OVW TV tapings report for tomorrow night's show

By Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 770 that will be aired in Louisville on 5/24 and is available online at

We open with a clip from last week of Jim Cornette coming out and telling us that he will be appearing Memorial Day Weekend at the Kentucky Flea Market in the Louisville Fairgrounds Expo Center. We then see clips of last week's TV title match where Danger International (Timmy Danger, Marcus Anthony, Dylan Bostic, and Roberto DeLuna) used their collective powers to help newest member Adam Revolver become OUR OVW TV Champion by defeating Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus, although Revolver eventually had to resort to the Chained Fist to pin Melvin.
After the show opening, we go to OUR OVW Announce Team of Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Michael Titus. Shannon the Dude serves as OUR OVW Ring Announcer for tonight as a TV title rematch is tonight's main event.
Match #1: Jay Best & Deanta Davis vs OUR OVW Tag Team Champions the Skywalkers (Aaron Sky & "Primetime" Robbie Walker)
OUR OVW Senior Official "Package" Chris Sharpe is in charge here. Best blocks down Sky but ends up getting hiptossed and armdragged before taking some double Skywalker elbow drops. Walker covers Best but Davis breaks it up. Sky clobbers Davis, sending him through the ropes. Skywalkers give double superkicks (called the "Cosmic Kick") to Best and Walker covers him for the pin.
Dean says the Skywalkers are really starting to jell as a team. Meanwhile, Paredyse comes out to congratulate them on their grueling victory. Gilbert goes to ringside to talk to Paredyse (since the Skywalkers have left already) and notes that Danger International has been stirring up controversy. Paredyse says when he sees a bunch of guys ganging up on people; somebody needs to stand up to them. Here comes Danger, Bostic, DeLuna, and Revolver. Danger acknowledges that Paredyse had something important to say but doesn't like that Paredyse got all up in their business. He says since Paredyse wants to stand up for something, he can stand up to his men and he tells them to attack! Here comes OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia to stand beside Paredyse! Jamin says it looks like Paredyse needed a friend, so he's here and ready to throw down! Danger backs off, saying they can wait until next week but Sharpe comes out with word from OUR OVW Owner "Nightmare" Danny Davis that a tag match has been mandated for tonight with Jamin and Paredyse taking on Bostic and DeLuna. He also says that if Bostic and DeLuna lose, they will also lose their tag title shot at the 6/7 Saturday Night Special!
Match #2: Dylan Bostic & "Mexicutioner" Roberto DeLuna (w/Timmy Danger & OUR OVW TV Champion Adam Revolver) vs Paredyse & OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia
Back from commercial break, both teams and ref Josh Ashcraft are in the ring already as Bostic gets double backdropped. Jamin and Paredyse shake hands then lariat DeLuna over the top rope before diving out onto their opponents. Titus points out that Ashcraft just walked out here and told Sharpe he was reffing because his lawyers said he could. Paredyse and Jamin double suplex Bostic for 2 as Titus also clarifies that in reference to "the boss", Danger does in fact own Danger International but it is part of a bigger company. Paredyse hip splashes Bostic in the corner before sliding under him and dropkicking him for 2. Paredyse then give Bostic the "Kiester to the Kisser". Danger distracts Ashcraft and DeLuna runs in to spinebuster Paredyse so Bostic can cover him for 2. Paredyse ends up in danger in the Danger Corner for a bit while Titus and Gilbert argue about Ashcraft's and Sharpe's reffing skills. Dean thinks Gilbert is wasting his time arguing with Titus. Anyway, Paredyse sunset flips DeLuna for 2 then slips away from Bostic's slam attempt and we get TAGS! Jamin gives Bostic a running knee then whips DeLuna into him in the corner. Jamin hits a corkscrew splash on Bostic and pops up but Revolver grabs his leg. DeLuna runs over and spinebusters Jamin but turns around as Paredyse comes off the top with a Pie in the Sky to put him on the mat. Bostic runs in and hits a backstabber on Paredyse but Jamin is up to give Bostic a Standing O. Anthony runs out and Samoan drops Jamin as Bostic crawls over to drape an arm over Jamin. Sharpe gets undistracted long enough to count the pin.
OUR OVW Director of Operation Trailer Park Trash comes out carrying a blue kendo stick but also is using a cane to walk. Flash Flanagan is behind him with a red kendo stick and using crutches since both have suffered attacks at the hands of the Body Brigade in the past few weeks. TPT thanks the fans for their concern and adds that although they have taken a lot of beatings in the past, they won't be kept down. TPT gets interrupted as Body Guy and Big John come out limping to mock TPT and Flash. They enter the ring as Body Guy says it sure looks like they injured TPT and Flash and have put them out of wrestling for good! TPT says Body Guy is a lot dumber than he looks because TPT never said anything about himself and Flash being injured! TPT and Flash whack away on Body Guy and Big John with the sticks and chase them out of the ring. TPT and Flash are planning their Saturday Night Special and thinking tables, ladders, and chairs! Or they could just lock Body Guy in a porta-potty and flip it over:)
Match #3: Dapper Dan vs "Big Country" Clint Poe
One of the new as-yet-unidentified refs is in charge as Dan's sneak attack backfires and Poe gives him a belly to belly suplex. Poe then powerslams Dan for the pin and there you go.
