OVW TV report for tomorrow night's show

By Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 739 that will be aired in Louisville on 10/19 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/739
We see a doorknob. The door opens and through it walks Elijah "Pope" Burke as Dean Hill announces that OVW STARTS NOW!!
We then are welcomed by OUR OVW Announce Team of Hill and the returning "Anchorman" Gilbert Corsey. "Rocky Mountain Mouth" Michael Titus is absent tonight. The main event tonight is a cage match between Burke and OUR OVW TV Champion Shiloh Jonze. We will also hear from OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia. We then go to OUR OVW Ring Announcer Shannon the Dude for the opening match!
Match #1: Best Team Ever ("Mr. Pec-tacular" (tm) Jessie Godderz & "Best Rudy Ever" Rudy Switchblade) vs OUR OVW Tag Team Champions the American Heroes (Michael "not PS" Hayes & Mohamed Ali Vaez)
Josh Ashcraft is OUR OVW Official for this match, which is the first in a best-of-three series for the tag titles. Before any actions gets going, out come The Furions ("Strongest Gamer Ever" Marcus Anthony & "Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry) and they join the other four in the ring. Terry reminds us that he and Anthony are the number one contenders for the tag titles by virtue of their winning the Nightmare Cup, defeating both teams to do so, thus they want their shot now! Hayes reminds Terry that while their Cup victory was incredible, they didn't take care of their business in time to cash in their title shot right away so now they'll just have to wait in line. Hayes adds that their muscles won't jump them to the front of the line! Godderz takes the mic and scats a little before telling Furions they need to get steppin'! Furions leave but they are not happy campers. BTE quickly double-team Vaez to start but he gives Godderz an atomic drop and gets himself free. Hayes comes in to chop Godderz and tags right back out. Vaez whips Godderz into the corner, waistlocks Rudy, and holds on as he backdrops Godderz while still holding Rudy. Vaez sunset flips Rudy but Rudy rolls away and drops an elbow on him. BTE sets up for the Best Finisher Ever (death drop thingy) on Vaez but Hayes runs in and chucks Rudy through the ropes as Vaez DDTs Godderz for 2.
After the break, Vaez headlocks and kneelifts Godderz, who manages to escape and boot him in the face. Vaez suplexes Godderz and tags in Hayes, who clamps a headlock on Godderz. Vaez tags back in as they get close to the Heroes' corner and suplexes Godderz for 2 then grapevines the leg. Hayes comes back in with a rear chinlock but Godderz makes the ropes only to have Vaez come in and apply the dreaded camel clutch. Dean notes that the crowd is evenly split in cheering for each team. Godderz gets free, eventually slams Hayes, and makes the tag! Rudy slingshots himself in but Hayes gets his knees up and catches Rudy in the back. Hayes headbutts and slams Rudy then comes off the middle turnbuckle with a legdrop for 2 but Godderz breaks it up. Vaez runs in to go for a neckbreaker on Godderz but Rudy pulls Godderz away! BTE double superkicks Vaez out then hit the Best Finisher Ever on Hayes before Rudy covers him for the pin to go up 1-0 in the series.
Furions hit the ring and attack all four! They double flapjack Godderz and pose over him.
OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia comes to the ring.
Even though last week it was said that Jamin was nine days short of Rip Rogers' record as being the longest reigning OVW Champion ever, seven days later Jamin is now pronounced as having broken the record. Must be one of those time-shaving kind of things. Anyway, Jamin says he was in a bad mood but it changed once he came out and was welcomed by the fans. He has an issue that needs to be addressed, that is a certain individual wasn't man enough to confront him face to face last week, instead choosing to attack him from behind! This person also has aligned himself with a scumbag like Timmy Danger! Jamin calls out "Smooth" Johnny Spade, but Timmy "Rampage Danger comes out in his wheelchair first followed by Spade. Danger says Jamin's not going to tell Spade what to do. Spade then kind of drags Danger to the apron and sets him on it as the wheelchair is also brought into the ring and set up. Spade then pulls Danger through the ropes and sets in back in the chair. Spade then says that Jamin of all people is asking why Spade attacked him. Spade asks why Jamin is throwing out challenges to Kurt Angle when it's him Jamin should be focusing on. Spade then brings up their Iron Man match from 9/1/12 that was the third time that Jamin had taken on Spade and the third time Jamin had lost! Spade then says while Jamin may be the longest-reigning OVW Champion of all time, he has done this while Spade wasn't around. Spade also points out that while he was out due to surgery, he didn't hear from Jamin at all. Spade wants a title shot but Jamin assumes that Spade is just jealous, as Jamin says he has worked his tail off and taken OVW to bigger heights. Jamin then declines to give Spade a title shot, saying he doesn't deserve it! Spade then brings up that Jamin really wouldn't want to have to face his family after losing to Spade a fourth time! Jamin gets angry and approaches Spade but Danger cuts him off. This allows Spade to superkick Jamin and he leaves him laying for the second week in a row. Spade grabs the belt and stands over Jamin as Danger is all happy and stuff.
