then picked him up again and set him up for a straight jacket piledriver with Jakobi begging and pleading with “Stefan” (2-Faces real name; it’s always a shot if you use real names in wrestling, brother!) not to do it, to no avail. They did a stretcher job with the Dojo trainees taking forever to load him up on the stretcher. They also had no neck brace so one of the female Dojo students tried to stabilize his neck with her hands, only to give up after a few seconds and help load the guy on the stretcher. I hope they got real medical stuff close in case somebody ever legit hurts their neck in a match.

3.) WTL Block B: Bad Bones (3) beat Robert Dreissker (0)

Really good, hard-hitting match. Double-duty for Bones, who’d face Miyamoto later in the match scheduled for yesterday. Bones pulled the Sami Callihan special and immediately stormed at Dreissker when the bell rang and hit him in the face with a double knee – this would play into the match with Miyamoto later. Dreissker kept pushing Bones off, but he always came back for more until Dreissker decked him with a big shoulder block and followed up with a big splash for a two count. Impressive power moves by both guys. They even kicked out of each other’s finishes near the end. Finish came when Dreissker was sitting down and Bones went to the top for a missile dropkick/Van Terminator. Dreissker butt-scooted into the opposing corner to get away, gave Bones the finger and screamed “fuck you, you jerk-off” at him. Bones then proceeded to coast-to-coast Van Terminator Dreissker right in the kisser for the pin. Insane stuff.

Dreissker lost his second match in a row, which means he can’t make the finals anymore. I guess looking strong wasn’t a major concern for him in this tournament, but it’s a bit sad as they gave him the big monster push between last summer and this year’s 1 Carat where he got as far as the semi-finals. He won the tag titles with Walter, but the unbeatable streak seems to be over for the time being.

4.) Davey Richards beat Freddy Stahl

Star making performance for Freddy Stahl with Davey again being seemingly impressed with the youngster of only 22 years of age. Match started out with many different variations of tests of strength, which Freddy won most of. Davey with stiff leg kicks throughout the match. The “oh my god!” spot of the match award goes to Freddy Stahl, as he caught Davey in mid-air after Davey tried his flip-into-the-ropes-handspring-back-elbow and nailed him with a German Suplex. Davey made sure to show the fans how hard he can kick, as he took Freddy all around the ring and kicked him on the chest on each side of the ring for fans to hear the impact. Ouch! Some other typical Davey spots, such as the soccer kick from the apron and many submission attempts with leg locks, heel hooks and his ankle lock finisher. Stahl got out a few times or reached the ropes for a break. Davey won the lengthy match close after a double foot stomp and a subsequent ankle lock which led to the submission victory for the American Wolve.

Davey led the crowd to chant “Freddy” after the match, shook his hand and left for the locker room. As soon as Davey disappeared behind the curtain, DJ Hyde stormed to the ring and laid Freddy out with his lariat.

