OVW TV report for tonight's show

By Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 768 that will be aired in Louisville on 5/10 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/768
We open with a clip from last week where Jamin Olivencia comes out for his match with The Body Guy but is attacked by Marcus Anthony, who rams Jamin into a building support post four times. Jamin is then shown being carried out on a back board.
After the show opening, we immediately go to the opening match as we hear from OUR OVW Announce Team of Dean Hill and Michael Titus (apparently Gilbert Corsey is off on assignment). Shannon the Dude serves as OUR OVW Ring Announcer for tonight as we are upon the 5/10 Saturday Night Special (as the TV show is broadcast early on Saturday before SNS takes place that evening). Our main event today is Anthony taking on Mohamed Ali Vaez! We have an update on Olivencia as well as the Skywalkers versus Flash Flanagan and Trailer Park Trash for a shot at the tag titles at SNS! Speaking of which...
Match #1: Skywalkers (Aaron Sky & Robbie Walker) vs Hicks with Sticks (Flash Flanagan & OUR OVW Director of Operations Trailer Park Trash)
A still-as-yet-unidentified ref is in charge here as handshakes are exchanged. Sky hammerlocks Flash, who backs him to the corner but provides a clean break. TPT comes in and headlocks Sky on the mat but gets pulled into a headscissors. Walker tags in but gets chopped by Flash but then sunset flips him for 2 before we see the double Skywalker elbow drops. Walker slides under Flash and we see the double Skywalker dropkicks! TPT comes in to chop Walker and they matriculate out to the floor. TPT chops at Walker but misses and hits the ringpost. Here comes the Body Brigade (Body Guy, Big John, and Bobby Black) to attack the Skywalkers before going after TPT as the bell is called for.
Black runs into the ring and chopblocks Flash. Body Guy grabs a chair and they Pillmanize Flash's ankle before TPT chases them away with a stick.
Back from break, various OVW personnel are helping Flash out of the ring. Dean reports that the Skywalkers won via disqualification and will face OUR OVW Tag Team Champions Dylan Bostic & "Mexicutioner" Roberto DeLuna at SNS! Dean and Titus discuss OVW Live Events such as 5/17 in Elizabethtown and 5/24 in Austin, IN when TPT comes back out. TPT says he and Flash wanted another run at the tag belts but that's not happening now since Flash's ankle is swollen really badly. TPT challenges the trio of the Body Brigade to a gauntlet match at SNS!
Match #2: "Pastor of Disaster" Rev. Stuart Miles (w/Altar Boy Jay Dawson) vs OUR OVW TV Champion Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus
Jordan Barker is OUR OVW Official for this title match. Miles gives a quick blessing to Melvin and gets shoved back to the corner for his efforts. Miles tries a wristlock but gets swatted away and blocked down. Dawson grabs Melvin's boot and Miles prepares for a sneak attack but Paredyse runs out carrying a bible and swats a Miles, who bails out.
Paredyse wants a tag match right now! So it is said, so it shall come to pass.
Match #2A: "Pastor of Disaster" Rev. Stuart Miles & Altar Boy Jay Dawson vs Paredyse & OUR OVW TV Champion Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus
Barker calls for the bell as Dawson removes his robe to reveal that he is dressed exactly like Miles. The holy duo jump Melvin from behind as Barker tries to keep things one-on-one. Miles pushed Melvin back to the "amen corner" for the tag on Dawson, who just kind of flails away on Melvin although he also bites Melvin on the arm. Miles returns to take Melvin down to the mat with a top wristlock then he and Dawson try to make a wish with Melvin, who kicks them both away. Paredyse tags in and slams Dawson thrice before giving Miles a bronco buster. Miles bails out but Melvin retrieves him so that Paredyse can kick him in the groinular region. Dawson knees Paredyse in the back and gets slingshotted into the ring but Miles sneaks up and rolls up Paredyse with the Handful O'Pants for the pin.
In the back, Stephon J Baxter III comes up to Vaez, who appears to be doing some DDP Yoga. Baxter asks Vaez if he is ready for Anthony. Vaez emphatically says that he is ready, that tonight came about because Adam Revolver lulled him into a tag partnership that he didn't want, and so Revolver turned on him and joined with Danger International. Vaez says after he is done with Anthony, he will hunt down Revolver!