Gilbert and Dean stand in front of the ring as the cage is being constructed for the main event. Dean recaps the whole Burke versus Jonze and the Marauders happenings. We see OUR OVW Senior Official Chris Sharpe inspecting the cage as "Diamond Steel" Ryan Howe and Elvis Pridemore are among those on the construction crew. Gilbert plugs an OVW live event in Austin, IN where The Body Guy somehow managed to get a title shot against Olivencia! (That is if The Assassin doesn't get him first, lol)
Shannon the Dude is in the back with Jonze, who says it's moments like this where we man up or shut up and moments like these define careers. He adds that this a very dangerous game for Burke to play because the odds are stacked in Jonze's favor.
Shannon then is show in a different place with Burke, who says while the congregation demanded that he get a rematch, he went and spoke to the wizard-the man behind the curtain-Danny Davis and got a little something extra-a cage match! He says Jonze is like a rat caught in a rat trap and Burke is the trap! He says Pope is gonna pimp to the tenth power!
Match #2: Elijah "Pope" Burke vs OUR OVW TV Champion Shiloh Jonze (w/fellow Marauders Joe Coleman, Flash Flanagan, Raul Lamotta, Nick Dumeyer, Clint Poe, and the Masked Marauder)
This is a cage match that can be won by pinfall, submission, or leaving the cage. The other Marauders get on the apron and shake the cage which leads to ref Sharpe ejecting them from the ringside area. Dean notes that Burke is wearing an orange tank top that says "county jail", and it's the same shirt that he wore here on his very first day in OVW. Jonze immediately tries to climb out but Burke yanks him down and chops away. Jonze chops and blocks Burke down but gets caught off the ropes and press slammed. Burke unleashes a flurry of strikes and lariats as Dean admits that leading the Marauders has revitalized his career.
We come back from break with a clip showing Burke crashing headfirst into the cage. Jonze is now shown working over Burke but still can only get a two count. Jonze tries to exit through the door but Burke grabs him. Jonze slugs Burke and begins climbing the cage but Burke follows and they walk the top rope while also hanging on to the cage. Burke pops Jonze, who falls and gets hung upside down between the cage and the ropes. Burke pulls Jonze out and stomps on him before whipping him into the cage. Dean and Gilbert question aloud why Burke wouldn't just leave Jonze and try to exit the cage but Dean supposes that while it's about just winning to Jonze, to Burke it's about getting revenge on the Marauders by him having to cut the head (Jonze) off the snake (the Marauders). Time for another break.
We return to see Jonze trying to get out the door but Burke climbs on his back, grabs the door, and repeatedly slams it on his head. Both go down in the ring for a moment then both get to their knees and slug it out. Both get to their feet as Burke hits a flying forearm followed by some bionic elbows before slamming Jonze for 2 1/2. Burke starts up the cage but Jonze grabs his feet then follows him to the top. Burke headbutts Jonze off the cage, sending him crashing on top of Sharpe!!! Burke climbs on top of the cage and balances himself before leaping off and splashing Jonze!!! All three are down for a moment (note that ref Ashcraft is on the outside) before Burke sits up and points to the cage door. The other Marauders come back out but Burke knocks off Coleman, Lamotta, and Poe as they try to climb the cage. Coleman throws some handcuffs into the cage but Burke gets them and hits Jonze as Sharpe is still down. Burke then starts up the cage but the Masked Marauder slides Jonze a chair through the corner of the cage and Jonze hits Burke thrice with it. Burke falls from the cage and Jonze covers him. Sharpe arises and counts the pin. Jonze kisses the belt as the show goes off.
THOUGHTS: It was quite a departure from the usual show as there were only the two matches and the Olivencia/Spade segment taking up the entire show, but these are the most important things going on right now so it worked out OK. Where was Eddie Diamond to watch Burke's back? Like the ladies ladder match a few weeks back, they did a good job of setting the stage for it with the recap and the interviews. I did pick up a few people chanting for Spade during that segment, I wonder if a double turn is coming down the road. Why wouldn't Terry and Anthony just let the other two teams beat each other up before cashing in their title shot? Will Burke's original partner (who couldn't get there last week and was replaced by Diamond) show up next week? Where were the ladies? I wouldn't want the show to be like this every week, but I'll give this one a thumbs up.

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