He then proceeded to cut a hilarious heel promo on Freddy, the wXw office, the fans and guys who signed with WWE but were wXw and CZW regulars before they left. A few fans in the crowd had a huge sign which read “DJ Hyde Fuck Counter”. So every time Hyde said “fuck” they flipped a page on the sign, showing the number how many times DJ said the F-Word. Spoiler Alert: in the end, the counter showed 13. Hyde said he never got the chance to work with guys like Davey Richards and there are many great guys in the back who never get fair shots. He then said he’s not booked in a match tonight, but since this is also a CZW show, he can just book himself. He then went all serious and said he had some unfinished business with somebody and he’d like to call him out right now. “The man I’d like to challenge right now is…Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose)”. Great reaction to this line, since the entire crowd started chanting “MOX! MOX! MOX!”. Moxley actually got his start with wXw a few years ago. Since he didn’t answer his challenge, he called out Sami Callihan next. Crowd again chanted “SAMI! SAMI! SAMI”; to which DJ replied: “IT’S SOLOMON CROWE NOW, YOU IDIOTS!”. Next on DJ’s bucket list was El Generico, who was by far the most popular guy to ever wrestle in wXw. Really loud “Olé!” chants. To the surprise of nobody, Generico wasn’t there. Next he called out Chris Hero, to which some fans began to sing Hero’s old wXw theme “I need a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler. Unfortunately, Hero wasn’t there either. Hyde basically called everybody he just called out a pussy for not being man enough to step in the ring with him and introduced a man who the entire crowd should worship and all the female fans should offer blowjobs to – Karsten Beck. Beck came out and whipped some fans with his trademark red towel and joined DJ in the ring. Hyde and Beck have been teaming up on a few recent wXw shows and are undefeated as a tag team. DJ asked Beck when the last time was when he got to wrestle a Davey Richards or when he got offered a tour with Big Japan like some of wXw’s Dojo trainees. Or when was the last time he got a world title shot shoved up his ass. Beck and DJ agreed that they’re not being treated well, so they’re just going to take matters into their own hands. Hyde then introduced somebody who’s also unbeaten in wXw, Ilja Dragunov, the wXw Shotgun (television/internet show) Champion. His gimmick is basically that he’s an over the top USSR stereotype. Think Nikolai Volkoff looking like a 17 year old. He also has a valet called Svetlana Kalashnikova, who’s quite the looker and awesome in her role (she’s actually a Westside Dojo trainee in her mid-20s, originally from Kirgisistan who’s lecturing at a German university and working on her PhD). The three of them then issued an open challenge, which was promptly accepted by The Schild Brothers and Axel Dieter Jr. The Schild’s are still trainees at the Dojo and I’m sure they’ll improve in the future but they still have ways to go as far as performing in front of a live audience, also they are not exactly the world’s most charismatic wrestlers. But then, you have to work to improve and wXw is doing things right by letting their students get some experience on the main shows. Axel Dieter Jr. is fantastic. I’m sure his dad is very proud of him.

5.) DJ Hyde, Ilja Dragunov & Karsten Beck beat Axel Dieter Jr. & Robert and Vincent Schild

Fun little match with the heels mostly working over the Schild Bros. DJ is a great heel and gave one of the Schilds about five free attempts to chop him. DJ took the chops and just stood there like he was about to fall asleep, no selling everything. He then killed the poor Schild with a chop of his own. Axel Dieter got in with the hot tag and started cleaning house with one enzuigiri after another. The faces threw all three of the heels out of the ring and went after them. Suddenly the heels were gone. Faces played dumb and pretended they didn’t know that the heels hid under the ring. Next came what I have to say was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in pro wrestling. That fat bastard DJ Hyde crawled back out from under the ring wearing an El Generico mask, imitating his gimmick, screaming Olé! and doing all the Generico mannerisms. This turned DJ instant babyface and the crowd turned on Axel Dieter and company. Dragunov followed DJ from under the ring, wearing a Generico mask as well. His facial expressions were even better than DJ’s. Out next is Karsten Back, wearing a Generico mask as well. Fans chanting OLÉ! really loud now. DJ Hyde with the Yakuza kick to one of the Schilds and Dragunov with the belly to back spinning sit-out powerbomb to the other Schild. Karsten back tried the DDT where Generico normally dives through the middle and bottom ropes on the outside through the corner but was too fat and got stuck. That was intended to look botched and was hilarious. Dieter then proceeded to pull Karsten out from between the ropes to which Beck immediately reacted with a low blow and a regular DDT, pretending he actually hit it on the first try. DJ Hyde then gave one of the Schilds the BRAINBUSTAAH!! in the corner but instead of landing on the turnbuckle, he landed face first on the tope rope which looked like it sucked. After more brawling, the Three Amigos (see what I did there?) set up the babyfaces for simultaneous brainbusters in the ring. The faces countered and pulled off the masks, revealing that those El Generico imposters were the dastardly heels all along, which was a great shock to them. They then proceeded to trade finishers on each other until DJ Hyde finally pinned one if the Schilds with his Lariat. I cried from laughter during this match. Great stuff!

