WXW report 4-26 Oberhausen, Germany

By Markus Gronemann,

here are the results of tonight's Superstars of Wrestling show and fan-fest/legends convention:

There was a free fan-fest/get-together featuring John Morrison doing a Q&A presented by Moonsault.de (who sponsored Morrison being there) from 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm. Morrison was said to have been great in that setting.

That was followed by the wXw legends/fan convention and Q&A from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm, which was free to everybody who had tickets for the show that night. This featured Terry Funk, Steve Corino, Chris Masters, DH Smith and John Morrison, along with German legends Axel Dieter and Eddy Steinblock and the wXw roster. Terry Funk was said to have gone beyond the call of duty and was there signing autographs for close to three hours (while some people complained that Smith left for the Q&A after one hour and never came back to the autograph table). They pre-sold tickets for pics/autographs and it was said to have been rather well organized.

The actual wrestling show started at 7.00 pm and the drew in excess of 500 fans. This was a rare seating-only show, as usually they only have seating on one side at the Oberhausen events and fans can stand at ringside on the other three sides. They had to change some matches as both vader and Shane Douglas pulled out.

1.) Singles Match
Miguel Ramirez defeats Michael Dante

This was kind of an upset, Ramirez is an upcoming German highflyer under a mask.

2.) Six Man Tag Team Match
Keel Holding (Aaron Insane, Kim Ray & Sasa Keel) defeat The AUTsiders (Big Daddy Walter & Robert Dreissker) & Chris Masters

This was supposed to be Walter/Dreissker/Vader vs. Keel/Ray/Masters. The setup was Keel facing Walter at the 16 Carat in March and pinning him after hitting him with his gold chain, but the ref found out about it and DQ'ed Keel post-match. Keel Holding then constantly interfered into Walter's matches during the tournament, eventually costing him the semi-finals along with interference by world champion Tommy End and his partner Michael Dante (Sumerian Detah Squad).

They originally announced it as a 4-on-2 match with Keel Holding on the advantage, but Masters turned on them and joined the AUTsiders. Finish came when Masters had Insane in the Masterlock but Keel knocked him out with his gold chain from behind and pinned him.

3.) wXw World Tag Team Title Match
Hot And Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr. & Da Mack) (c) defeat The Reign Of Terror (Johnny Moss & Jon Ryan) by DQ

Originally, Ryan and Moss had a bitter feud for most of 2012 and 2013. Ryan eventually retired and the never got to blow it off. Moss then was inducted into wXw's hall of fame in December. Moss came out after H&S had defended the tag titles at that same show. Ryan ran out for the save, but eventually joined Moss in the beat down. Ryan then also attacked H&S in the dressing room after they won back the tag titles (which they lost the day before) on day 3 of the16 Carat Gold Tournament series of events.

Ryan eventually introduced a trash can (not one of the tinny wrestling ones put a pretty solid one) to the match and used it for the DQ. RoT then kept beating H&S down and posed with the belts. As they wanted to leave, Axel Dieter Jr. challenged them to a No DQ match which they accepted. I could see them doing that at Broken Rulz XIV which takes place in Hamburg, Hot & Spicy's home town where they are over like nobody's business.

DH Smith gets interviewed, says he wants to win the belt and brings some pride and honor back to it. He knows Tommy End is a liar and a cheater. He promised to give Tommy a Hart Attack. Tommy End out, says ow Harry is talking about legends and has-beens and that he, Tommy, is better than everybody else and especially the Hart Family.

4.) Singles Match
John Morrison defeats "Bad Bones" John Klinger

Said to have been a very good match, Morison kicked out of Bones' "Wrecking Ball Knees" (double-knees to the face) and won with Starship Pain.

5.) wXw ShotGun! Title Match
Axel Tischer (c) (w/Svetlana Kalashnikova) defeats Toby Blunt

The ShotGun! belt is their modern take on a TV title, title matches are shown on their weekly wXw ShotGun! show on YouTube. Axeman won via Liger Bomb, lots of near-falls for Toby.

Angle/Comedy segment
Ring announcer Tommy Giessen called back Svetlana into the ring, saying a good friend asked a favor of him. Referee Markus Weiss, who has the hots for Svetlana came out. He proposed to her at the Carat weekend and she looked at him like he was a crazy man, but eventually shrugged, took the engagement ring and left. Markus Weiss said the same thing, saying how she accepted the proposal and the ring. He also said Tommy Giessen had passed the online minister exam and wanted to get married in the ring then and there.

Svetlana tried to get out of it but eventually stood there for the ceremony. Tommy asks the question. Weiss answers Yes. When it's Svetlana's turn, Axeman returns and beats down Weiss but Svetlana makes him stop when he goes for the Liger Bomb, only to kick Weiss in the balls and slam him to the mat.

May sound cheesy, but if you ever saw Svetlana (IMHO the best valet around anywhere right now, basically a mix of Sherri Martel during her best days and a female version of Nikolai Volkoff and any other Soviet stereoptype heel) and Weiss and the chemistry they have you'd know better. Said to have been hilarious.

6.) Tag Team Match
HATE & Steve Corino defeat The Piledrivers (Karsten Beck & Sha Samuels)

This would have been Shane Douglas & Corino. HATE, the original founder and owner of wXw (who is also doing an old school vs. new school angle with wXw co-owner Christian Michale Jakobi) came out as his partner. Eventually, they gave Corino a power bomb through a table and gave HATE a piledriver onto the apron. Beck gets on the mic and wants a new legend.

Terry Funk comes out, punches the heels and makes Samuels tap out to the spinning toe hold. Funk getting standing ovations, fans rushing to ringside and pounding on the mat in typical wXw fashion. Said to have been a great moment.

7.) wXw Unified World Wrestling Title Match
Tommy End (c) defeats Harry Smith

Finish was End turning a sharpshooter attempt into a roll-up and scoring the pin. Post-match, DH Smith apologizes for disappointing the fans and promises to be back and try to win the title again. Big Daddy Walter out, says that this is the greatest day in wXw's history, but he can't sleep at night because Tommy is champ. He challenges Tommy, says Tommy has no respect for the business. He'll win the Shortcut to the Top (wXw's version of a Royal Rumble with the winner getting a title shot) and get the belt back.

(partial credit to cagematch.net for the results and the fans in attendance doing play-by-play at the moonsault.de board)

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