OVW TV report for tomorrow night's show

By Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 771 that will be aired in Louisville on 5/31 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/771
A clip from last week's main event is shown where ref Chris Sharpe is distracted as Roberto DeLuna is on the apron. Marcus Anthony comes out but Melvin Maximus backdrops him and lariats him out. Adam Revolver hits a Chained Fist but only gets 2. Dylan Bostic and DeLuna grab Melvin as Anthony prepares to hit Melvin with the title belt. The Skywalkers come out and give Anthony the Cosmic Kick to send him out followed by Paredyse coming out to legsweep Bostic and then Jamin Olivencia arriving to give DeLuna a Standing O! Melvin powerslams Revolver then applies the deadly bearhug to make Revolver submit and regain the TV title.
In the back Timmy Danger is talking to DeLuna, Bostic, and Anthony. He says that Revolver is not here because Revolver is dealing with "the boss" directly and may never be back! Danger says Anthony already knows what to do, win the TV title tonight! Danger then reminds Bostic and DeLuna that failure is not an option tonight!
After the show opening, we go to OUR OVW Announce Team of "Skydiving Anchorman" Gilbert Corsey, and "Rocky Mountain Pompadour" Michael Titus (Dean Hill is on assignment). Shannon the Dude serves as OUR OVW Ring Announcer as tonight's main event is Melvin defending the TV title against Anthony.
Match #1: "Mexicutioner" Roberto DeLuna (w/Danger & Bostic) vs Paredyse
Josh Ashcraft is OUR OVW Official for this match as Paredyse hits the ring running and goes after DeLuna. Paredyse dropkicks DeLuna then slingshots Bostic in and pops him before he rolls out. DeLuna grabs Paredyse and gives him shoulder rams in the corner but tumbles out of the ring after Paredyse pulls down the top rope. Paredyse dives out onto the former tag champs, giving Bostic the Eyepoke of Doom before rolling back in. DeLuna greets him with some boots but ends up taking the Kiester to the Kisser from Paredyse. Danger gets on the apron to distract Ashcraft as does Bostic, who gets knocked to the floor by Paredyse, who suffers the same fate courtesy of DeLuna. Out on the floor, Paredyse chops both and gives them a noggin' knocker. Paredyse rolls DeLuna back in but Bostic grabs Paredyse by the leg, allowing DeLuna to knock him off the apron and into the ringboards. Bostic rolls Paredyse back into the ring and DeLuna works him over for a bit. Paredyse gets free and comes off the corner with a leg lariat then legsweeps and climbs up top. Danger again distracts Ashcraft as Paredyse comes off the top with the Hot Seat for an extended cover. Paredyse goes over to grab Danger but DeLuna schoolboys him for the pin.
Bostic and DeLuna initiate a "sore winner attack" until OUR OVW Tag Team Champions the Skywalkers (Aaron Sky & Robbie Walker) come out to stop all that.
Match #2: "Rated G Superstar" Mary Elizabeth Monroe vs OUR OVW Hula Hoop Champion Ray Lynn
Of course OUR OVW Senior Official "Package" Chris Sharpe is going to ref this match. The hula hoop title is not at stake here as no hoops are brought out, although Ray Lynn does bring plenty of twerking to go along with here initial armworking. Mary Elizabeth works in some dance moves of her own and we get a brief dance-off before Ray Lynn sneaks up and clamps a full nelson on her! Mary Elizabeth turns and grabs a waistlock but gets a butt bump from Ray Lynn to break the hold and we get to see a bit more twerking. Mary Elizabeth suplexes Ray Lynn and rolls through into the Rainbow Cross, forcing Ray Lynn to submit.
I know Meltzer could only give this five stars, but I would give it at least six, maybe even seven stars:)
Anyway, Gilbert goes to ringside to chat with Mary Elizabeth, who finishes up a celebratory dance of her own prior to stepping out of the ring. Gilbert has some major news for her: OUR OVW Owner "Nightmare" Danny Davis and the board of directors have named Mary Elizabeth the number one contender for the ladies title and will get a shot at OUR OVW Ladies Champion Lei'd Tapa at the 6/7 Saturday Night Special! Mary Elizabeth says that it doesn't take long to notice "ME" and these ladies around here will find out what it takes to keep up with "ME". She says 2 others have tapped to the Rainbow Cross but one didn't and she wonders what would have happened if not for the interference of the "lovely, incomparable" Jessie Belle. Gilbert asks Mary Elizabeth what is behind her beef with Jessie, who comes out to ringside. Jessie knows that Mary Elizabeth doesn't deserve the title shot since it should be her as she was the previous champ and didn't get a rematch. Mary Elizabeth calls Jessie a big pain in the butt and the two commence to scrapping, which spills back into the ring. Tapa comes out and bangs their heads together then powerbombs Mary Elizabeth before giving Jessie a big boot to the face. Royal Red comes out with the belt and hands Tapa the mic. Tapa says it's her time and she worked hard to get to this point. She polls the crowd to find out if she should take on both Mary Elizabeth and Jessie at SNS and they approve. Tapa says they both will bow down to her but Gilbert correctly points out that Tapa wouldn't have to be pinned to lose the title.