6.) WTL Block C: Daisuke Sekimoto (6) beat Drake Younger (0)

Fantastic David vs. Goliath type of match. Both guys busted their ass here and Drake Younger showing that he can indeed also do strong-style matches, which was a nice change of scenery. Daisuke is a monster of a man. Great nearfalls, hard strikes, some high flying form the Psycho Shooter and even a perfectly executed frogsplash from Daisuke. Drake kicked out of one Deadlift German Suplex but after another lariat and a second Deadlift German, it was all over. Drake bowed to Daisuke after the match and thanked him for the match, which he seemingly enjoyed, having a big smile on his face the entire time. Drake also has no chance to win this thing anymore, since he’s lost two in a row now. Drake’s the most over guy in wXw right now. He’s also the nicest wrestler I’ve ever talked to.

7.) WTL Block C: Big Van Walter (6) beat Kim Ray (0)

Backstory here was that Walter, Dreissker and Bones all qualified for the WTL back in August. World champion Tommy End would also have qualified but deemed the tournament beneath him and vacated his spot. Kim Ray then came out at that show and demanded a spot, since he had won a match very quickly and the six-man had gone almost thirty minutes. Walter blew a gasket at the lack of respect Kim Ray showed, demanded that Ray be given the spot and put into his block so he could teach him respect. So everybody expected this to be a squash, with Kim Ray being one of the most hated guys here (he just is a natural heel and people even hated him when he was a face). They actually went about 15 minutes. About the first half of the match, Walter just chopped, kicked, slammed, beat and stretched the shit out of Ray. Ray’s chest was all blue and red and bleeding from the chops, it looked horrible. Also, he may have a broken his nose, as it was bleeding quite a bit. He made Ray kiss the mat, and repeatedly kicked him in the face in the corner. At one point, we creamed for the notorious “Ohrenreiberl”, which Walter had promised earlier in the day. He looked up, pointed right at us, grinned and proceeded to give Kim a great, old-school set of hot ears. Fantastic! Kim got the upper hand for most of the rest of the match, with leg kicks (MMA’s most brutal secret weapon) and tried to secure a count out victory after DDT’ing Walters’s leg on the ramp outside the ring. He made it back at nine, though. More leg kicks, with Walter working one-legged. Shortly after that though, Walter made his comeback knocked out Ray with a mere slap to the ear and finally pinned him with his power bomb finish. He immediately requested a bottle of water and poured it over his knee, then proceeded to spit some on Ray who was still out on the mat. He had the referee, Rainer Ringer, help him to the back. I guess he will sell the leg in his big match against arch-nemesis Daisuke Sekimoto at tomorrow’s show and it might even play into the finish.

8.) WTL Block A: Zack Sabre Jr. (3) beat Drew Gulak (3)

If you love World of Sports, you need to see this match. It’s like Johnny Saint and Johnny Kidd in their youth all over again. 20 minutes of outstanding mat and chain wrestling. Near the 18 minute mark, the first punch in this match was thrown. They traded forearms and European uppercuts. Then they went into a slapfest that lasted nearly 40 seconds. Everything was set up so you would think it would be a draw (tournament matches have a 20 minute time-limit). But with only 3 seconds remaining, Zack Sabre pinned Gulak with a bridge after they traded near-falls, countering each other’s pin attempts on the mat. I love these kinds of matches. Fans chanted “title shot” at Gulak, the current CZW champion, who seemed to be willing to give one to Sabre. Let’s see, maybe we’ll get a rematch on Sunday if both guys don’t make it to the finals. Sabre just wanted to leave, slapping Gulak on the back on his way out, but Gulak demanded he come back to the ring and the shook hands. The only bit of criticism I have is that they didn’t pick up the pace in the last minute or two and there seemed no real sense of urgency as it went into the final seconds – one would think they’d go for frantic pinfall or submission attempts as the clock runs down.

