Invicta live coverage from Kansas City

Welcome to our live coverage of the Invicta show from the Ameristar Casino in Kansas City.  We're looking for you thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


First round: Takedown by Ansaroff and kept, Ansaroff landed a lot of punches at the end. 10-9 Ansaroff.

Second round: Spin kick by Ansaroff. Ansaroff tried a takedown but Holland blocked it. Holland threw punches but Ansaroff took her down again. Both swinging wildly. Ansaroff tried another takedown but blocked. Both were swinging, Ansaroff knocked her down and landed a series of punches on the ground. Really strong ground and pound and it was stopped by refe John McCarthy. 3:54


First round: Evinger nearly landed a high kick. D’Alelio got a tekadown into side control. D’Alelio with elbows. Evinger got a takedown and now they’re back to their feet. D’Alelio went for a takedown but couldn’t get it. D’Alelio 10-9.

Second round: D’Alelio with a right. Evinger with a headlock takeover. She’s moved her against the fence. D’Alelio up with 90 seconds up. Evinger hurt her with punches. Body kick by D’Alelio late. Evinger’s round 19-19.

Third round: D’Alelio shot in. Evinger blocked it and landed punches. D’Alelio landed a right. Evinger got the takedown. D’Alelio went for an armbar and Evinger was standing on her face. Evinger pretty much controlling him on the ground. Evinger throwing punches. She got her back. Evinger’s round 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 across the board Evinger


First round: Gurgel Trading punches. Takedown by Porto. Lots of punches. Great high kick by Gurgel. Very good first round. 10-9 Porto

Second round: Porto takedown and landed a few punches. Gurgel back up. Porto with a kick and right hand. Body kick and punch again by Porto. Porto landed. Gurgel with a low kick. Porto landing more punches. Porto landing more punches moving in. Porto’s round 20-18.

Third round: Porto with a takedown. Gurgel starting to land. Gurgel takng her apart this roudn with punche and a high kick. Gurgel’s round so 29-28 for Porto.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 Porto


First round: Budd took her down right away Budd is muscular as hell. Her back is almost freaky. She’s got side control. Budd 10-9

Second round: Budd with a punch and takedown. Tweet escaped from the bottom. She went for a guillotine but didn’t get it and Budd remains on top. Buddy dropped two good punches. Budd is just too physically strong for her and is just controlling the top position. Budd 20-18.

Third round: Budd with another takedown. She continued to control the top position. She has to win 30-27. Nothing much to this fight.

Scores: All three had it 30-27. Miesha Tate asked her if she wants to fight Cyborg, and she said that was the goal.


First round: KK really fighting for a takedown. Calderwood ended up on top. Calderwood 10-9.

Second round: KK took her down. She stayed on top for the rest of the round. Should be even 19-19.

Third round: Calderwood took him down. Calderwood landing punches and kicks. Calderwood took him down again. Calderwood 29-28.

Scores: All three had it 29-28 Calderwood


First round: Herrig going for a takedown. Torres trying for a takedown. Torres landing punches solidly. Torres landing great punches. Torres continues to land solid punches. If UFC starts this weight class, Torres could be a star. Torres continues to land and and now hit a side kick. Herrig caught a kick and took her down. The crowd loved this round. 10-9 Torres.

Second round: Front kick by Torres. Torres continues to land. Another flurry by Torres. Another good exchange and Herrig back with a hard right. Side kick by Torres. Now punches and a side kick. More punches and a side kick. Torres continues to land combinations, and looks great. Torres 20-18.

Third round: Ax kick and punches by Torres. Torres landed punches as Herrig moved in. Ax kick and an uppercut by Torres. Herrig working for a takedown but Torres has strong balance. Torres powered her down. Now she’s doing ground and pound. Herrig swept to the top. The round ended with Herrig on top. Crowd gave both a big hand. Torres 30-27.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 Torres

Champion Carla Esparza went in the ring. For an interview. She said she had the best camp and she called Torres to the ring. Very clumsy angle Esparza said she wanted to defend the title against her and they agreed and hugged.


First round: Nakamoto landed a left. Low kick by Nakamoto. Nakamoto with a knee and an elbow. Not much happening in this round. Nakamoto has landed a few shots shot and Murphy hasn’t landed anything but she s moving a lot. Murphy pushed her against the fence and wants a takedown. Nakemoto with a judo hip toss, let her up and landed an elbow. Front kick by Nakamoto. Elbow by Nakamoto. 10-9 Nakamoto.

Second round: Murphy went for a takedown but Nakamoto right back to her feet. Nakamoto now throwing low kicks. Knee and elbow by Nakamoto. Murphy put her against the fence. Murphy came back late. Nakamoto 20-18 but this round was closer.

Third round: Nakamoto back with a the low kicks. Another low kick by Nakamoto. Murphy landed some punches. Knees back and forth and Nakamoto’s were harder. Nakamoto trying to toss her and Murphy blocked the throws. Both fighting for a takedown. They are struggling against the fence. Murphy got her down. Murphy dropping elbows and punches. She got her back. Nakamoto back to her feet. Another takedown by Murphy. Nakamoto’s knee and leg were in a bad position here. Murphy is in side control, punching her face and has her nose bloodied. Murphy had her back again at the end of the round. Murphy’s round so 29-28 Nakamoto after three.

Fourth round: Nakamoto’s right knee is torn. Her right knee was torn by the takedown in the third round. She probably shouldn’t continue. Nakamoto came out for the round, was moving and collapsed, her knee was gone and it had to be stopped. :23


First round: Honchak landing punches. Honchack wants a takedown but can’t get it. Honchak with a takedown. Honchak has her back. 10-9 Honchak

Second round: Honchak landing pucnhes and knocked her down with a front kick. Takedown by Honchak. Honchak landing a lot of punches. Smith now coming back. Good action at the end of the round. Honchak’s round 20-18.

Third round: Both landing punches. Smith landing a punch. Smith with high kick. Trading punches. Honchak with another takedown. Smith reversed to the top at the end of the round. Smith’s round 29-28 Honchak.

Fourth round: Honchak with punches and then took him down. Honchak riding her. Smith back to her feet. Knee by Honchak. Knee by Honchak. Both trading punches. Honchak 39-37.

Fifth round: Spinning backfist by Honchak. Smith back with punches. Honchak pushed her against the fence. Both trading punches. Honchak got the takedown. Smith rolled out and up. Smith landing good punches now. Both landing good punches. Both landing punches. Hanchak bleeding and Honchak took her down. Honchak top with punches. Very close round. This was a very good fight. Honchak close 49-46

Scores: All three 49-46 for Honchak

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