Shine iPPV report

By Ed Loredo

First off I just want to say that out of the past 5 shows this was the weakest show, but of course that had to do with all the main Players in Shine all being in the main event and no International talent on the show, but with that said it was still a very good and fun show.
Match 1: Solo Darling defeats  Luscious Latasha
Notes: Solo is the perfect opener for Shine, the crowd loves her and has an unbelievable amount of charisma and has fun little comedy matchs.
Match 2: "The Gem City Queen" Nevaeh Defeats Justine Silver
Notes: Justine is fine but this match shows the difference between a green wrestler to a very polished veteran, Nevaeh is very good and the thing I notice most about her is she really knows how to carry herself as a Star.
Match 3: La Rosa Negra defeats Niya Barela
Notes: This match was surprisingly good, Negra has a Butt shacking gimmick that is over with the crowd. There was one scary botch were Negra was almost stomped to death.
Match 4:  Leah Von Dutch defeats Taeler Hendrix
Notes: First time seeing Taeler and what can I say, she is quite the looker, was prettiest girl on the whole show. Match was good, LVD has so much potential, match was a little weird as both girls worked as heels.
Match 5:  Amazing Kong w/ Daffney vs. "The Wrestling Goddess" Athena
Notes: Athena got more offense in then most against Kong and Kong my have knocked the wind out of herself on a cross body and looked a little shocked up but still won in demanding form.
The Main Event: 
Valkyrie of Serena Deeb, Su Yung, April Hunter & Made In Sin, Allysin Kay & Taylor Made defeat SHINE Champion Ivelisse, Jessicka Havok, Tracy Taylor & SHINE Tag Team Champions The Luchas Sisters, Leva & Mia Yim

Notes: this match went over 42 mins and was very good. Leva and Mia were dressed as The Bride and Gogo from the movie Kill Bill ( Dave you might now Leva's outfit better as Bruce Lee's Yellow and black striped jump suit). Taylor Made was the Buddy Roberts of the match as she was just killed the whole match. The Havok and Allysin Kay feud must go on as both were counted out after only fighting for a few mins before the were eliminated. April Hunter looked really good, not sure why she doesn't wrestle more The newly turned Su Young at first would not fight back against her former partner Tracy Taylor but after a big slap she put her to sleep with a triangle. Order of Elimanations 1.Leva 2. Tracy Taylor, 3&4 Havok & Key at the same time, 5. Su Young, 6. Ivelisse 7. Mia, Heels win clean witch in this kind of match is weird but it does make sense as all the champs are baby faces and this sets up matchs for both titles

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