OVW TV report for tomorrow night's show

By Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 776 that will be aired in Louisville on 7/5 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/776
We see a series of clips from last Saturday's OVW Live Event in Elizabethtown. We see happy OVW fans chanting "O-V-W" outside the venue. Then we see clips from the main event of OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia defending against Marcus Anthony with Chris Sharpe as ref. Anthony hangs on when Jamin tries a Standing O and flips Jamin overhead and right into Sharpe. Anthony and Jamin are in opposite corners and charge into each other as Sharpe is still down. Ref Josh Ashcraft runs out, analyzes the situation, and drapes Marcus' arm over Jamin. Sharpe arises to see this, glares at Ashcraft, and drapes Jamin's arm over Marcus. Both refs count the three as we fast forward to see Sharpe spearing Ashcraft to initiate some ref-on-ref violence! OUR OVW Director of Operations Trailer Park Trash (who apparently is no longer suspended) comes out to break this up and is joined by the remainder of the dressing room to pull the refs apart! Ashcraft gets pulled out of the ring only to have Sharpe dive out onto him...twice! Sharpe gets his hand raised in victory.
After the show opening, Gilbert Corsey is in the ring holding the OVW Championship belt as he wonders aloud who the rightful OVW Champion is. He says that OUR OVW Owner "Nightmare" Danny Davis will make the final decision about this shortly. Out come Timmy Danger and Marcus Anthony, with Danger saying that everybody knows that Ashcraft counted 3 so he tells Gilbert to hand over the belt! Gilbert hesitates, so Danger tells Anthony to lock him in the Crimson Omen but Jamin Olivencia comes out and gets all up in Anthony's grill. Jamin chides Anthony for picking on announcers then says that the facts are that Anthony did not beat him. Gilbert reiterates that Davis is making the decision on this later as Ashcraft wanders out. Ashcraft says the belt belongs to Anthony and threatens Gilbert with termination if the belt is not handed over. Gilbert hands the belt over but Sharpe runs out and snatches it away, saying Ashcraft was not the original ref. Finally, Davis comes out and informs Ashcraft that he has no authority to fire anybody. Davis says he saw the footage and says both refs had no place draping one wrestler's arm over the other wrestler. Davis announces that he is holding up the title, which will be decided at the 7/5 Saturday Night Special in a last man standing match! Davis then does some marketing research and also makes a match with Sharpe vs Ashcraft. He adds that tonight, Anthony and Jamin will each have a match! Davis says it's time for a commercial break so we can get the show started.
We then see OUR OVW Announce Team of "Professor" Dean Hill, "Anchorman" Gilbert Corsey, and "Rocky Mountain Mouth" Michael Titus. Shannon the Dude is OUR OVW Ring Announcer for the evening. We will see Anthony vs Clint Poe and Jamin vs Roberto DeLuna later tonight.
Match #1: "The Teflon Don from Boca Raton" Eddie Diamond (w/"Party Starter" Bud Dwight) vs OUR OVW TV Champion Adam Revolver (w/Timmy Danger)
Sharpe is the ref as Revolver attacks at the bell and batters Diamond to start. Diamond fights out of a headlock and chops followed by a dropkick. Revolver comes off the ropes with a kick and stops to taunt Diamond, who answers with a forearm to the face followed by a springboard back elbow. Diamond grabs an armbar but Revolver scoots to the ropes. Diamond pulls him back to center ring and applies a crossface. Danger gets up on the apron to distract Sharpe as Revolver is tapping out. Dwight chases Danger away as Diamond releases the hold to find out what the deal is. Revolver sneaks up from behind and grabs a sleeper! Diamond's arm drops three times and Revolver lives to fight another day as TV champ.
Gilbert goes to ringside to interview Revolver. Gilbert says many people give the credit to Danger for him being TV champ and the fans call him undeserving. Revolver says he knows how journalists are, they write the story how they want it. He adds that he is the best TV champ ever and there's nothing anyone can do about it! Here comes Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus, who says he beat Revolver last weekend in Elizabethtown so now he is back to the front of the line for the title. Melvin says he ran into Danny Davis, who approved of a TV title match for SNS. Melvin says it will be a best 2/3 falls match!
Match #2: Randy Terrez vs "Dean Hill's Favorite Superstar" Ryan Howe
One of the anonymous refs is in charge here as Howe graces us with a guitar solo on a Gibson SG (according to Dean). The two wrestlers shake hands before trading waistlocks and armworking. Howe snapmares Terrez and rolls him up for 2 to begin a flurry of pinning predicaments from both. Dean says the crowd is torn between cheering for each wrestler as Terrez backslides Howe for 2 1/2 then leapfrogs but gets dropkicked. Terrez whiffs on a crossbody and Howe gives him a Chart Topper for the pin. They shake hands after the match.
