OVW TV report for tomorrow night's show

By Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 738 that will be aired in Louisville on 10/12 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/738
OUR OVW Announce Team this week is Dean Hill and Michael Titus, as Gilbert Corsey is again off on assignment (but will return next week), and OUR OVW Ring Announcer is Shannon the Dude.
OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia comes out to the ring as Dean tells us that Shiloh Jonze is the new TV champ, Lei'd Tapa is the new ladies champ, and that the tag team title match went to a draw.
Jamin notes that he has been OUR OVW Champion for 182 days, which we are told is the second longest reign behind Hustler Rip Rogers (191 days in 1997). Jamin asks the fans to give it up for James "Moose" Thomas, who he defeated last Saturday in a "loser leaves OVW" match. Moose busted his butt to get to the top but it wasn't enough. Jamin sets the standards now, as he is all about being too much for anybody who challenges him. He thanks the fans as Timmy Danger comes out in a wheelchair. Titus compares Danger to FDR, saying the only thing he has to fear is fear itself! Jamin introduces Danger to a tepid reaction. Danger says Jamin's ego is getting the best of him and he'd better worry about right now instead of nine days from now. Jamin may have won the battle but the war is still going as Danger says he wasn't the one that had to leave OVW! Apparently Jamin is so bright that Danger keeps calling him "son". Danger says Jamin made a big mistake by knocking him off the apron (unprovoked, of course) which sent him through a table onto the concrete floor. Dangers says this would have killed an ordinary man but he's not a normal man (since he is the world's most dangerous hype man, you know). Danger says he has been in contact with someone that Jamin knows really well, a person that Jamin never beat for the title, and also knows Jamin very well. Jamin climbs out of the ring and approaches Danger, grabbing him by the collar. Out through the curtain comes "Smooth" Johnny Spade, who greets Jamin with a superkick! Jamin is laid out as Spade wheels his new buddy Danger to the back.
In the back, Elijah "Pope" Burke greets OUR OVW Senior Official Chris Sharpe, who informs Burke that his requested tag match against Jonze & Joe Coleman has been granted. Burke says he has a partner and has some commemorative shades for the partner! Sharpe then tells him that Danny Davis wants the match to take place tonight. Burke pauses to ponder that idea.
The next Saturday Night Special is 11/2, with the next OVW Old School event being 11/3.
Match #1: VIP Club ("Mexicutioner" Roberto DeLuna & J Best) vs The Furions ("Strongest Gamer Ever" Marcus Anthony & "Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry)
Josh Ashcraft is OUR OVW Official for this match but VIP Joe Rosa is nowhere to be seen. Titus likes Danger bringing skeletons out from Jamin's closet. DeLuna gets the first shot in but Terry and Anthony quickly overpower him before slinging him to the VIP corner so Best can experience some of this. Terry powerslams Best then he and Anthony give him a high double backdrop followed by a double over the shoulder slam before Anthony puts his fist on Best's chest for the pin.
Dean also notes that due to Tapa's actions from Saturday night, the crowning of Miss OVW was postponed until tonight. He also says that neither Blossom twin has been seen following vicious beatings from Tapa.
In the back the four ladies vying for Miss OVW (Jessie Belle, Lovely Lylah, Taeler Hendrix, and OUR OVW Hula Hoop Champion Ray Lynn) are squeezing themselves in front of a mirror as they doll themselves up for the crowning. Jessie compliments Ray Lynn's dress and tells Lylah that she looks beautiful. Taeler gets all stressed and yells at "Jessica" to shut up! She then calms a bit and says she is going to win anyway, and then tells Lylah she needs to get a better dress from Goodwill next time! Taeler walks away and sees Dylan Bostic and Evan Markopolis standing there trying to take pictures of the ladies with their camera phones. Taeler yells at them and they nearly drop the phones. Bostic tells Evan he needs to take better pictures then adds that he can do anything better than Evan, who replies that he can get anybody to wrestle a match for him. Bostic says he can get anybody to wrestle a match for him AND beat Evan's guy! Evan spots Stephon J Baxter III and whispers something in his ear. Camera pans over to Bostic, who is whispering something in Aaron Sky's ear.
Titus is in the ring holding a pillow with a tiara on it as it time for the moment we've all been waiting for....the crowing of 2013 Miss OVW!!! Lovely Lylah comes out to Stevie Wonder's “Isn't She Lovely" and is wearing a black strapless prom-like dress. Jessie Belle is next in a stunning red dress. Taeler is next in a tight white dress that Dean calls a "Versace" with "Dior" shoes. Ray Lynn comes out in a black dress with print around the waist and a kind of saw-tooth cut around the hem. Titus adds that the winner will also become the number one contender for the ladies title. Ray Lynn admires Titus' tie and Jessie has to pull her back into line with the others. Titus is about to announce the winner when Taeler interrupts him and just assumes she is the winner and even has an acceptance speech ready! Titus tells her that she is not the winner, so she steps away and pouts. Titus tries this again but OUR OVW Ladies Champion Lei'd Tapa comes out and snatches the mic, saying she doesn't care about Miss OVW (but sure doesn't mind interrupting it) and will murder the winner just like she did to both Blossoms! Titus finally announces the winner...Lovely Lylah!!!! Taeler tries to snatch the tiara away and they have a tug of war over it. Lylah gets her tiara but turns right into a thrust kick from Tapa! Jessie & Ray Lynn check on Lylah as Taeler makes off with the dropped tiara.
