PWG DDT night two results

By Alex Goff

Before the show started outside in line all of the Dragon Gate guys (Don Fuji, Cima, Stalker, Doi, and Yoshino) were messing around outside including Don Fuji and Cima beating up on Stalker. Words cannot do this justice about how entertaining this was. The Dragon Gate guys were very great in and out of the ring. Even after the show Cima explaining to me that I had to take pics with the different factions (not to break kayfabe of course~!). The Dragon Gate crew is five stars.

Show opened with Dino and Excalibur in the ring. Dino was made to do embarassing things like dance since he was now Excalibur's butler. Excalibur finally laid down the double or nothing bet. If the Briscoes won the tag tourney for two years Dino would be Excalibur's butler. If the field won then things went back to normal.

First match was Topgun Tawler vs Stalker. Very entertaining comedy match. Topgun won.

Briscoes vs The Havana Pitbulls, The crowd was very into this match. Everyone looked real good but I am just not a fan of tag matches where everyone gets all their shit in and the biggest move wins. This is how this match came across to me. Briscoes won with SSP/Leg Drop combo. Not a bad match. Just not what I am into.

Steen vs Ronin, I was really liking the push of Ronin. He had some really good matches of late. While not a star I felt. I thought he was a fine mid card baby face. Well this match made me think. This match was not entertaining from the bell. I expected a hard hitting match from the two. What we got was a not very good technical match that didn't seem to have a rhyme or reason. Worst Steen match I have seen live. Steen won with the package piledriver.

Strong/PAC vs. Muscle Outlaws, The team of Yoshino and Doi are really good. Pac and Strong don't have the chemistry of Strong/Evans. But still are a decent tag team considering this was the first shows they have ever worked together. Match was really good. Strong and Pac won after a combo of a Military Press to the gut, running boot, and a double underhook powerbomb by Strong. I wouldn't say this was better than the Arrogance vs Muscle Outlaws match or even the Dragon/Davey vs Pac/Strong. But this match was definitely the third best tag match at that time.

Generico vs CIMA, I was not live at BOLA, but from all reports they had a amazing match. This was not. It was decent but never seemed like a World Title match to me. I really expected more given the amazing match they had a BOLA. Generico won after three brainbusters.

Bino vs TJ Perkins vs Fuji vs Tornado, This match was really good. It made me upset that Don Fuji can't come to PWG more. I think he would be amazing as a world champion for the company. Everyone clicked really well in the match. Tornado won with what I thought was a spinal tap(AJ Styles flippy move)

Danielson vs Joey, A great change of pace. They went out there and had a really good match. One spot that sticks out in my mind was Joey doing a tornado DDT to dragon on the apron, and dragon waiting until 19 to climb in. Dragon was clearly the best worker in the building this weekend. But Joey Ryan really impressed. Joey tapped to the cattle mutilation. I think if I wouldn't have wanted to see CIMA vs Danielson so bad, this may have been the match of the weekend.

Arrogance/Super Dragon vs. KOW/Webb and Abercrombie, This match was fine but the biggest problem is Dragon and Davey just started teaming again. And they already don't like each other. And for that fact Dragon didn't like Arrogance. No build just Davey doesn't like Dragon today. Everyone worked real hard but the match became a afterthought because so many angles were going on. Claudio rolled up Dragon for the win after Dragon had him set up for the powerbomb into the knees but Davey didn't want to do it. I understand they wanted to do a Dragon/Davey feud. But couldn't. So they are trying again and it seems rushed.

Briscoes vs Strong/Pac, This match was really good, both teams brought it. Mark tapped out to the Strong hold. And Strong/Pac are your new PWG tag team champions. Match had a real big feel to it and after the match The Briscoes put the belts around Strong/Pac. I think they will make good champions, but it is sad that Quicksilvers injury led to this, because I felt Cape Fear was really starting to pick up steam. I can't think of any challengers they have left. With the win Dino is free from Excalibur so all is right with the world again.

If you want to see the first American Dragon vs CIMA match and some good tag matches this is a good dvd to get. Wrestling wise I think All Star Weekend 5 was a better show. But this wasn't without some good matches. {plug}

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