CHIKARA return iPPV results

By Chris GST

CHIKARA “You Only Live Twice” iPPV Results 5/25/14
1) BDK (Tursas, Ares, & Nokken) vs. The Spectral Envoy (UMB, Hallowicked, & Frightmare)
Winner: BDK (Aries pins Tursas via Ragnarok)
2) Chuck Taylor vs. “Smooth Sailing” Ashley Remington
Winner: Ashley Remington tap out via Anchor’s Away
3) The Odditorium (Sinn Bodhi, Oliver Grimsley & Qefka the Quiet) vs. The Batiri (Obaryion, Kodama, & Kobald)
Winner: The Batiri via DQ when Bodhi hit a low blow.
4) Juan Francisco de Coranado vs. Jervis Cottonbelly
Winner: Juan Francisco de Coranado via German Suplex (and a bit of foul play with Jervis’ mask!)
5) 3.0 (Scott “Jagged” Parker & Shane Matthews) vs. 17 & DeviANT vs. The Pieces of Hate (Jigsaw & The Shard) vs. The Throwbacks (Mr. Touchdown & Dasher Hatfield)
Winner: The Throwbacks (Order of Elimination: 3.0, 17 & DeviANT, Pieces of Hate)
6) Jimmy Jacobs vs. Archibald Peck
Winner: Jimmy Jacobs via backspring cutter & a shoe.
7) The Colony: Xtreme Force (Arctic Rescue Ant, Missle Assault Ant, & Obrit Adventure Ant) vs. The Colony (Fire Ant, Green Ant, & Worker Ant/AssailANT)
Winner: The Colony: Xtreme Force (Missile Assault Ant pins Fire Ant via Missile Launcher & foul play)
8) Eddie Kingston vs. Icarus (CHIKARA Grand Championship Match)
Winner: Icarus via CHIKARA Special, becomes the 2nd Grand Champion

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