In the back, Burke is on the phone telling his "partner" that he got the match but that Davis wants it tonight. Apparently the "partner" is nowhere close by. Eddie Diamond walks up and tells Burke, “You got problems? My best friend hired somebody to kick me in the face." Burke pauses and notices Diamond putting on a fur jacket then offers him the commemorative shades! Diamond tries them on and Burke thinks he looks good in them. They walk off together.
Match #2: Aaron Sky (w/"The Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling" Dylan Bostic) vs Stephon J Baxter III (w/Evan Markopolis)
The two in the ring lock up as Dean compares the Bostic/Evan story to a soap opera, mentioning "Peyton Place" and "Days of Our Lives" among others. Bostic trips up Baxter as Evan chats with Ashcraft but Evan returns the favor a moment later by tripping up Sky after he dropkicked Baxter. The suspenders comes down as Baxter fires up and whips Sky across but Bostic grabs his leg which allows Sky to splash him in the corner. Bostic slides a chair into the ring but Ashcraft immediately spots it and slides it out the other side. Sky suplexes Baxter from the apron but Evan grabs Sky's ankles and holds him down as Baxter pins him! Bostic is upset as Evan celebrates!
In the back, Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus is singing to the mirror (I think it's that Titanic song) and is joined on harmony by The Body Guy. Melvin bends down for a second and we see the Assassin in the mirror and guess what?? Yep, Body Guy gets clobbered, LOL.
OUR OVW Tag Team Champions Mohamed Ali Vaez and Michael (not PS) Hayes come to the ring. Notable that Hayes is clean-shaven tonight, apparently bucking the playoff-beard trend in OVW. Anyway, Hayes says that Best Team Ever ("Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade & "Mr. Pec-tacular" (tm) Jessie Godderz) proved themselves Saturday night to be one of the best teams that the company has ever seen. Hayes then notes that he and Vaez did not lose and BTE did not win (it ended in a draw). BTE comes out and Rudy wants some respect, after all, maybe they didn't win but the champs didn't win either. Rudy says if they had one more second, they would have won the match. . Godderz butts in and proclaims that BTE can beat the champs any day of the week that ends in "Y". Vaez says the fact is that BTE didn't have one more second and they ran out of time! He says Rudy & Godderz are the "Best Team Ever" in name only, but still he and Hayes need to actually defeat them so he challenges BTE to a best of three series to begin next week. Rudy accepts this, saying they will only need two matches to come out on top. The two teams go to shake hands and do, but they begin scuffling even as Vaez is holding the mic. After the ring clears Vaez says they will beat BTE at their best!
Match #3: OUR OVW TV Champion Shiloh Jonze & Joe Coleman (w/ fellow Marauders Nick Dumeyer, Clint Poe, Flash Flanagan (w/red kendo stick), & Masked Marauder) vs Elijah "The Pope" Burke & "The Teflon Don from Boca Raton" Eddie Diamond
A six-on-two attack ensues before ref Sharpe can get everything settled and call for the bell. Burke is down on the floor as Diamond is down in the ring, providing Jonze and Coleman with a virtual cornucopia of double-teaming opportunities. Diamond gets to his feet after being choked in the ropes and makes Jonze miss a splash but Coleman grabs him in a bear hug. Diamond fights out but Coleman cuts him off from a tag and slams him for 2. Jonze doublestomps Diamond and drops a knee on him for 2 then Coleman reapplies the bearhug. Diamond fights out with some headshots and crawls under Coleman thus we get TAGS!! Burke fires up on Coleman then knocks Jonze off the apron. Burke backdrops Coleman and jaw-jacks him for 2 but Jonze breaks it up. Diamond blind tags himself in as Burke lariats Jonze out. Diamond comes off the top with a crossbody on Coleman for the pin.
Sore loser attack!! Burke tries to shield Diamond but they get overwhelmed (despite Dean ringing the bell for help and nobody showing up) as we go to break.
Back from break, Burke is still in the ring and Diamond has slowly gotten back to his feet. Burke wonders aloud if the applause from the crows was for the hard work that he and Diamond did in the ring or if it was for the Marauders. Burke says this isn't "Insurance PIP" (which stands for Personal Injury Protection, BTW) but instead tonight, "PIP" stands for "Pope Is Pissed"! Marauders wander back out as Burke says he is pissed to the tenth power as it seems like every time he comes out to the ring, there are six jackasses standing out there. Burke says in order to get back the TV title which is rightfully his, Danny Davis has granted him a rematch against Jonze for next week...in a cage match! Marauders attack again but this time Burke and Diamond hold them off as Burke even commandeers the kendo stick and goes all Sandman, whacking away on Marauders! Burke, Diamond, and the broken kendo stick stand tall in the ring as the Marauders scramble to the curtain. Guess its back to the blue kendo stick next week, Flash. Burke says he will have Diamond, the fans, and "Little Pope" (the remains of the stick) watching his back next week. Pope is pimpin' as the show goes off.
THOUGHTS: Next week's TV looks to be good with the cage match and Vaez/Hayes vs BTE. Liked them bringing Spade back to rekindle the feud with Olivencia. Shouldn't Ray Lynn at least get a golden hula hoop for winning that contest? I think they started with 9 in Miss OVW but only ended up with 4 at the end. I also enjoy Bostic and Markopolis trying to one-up each other. Baxter deserved to win after what he went through last week. I enjoyed this episode well enough to give it an 45-degree thumbs up.

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