9.) WTL Block B: Bad Bones (6) beat Yuko Miyamoto (3)

This was the match that was supposed to take yesterday, but Miyamoto had problems with his flight. Very good match as well. Bones tried going for a double-knee strike again as the bell rang, but Miyamoto had scouted him well and immediately hit a dropkick into the charging Bones. Hard strikes and strength contests between the two, including a shoulder block and lariat contest. They brawled to the outside and Miyamoto actually gave Bones a running power slam on the ramp/platform they have at ringside for the fans to stand on. In the end, Bones won with his Shadow Driver finisher. (belly to back exploder into a sit-out powerbomb)

After the match, Bones patted Yuko on the back and cut a promo saying he’ll win the entire thing, whether we like it or not.

10.) WTL Block A: Ricochet (3) beat AR Fox (3)

WOW! These two might kill themselves with their style one day. All their stuff looks so smoothit’s hard to believe. They pulled out all the stops and showed their full arsenal, so I guess this might have been the match they had planned for two weeks ago for their EVOLVE match until the ring broke. Shooting Stars, Moonsaults, 450s, 630s, Sentons, double stomps... At one point, when they brawled on the outside, Ricochet gave Fox an exploder off the ramp to the concrete floor, looking like he hit the edge if the ramp with the back of his head. Awesome, but also incredibly stupid. I really hope WWE signs them soon, so all the shit they do pays off for them in the long run. Fox seemed fine after, as he was back shilling his merch just minutes after the match. Fox also did the dive over the ringpost spot which looks even more incredible in person. After nearly 20 minutes, Ricochet pinned Fox with the 630 splash in the match of the weekend so far. Next time, those “DJ Hyde Fuck Counter” fans need to bring a “Ricochet/AR Fox Flip Counter”, although that could be very hard to keep track off. By the way, I really hope we’ll get to see the double rotation moonsault this weekend.

After the match Ricochet took the mic and led us to chant for AR Fox who is seemingly baffled at how loud and creative German fans are, since it’s his first time here at wXw. Ricochet also apologized that he wasn’t able to show fans what he could do in the broken ring, and hoped he had made it up for us. Yes sir, you did indeed! What a great show this was and I have a feeling that we haven’t reached the pinnacle yet.

Current Standings:

A Block:

1. AR Fox (3)
-. Drew Gulak (3)
-. Zack Sabre Jr. (3)
-. Ricochet (3)

B Block:

1. Bad Bones (6)
2. Yuko Miyamoto (3)
-. Jonathan Gresham (3)
4. Robert Dreissker (0)

C Block:

1. Daisuke Sekimoto (6)
-. Big Van Walter (6)
4. Kim Ray (0)
-. Drake Younger (0)

Permutations/Matches Night 3:

A Block:

AR Fox vs. Drew Gulak
Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Ricochet

If AR Fox and Ricochet win, Ricochet wins the block
If AR Fox and Zack Sabre Jr. win, Fox wins the block
If Drew Gulak and Ricochet win, Gulak wins the block
If Drew Gulak and Zack Sabre Jr. win, Zack Sabre Jr. wins the block

B Block:

Bad Bones vs. Jonathan Gresham
Robert Dreissker vs. Yuko Miyamoto

If Bad Bones wins, he wins the block
If Gresham and Dreissker win, Gresham wins the block
If Gresham and Miyamoto win, there is a three way tie, with each having one win in the three man combination (no announcement what happens then)

C Block:

Big van Walter vs. Daisuke Sekimoto
Kim Ray vs. Drake Younger

Winner of Daisuke/Walter wins the block

We’ll be back with our report of night three tomorrow., also there is an official after-show party tonight, so we might get some drunk wrestler sheananigans.

Kind regards,
Markus & Patrick Gronemann
Dark Mat EU
Vienna, Austria

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