Traditional Championship Wrestling TV report

Traditional Championship Wrestling 12/7/13

By:  Nathan Favel

Welcome back everyone, to another action-packed week of TCW!  We have two championship bouts for tonight’s card, so let’s not waste any more time.

The Hounds of Hell cut a good promo on their reclamation of the TCW Tag Team Championships, as well as the kidnapping of Genetic Perfection’s manager, Rich Rude. This promo helped set the stage for…

Genetic Perfection vs.  ???

This was a finely worked tag bout that featured some very spirited action.  With an excellent pace and good psychology, this ended up as an admirable way to start of the broadcast tonight.

Winner:  Genetic Perfection – Pin-fall

A truly intense promo from Genetic Perfection followed, where they relinquished their championship rematch in favor of regaining their manager, Rich Rude.  Why didn’t they just call the police and have the Hounds of Hell arrested?

Titan, the TCW International Champion, found a note from Lily backstage, where she effectively left him as a manager and a lover.  I’m surprised they did this, as they seemed to be a good team, but perhaps they have something bigger in mind for both.

Vordell Walker cut a promo backstage that led to him getting his much desired rematch with Sigmon, in two weeks.  That should be another great bout between the two, as they have a natural chemistry with each other.

Scott Phoenix vs.  Titan – TCW International Championship Match

This match-up was a solid bout that favored the power-moves of Titan, which were sold to tremendous effect by Scott.   This bout ended with a huge upset, because Scott won the TCW International Championship! 

Winner:  Scott Phoenix – Pin-fall

A Steve Anthony/John Saxon contract signing went the way most of these things go; with jaw-jacking and brawling.  Both sides of this encounter performed this well and definitely have a nice feud on the horizon. 

Main Event:  Tim Storm vs.  Lance Hoyt – TCW Heavyweight Championship Match

This was an enjoyable, physical bout that certainly kept to the parameters of what the term “heavyweight” typically means, particularly in the WWE, as it featured numerous power-moves and the kind of brawling that only a pro wrestler could survive…or The Hulk. 

Winner:  Tim Storm – Pin-fall

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of TCW and I’ll be back next time.

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