Match #3: Deante Davis vs Randy Terrez
Jordan Barker is OUR OVW Official for this match, which is Terrez' first in almost two years after a devastating knee injury. Terrez armworks Davis as Gilbert notes that Terrez has evolved from an original lucha style to a more technically versed style. Davis makes the ropes then grabs a waistlock but Terrez reverses it and throws him. Terrez blocks a hiptoss and hits a huracanrana followed by some more armworking. Davis back Terrez to the ropes and connects on an Eyepoke of Doom before slamming him. Davis misses a dropping headbutt and Terrez busts out a matrix spinning punch, following it up with a corkscrew fishermans suplex for the pin.
Match #4: Dylan Bostic (w/Danger & DeLuna) vs OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia
Sharpe is the ref for this non-title match. Jamin grabs a headlock on Bostic and thrice pulls him down for two counts. Bostic backs Jamin to the corner for punching and kicking but again Jamin grabs the headlock and takes Bostic down to the mat. Titus opines that Danger's recent downfall can be attributed to his being cocky, instilling arrogance in his charges instead of wrestling knowledge or motivation. Gilbert is surprised by Titus being all analytical and stuff. Meanwhile, Jamin rolls out of a headscissors and reapplies the headlock. Bostic whips him to the corner but runs into a boot. Jamin gives Bostic a tenpunch in the corner, fights off DeLuna, and does four more punches before Danger reaches over and pulls him down. Bostic gives Jamin a belly to back suplex for 2 then grabs a waistlock. He tries a belly to back suplex but Jamin flips over him and gives him a Standing O for the pin.
DeLuna does a brief sore loser attack but gets clotheslined over the top rope. Anthony runs out and locks Jamin in the Crimson Omen but Melvin comes out and gets all up in Anthony's grill. Sharpe has to get between them.
Match #5: "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer (w/Shiloh Jonze) vs "Big Country" Clint Poe
One of the still unidentified new refs is in charge here. Jonze says he and Poe got off on the wrong foot the last few weeks but the Marauders are all about redemption and rehabilitation, so he goes all Vince Gill and offers Poe "one more last chance" to rejoin the Marauders. This also gives Dumeyer the opportunity to clobber Poe from behind at the bell. Dumeyer lariats Poe and rakes his face in the ropes much to Jonze's delight. Gilbert says "Poe Knows!” referring to the fact that Poe believes that he doesn't need the Marauders. Dumeyer tries a bulldog but Poe pushes him away. Poe shoulder blocks Dumeyer then gives him the big boot for the pin.
Poe takes the mic, saying he is tired of Jonze's minions and mind games so he wants a match with Jonze at SNS! Jonze agrees on one condition: if Poe loses, he has to rejoin the Marauders. Poe agrees to this.
Match #6: Leon Shelly & Elvis Pridemore vs The Body Brigade (Body Guy & "Bodacious" Bobby Black w/Big John)
Ashcraft is the ref here or as Titus calls him, "Paragon of Virtue" Joshua Hawk Ashcraft! Body Guy Works over Shelly, stopping to knock Pridemore off the apron in between. Shelly ends up in the Body corner as Body Guy and Black quickly tag in and out, leading to Black suplexing Shelly then headlocking him on the mat. Shelly fights free but Black hairpulls him back down. Black whiffs on a kneedrop but grabs a front facelock. Shelly pushes Black backwards to make a tag but Ashcraft is distracted by Body Guy and didn't see it (too bad). Black connects on a spinning heel kick followed by Body Guy giving Shelly a pedigree for the pin as it appeared that Big John pulled Pridemore off the apron.
Big John gets a table and sets it at ringside while Shelly succumbs to a sore winner attack. Shelly is being laid on the table by Big John but OUR OVW Director of Operations Trailer Park Trash runs out and whacks Big John with a kendo stick as Flash Flanagan uses his stick to clear the ring. Flash puts Body Guy on the table as TPT climbs up top but Body Guy escapes in the nick of time.
Ashcraft encounters Sharpe and reminds him of the "fairness doctrine" from the legal papers that each has a copy of. Sharpe agrees that they should rotate refs and says that Barker will ref the TV title match (since Sharpe and Ashcraft had reffed twice and Barker only once so far).Ashcraft is not pleased with the decision.
Match #7: "Strongest Gamer Alive" Marcus Anthony (w/Danger, Bostic, & DeLuna) vs OUR OVW TV Champion Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus
Yes, Barker is the ref here. The two wrestlers lockup with no advantage then are unable to block each other down as they come off the ropes. They do a test of strength and go chest to chest with Anthony pushing Melvin down first then Melvin pushing Anthony down for turning and headbutting him. Melvin knocks both DeLuna and Bostic off the apron but Anthony attacks, giving Melvin an uppercut and splashing him. Barker ejects Bostic and DeLuna from ringside (why didn't Sharpe or Ashcraft think of this?) as Anthony chokes Melvin in the ropes. Anthony throws some more forearm shots but misses a splash and Melvin powerslams him! Anthony rolls out to consult with Danger. Back in, Anthony hits the Eyepoke of Doom on Melvin but can't pick him up. Melvin slams Anthony and grabs the deadly bearhug but Bostic and DeLuna run back out and attack Melvin for the DQ.
The Skywalkers run out followed by Paredyse and Jamin and the four clear the ring as the show goes off.
THOUGHTS: "The Boss" ain't going to be happy after seeing this! I don't recall ever seeing seven matches in an hour-long show but they all meant something as to the direction of the next Saturday Night Special. Where is Tony Gunn? I hadn't seen Terrez before but I didn't start watching OVW until episode 660.This show was chock full of stuff (not to mention FOUR ladies!) and I was highly entertained, so it's thumbs up from me.

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