Shiloh Jonze comes out with a clean-shaven Clint Poe. Jonze claims that everyone forgot about Poe being in the Marauders (I didn't forget) because he has been gone for a while so he could come back "new and improved". Jonze has a match at SNS with Tony Gunn, who must think he is hot stuff since he has ex-Marauders following him around. Jonze says he was going to kick Nick Dumeyer and Raul Lamotta out of the group anyway, adding that Poe has made the right decision to be in Jonze's corner since Jonze is the fearless leader of the Marauders and Jonze made Poe everything that he is today!
Gunn comes out alone, telling Poe that a lot has changed over the past few weeks. He tells Poe that they both know what Jonze really is, that is only here for himself, so he invites Poe to leave the "scumbag" (Jonze) and think for himself. Jonze says that Poe will take out Gunn right now! Gunn faces Poe, which gives Jonze the chance to attack Gunn from behind. Jonze tells Poe to stomp Gunn but Poe declines and walks away, saying he is quitting! The flustered Jonze walks right into Gunn and gets planted into the mat.
Baxter is in the back and encounters Jamin Olivencia, wondering about his status after the attack last week. Jamin recaps the attack and admits that he did get a concussion but it won't prevent him from the cage match with Anthony at SNS. He says we breathes through his soul and will breathe through Anthony's soul and again become OVW Champion!
Out to ringside where OUR OVW Senior Official "Package" Chris Sharpe is in a heated discussion with OVW Official Josh Ashcraft. Sharpe says that Ashcraft has been messing up time and time again, so he is exercising his authority and pulling Ashcraft from the main event. Ashcraft protests then leaves in a huff. Titus correctly points out that Sharpe should have been a main event ref all along.
Match #3: Mohamed Ali Vaez vs OUR OVW Champion "Strongest Gamer Alive" Marcus Anthony (w/Timmy "Rampage" Danger)
Yes, Sharpe is the ref here as Vaez grabs Anthony's leg and pulls him out to the floor. Anthony bangs Vaez' head into the apron then picks him up over the shoulder and heads to the post (like he did with Olivencia last week) but Vaez slips off and shoves Anthony into the post. Twice, Vaez ducks and Anthony hits the pole with his fist. Back in the ring, Vaez bars the arm and tries to work on Anthony's hands. Anthony gets to his feet with the arm still barred and drops Vaez on the mat but is unable to clasp his hands to lock in the Crimson Omen (full nelson). Vaez again works the arm although Anthony is able to get two counts by rolling him backwards. Anthony gets free, pulls Vaez into a fireman’s carry, and drops him to the mat as we go to break.
Back from break, they are out on the floor as Anthony has targeted Vaez' back during the break. Anthony rolls Vaez back in and slams him for 2. Vaez connects on some rights but Anthony spinebusters him for 2 then steps out to the floor to work out with some resistance bands.  Vaez comes out after him but gets popped and rolled back in as Anthony again cannot lock in the Crimson Omen. Vaez hits an armbreaker but Anthony blocks him down and grabs a rear chinlock then hammers him with forearms. Anthony turns this into a sleeper but Vaez escapes only to get hairpulled back down. Anthony can't suplex Vaez, so he just slams him but still only gets 2 despite Danger prodding him on. Anthony charges at Vaez but misses and hits the ringpost shoulder first. Vaez throws some left jabs but Anthony picks him up and throws him overhead. Vaez lands on his feet and DDTs Anthony for 2 before pulling him into a crossface. Anthony slowly scoots to the ropes but Vaez somehow flips over Anthony and grabs the hold from the other side!! Bostic and DeLuna run out to pull Vaez out of the ring and attack him as Danger is up on the apron distracting Sharpe. Skywalkers run out to go after Bostic and DeLuna, so Sharpe has to go break them up. Meanwhile, Vaez kicks Anthony in the groinular region then gives him a neckbreaker for a cover. Sharpe runs in to count but Revolver runs out and puts Anthony's boot on the bottom rope. Vaez goes after Revolver and chases him back into the ring, where Anthony blocks Vaez into Sharpe, who goes down. Anthony powerbombs Vaez for a cover, which Ashcraft runs out and counts but only 2. Vaez fights off a second powerbomb try but Revolver runs in to hit him with a chair. Anthony locks in the Crimson Omen and immediately Ashcraft calls for the bell.
Danger International watches Revolver pound away on Vaez as the show goes off.
THOUGHTS: We got a twenty minute main event in this show, which hasn't happened in a while. I enjoyed it for the most part. Perhaps we saw a template of how to neutralize Anthony? It appears that SNS is set up and ready to go. I sure miss the ladies on this show. I could still see Jonze aligning himself with Miles after SNS. Seems like TPT just did a gauntlet match a few months ago. Overall, I'll give this like a 45-degree thumbs up due to the main event.  

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