In the back, Shiloh Jonze storms into a room where Clint Poe is preparing for his match. Jonze berates Poe for beating him up last week. Poe replies that as long as he has to be a Marauder, he will cause Jonze much pain! Jonze wants a match at SNS and Poe agrees as long as the remaining Marauders are banned from ringside and that if he wins, the Marauders will disband! Jonze agrees to this.
Sharpe and Ashcraft are in the ring arguing over who will ref the next match. Sharpe grabs the mic and says although Ashcraft is lined up to ref the TV title match at SNS, he will be out there as well. Ashcraft says that real men don't have to make backdoor deals, adding that he feels sorry for Sharpe's wife so maybe after he causes Sharpe to be stretchered out at SNS, he'll drop by and visit her! Sharpe kicks Ashcraft and wails away on him so here are numerous OVW personnel to pull them apart. With Ashcraft out on the floor, Sharpe says that the winner at SNS will be the only senior official! Sharpe climbs to the top turnbuckle and leaps out onto Ashcraft!
Match #3: The Body Guy (w/Big John Body) vs "Primetime" Robbie Walker (w/Aaron Sky)
Sharpe is the ref as Body Guy does his Robe Removal Ritual and shows off a fedora matching his neon green tights which also is adorned with a pink scarf. Of course, Walker and Sky (as the Skywalkers) are OUR OVW Tag Team Champions and will defend against Body Guy and Big John at SNS. They trade armworking until Walker hits a dropkick but misses a splash. Body Guy suplexes Walker for 2 but gets a second try blocked and gets rolled up for 2. Walker gets in a couple more rollups but misses a crossbody. Big John hands Body Guy an international object but Sky runs over and pops John and Sharpe sees the object and takes it away from Body Guy. Sharpe ejects John from the match and Walker gives Body Guy a Cosmic Kick for the pin.
Skywalkers leave without being interviewed by Gilbert.
Terrez is in the back when DeLuna comes up to him and says something in Spanish. Terrez responds in Spanish then switches to English and tells him that he will find out how much of a man he is when he faces Olivencia tonight. Terrez then reminds DeLuna that they had a match 3 weeks ago and Terrez came out the better man. DeLuna looks disgusted.
Match #4: Marcus Anthony (w/Timmy Danger) vs Clint Poe
The other anonymous ref is in charge here. The whereabouts of Dylan Bostic are brought up but Dean says that "the boss" called and Bostic was gone! Anthony does a waistlock takedown on Poe then pulls him up with one arm into a razors edge but Poe slips off behind him. Poe is unable to block Anthony down so he tries a kick, which gets blocked and Anthony hits him with an uppercut. Anthony misses a splash and Poe backdrops him but he lands on his feet. Anthony locks in the Crimson Omen for the submission and keeps it on a little extra to savor the moment.
Jonze runs out and attacks the fallen Poe and the refs come out to pull him away.
Clips are shown from last week's TV main event where Chris Silvio bounces off Anthony and gets clotheslined before getting worked over by Anthony and DeLuna. Later, Anthony has Olivencia up on his shoulders but Silvio runs in and hits the Rocket Punch on Anthony which allows Olivencia to pin DeLuna.
Gilbert is in the back with Silvio and Mary Jane. Gilbert mentions that Silvio was not on the card for this week and asks if he saw the match from last week. Silvio says he saw it and it was spectacular. He goes on to say that the doctors have not cleared him to wrestle. He says he will be back soon and doesn't regret being Olivencia's partner since he is a dear friend. He says he took a bullet for Olivencia and when the time comes, Olivencia will take a bullet for him.
Match #5: "Mexicutioner" Robert DeLuna (w/Timmy Danger) vs Jamin Olivencia
Ashcraft is the ref here as DeLuna attacks and stomps Jamin in the corner then chokes him in the ropes. Jamin pops DeLuna in the chest and hits a trio of running knees. DeLuna pushes free from a Standing O try then grabs Jamin and spinebusters him. DeLuna calls in Spanish for a chair and Danger hand it to him as Ashcraft just looks at him. Sharpe runs out and grabs the chair but Ashcraft goes out and grabs a second chair. Jamin shoves DeLuna into the second chair and hits the Standing O for the pin.
Jamin and Sharpe stare down the others as the show goes off.
THOUGHTS: The focus of this show was setting up the bulk of SNS with Olivencia vs Anthony, Jonze vs Poe, the tag title match, and the TV title match. Oh yeah, and the refs match. I guess Jordan Barker will ref the refs match or will it be Davis or maybe Joe Wheeler? Not much else went on here but this was fine with me, so I'll give it a thumbs up.

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