Championship Wrestling from Hollywood TV report

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (3:00 am edition) 11/27/13

By:  Nathan Favel

                I’m back from a vacation that I think I neglected to mention to anyone that reads this review.  I apologize for this and did not mean to possibly lead one to believe that I was abruptly ending my writings.  Anyhow, it’s time for a new round of action CWFH!

Moshpit Mike vs.  Manimal

                This was a decent match that was helped by the surprising agility of Manimal, who is quite the large fellow.  Mike is a solid talent who looks more like a WCW jobber, rather than a star in the making, but in wrestling, you can never tell who will rise to the top of a given company.  There was a lot less psychology than I usually hope for, but everything they did worked well, nonetheless.  Manimal ran to the outside when he saw The Hobo (a menacing name, I know) lurking in the rafters.  As he pursued him, he was counted out, giving Mike the victory.

Winner: Moshpit Mike – Count-out

Nick Madrid vs. Big Duke

                This was a good bout that started off weakly, due to a lack of psychology, but livened up at the end, when psychology was introduced.  This bout also suffered from a visibly uninterested crowd and while they may have been more receptive live, they were sedate on TV.  This is why it’s so important to wrestle smart, not hard, because the viewer is so unaffected by moves in most cases, that a malaise sets in when you go for big moves right from the off.  Meanwhile (because more important things are occurring while I’m perched atop my soapbox) the match-up ended while I was tending to another matter in my household, so I missed the finish.

Winner:  Big Duke - ???

Kevin Douglas w/ Manimal vs.  The Hobo

Kevin wrestled this bout in his underwear, due to his ring gear being stolen.  This was a good match that had too many moves in the later parts for my taste, but was certainly well worked for what was offered.  Like the last bout, I missed the finish, for the same reason sadly.  However, this is the last time will occur here today/tonight.

Winner: Kevin Douglas - ???

Ricky Mandel w/ Shelly Martinez vs.  Biggie Biggz

                This was a fun, quick match that continues to showcase Mandel’s upside as a talent, while also gave Biggz a chance to highlight his unexpected athleticism.

Winner:  Ricky Mandel – Pin-fall

Main Event:  Joey Ryan vs. Ryan Taylor – MAV TV Championship Match

This was a wonderful bout that really delivered fluid, meaningful action for a very satisfying main event.  It’s not every day that two wrestlers are allowed a chance to work a TV match-up that has room to breathe, but that’s precisely what we got here, with thoughtful pacing to round out the proceedings.  After RT pinned JR for the victory, John Ian restarted the fight, due to JR’s leg on the rope before the count of three.  The Grappler tried to belay that decision, but JI held his ground.  From here, JR got a quick pin-fall victory to retain his title.

Winner:  Joey Ryan – Pin-fall

Another good week of action from CWFH, with my major complaint being the lack of hype for the entire card at the shows start, as that really helps to set the mood for the hour.  If they did that consistently, it would greatly help the appeal of the broadcasts. 

Thanks for reading and Happy Thanksgiving!

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