Shiloh Jonze comes out golf clapping as he enters the ring. He says he gave Poe an extra week to think about rejoining the Marauders, even telling other re-joiners Raul Lamotta and Nick Dumeyer to stay in the back. Poe reiterates that he is done with the Marauders and shoves Jonze. He turns to leave and Jonze attacks him and puts him down on the mat. Poe arises and chases Jonze away.
Gilbert shows us a clip from an OVW Live Event in Elizabethtown that has a number one contenders match between Ryan Howe and Marcus Anthony. We see Danger (again) get on the apron to (again) distract ref Ashcraft. Howe comes over to confront them and it appears that Ashcraft grabs Howe's arm, which aids Anthony in applying the Crimson Omen for the submission victory. It is also noted that Ashcraft was a little quick to call for the bell as Howe's arm only dropped once as opposed to the standard three times.
Match #4: Ryan Howe vs Tanner Reynolds
Tanner is making his OVW debut and is called "America's Most Hated Superstar". Dean identifies Howe's guitar as a Les Paul Sunburst, as played by ZZ Top, among others. Howe plays what sounds like "LaGrange". Ashcraft is the ref here and kind of gets in Howe's face before the bell. Howe does some armworking to try and set up for the Whammy Bar but Tanner forearms him in the face and gets free. Howe hits a springboard crossbody for 2 but Tanner hotshots him across the bottom rope then hammers away on him before grinding away in a headlock. Howe gets away from this and gives Tanner a dropping uppercut followed by an atomic drop. Howe applies the Whammy Bar for the submission victory as he glares at Ashcraft.
In the back, Danger congratulates Bostic and DeLuna on their gallant victory but reminds them they need to get the tag titles back at SNS or "the boss" will be very angry. Danger then warns Revolver not to lose the TV title tonight, which would make "the boss" even madder. Danger stops to take a call as the three wonder who this boss is. Danger says this boss is coming soon.
Match #5: Mary Elizabeth Monroe vs OUR OVW Ladies Champion Lei'd Tapa (w/Royal Red)
The same new as-yet-unidentified ref is in charge here as Tapa wins a pose-off. Lockups end with Tapa shoving Mary Elizabeth to the corner. Mary Elizabeth comes off the ropes but can't get Tapa off her feet and again gets shoved to the corner. Tapa gets free from a waistlock but misses a corner splash as Mary Elizabeth sidesteps her. Gilbert brings up Mary Elizabeth's submission hold "Rainbow Cross" as she locks it in on Tapa, who is still on her feet. Jessie Belle wanders out as Tapa finally pushes Mary Elizabeth away. Jessie reaches through the ropes and trips up Mary Elizabeth, who rolls out and goes after her. Jessie hits the Eyepoke of Doom on Mary Elizabeth as Tapa joins the other two outside the ring. Tapa pounds away on Jessie as the ref calls for the bell and a double countout. Royal Red asks Tapa nicely to please stop beating up Jessie and come to the back. Maybe we can have four ladies next week?
Ashcraft comes out of the closet and is heading to the ring but gets stopped by Sharpe. Ashcraft says he's got papers but Sharpe says he has copies! Sharpe says he read the papers and they are about fairness, so he points out that Ashcraft has reffed twice already while he has only done it once. Sharpe also adds that Ashcraft got to ref the TV title match last week, so Sharpe will exercise his authority and ref the TV title match this week.
Match #6: OUR OVW TV Champion Adam Revolver (w/Timmy Danger) vs Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus
Danger immediately distracts Sharpe which allows Revolver to attack Melvin from behind. Melvin squashes Revolver in the corner then tosses him and gives him a lariat. Danger is back up on the apron and Melvin goes to confront him but Revolver chopblocks Melvin. Revolver works the leg but can't hold Melvin down for more than a two count. Revolver pulls Melvin's kneepad down and bangs the bare knee into the mat prior to applying a figure four. Dean reminds us that Melvin should turn into the pain in order to reverse the hold and Melvin does just that. Revolver grabs the bottom rope to break the hold. Melvin kicks Revolver away thrice then arises and powerslams him. Danger is back on the apron as Bostic runs out followed by DeLuna. Melvin atomic drops Bostic into DeLuna then slams Bostic. Revolver sneaks up and schoolboys Melvin for 2 but begs off as DeLuna is on the apron. Anthony comes out but Melvin backdrops him and lariats him out. Revolver hits a Chained Fist but only gets 2. Bostic and DeLuna grab Melvin as Anthony prepares to hit Melvin with the title belt. The Skywalkers come out and give Anthony the Cosmic Kick to send him out followed by Paredyse coming out to legsweep Bostic and then Olivencia arriving to give DeLuna a Standing O! Melvin powerslams Revolver then applies the deadly bearhug to make Revolver submit.
Melvin is once again OUR OVW TV Champion and all is right with the world as Jamin, Paredyse, and the Skywalkers pose with him in the ring with the fans chanting "Melvin!" as the show goes off.
THOUGHTS: I attended nearly every weekly TNA PPV at the Nashville Fairgrounds (hard to believe it's been ten years ago) so the main event brought back memories of these sort of finishes. I got a good chuckle out of the TPT/Flash/Body Guy thing. When do the Skywalkers get to talk? Or do videos with them in bubble baths drinking wine or posing behind strobe lights or something? I liked that they showed live event footage of how Anthony "earned" his number one contender spot. The whole ref thing seems to be just floating along waiting for some authority figure to act upon it. Will Tony Gunn show back up to assist Clint Poe in his inevitable scrap with Jonze, Dumeyer, and Lamotta? Mary Elizabeth had Tapa in some trouble tonight, maybe she's in line for a title shot or maybe a three-way with Jessie is in our future. Overall this show was fairly entertaining so that will warrant a thumbs up.

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