ROH TV report

6/8/2013 ROH TV Report

Kevin Kelly introduces the show from the Ted Reeve Arena in Toronto, Ontario. Nigel McGuinness is at the commentary table with Kelly who says they have not heard from Steve Corino since last week when he left in a huff. They preview that tonight will see the in-ring return of Tomasso Ciampa as well as Jay and Mark Briscoe vs Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards.

Matt Taven comes to the ring with Truth Martini, Seleyzia Sparkz and Scarlett. Truth takes the microphone and tells Lethal that at Best In The World they will see if he has what it takes to take the T.V. title. Truth says that Taven is a fighting champion and they are issuing an open challenge to everyone in the back for a proving ground match. Pepper Parks comes to the ring. Truth calls him Sugar and asks what makes him think he is in the same league as Taven. Truth says that the difference between them is that Taven is his Daddy’s pride and joy while Pepper is his Daddy’s disappointment. Parks says he has been around a long time and what he is going to do is take Truth’s silly “Willy Wonka” hat and grab Pauly Shore’s hair (pointing to Taven) and…” and the match starts as Taven jumps Parks.

Pepper Parks vs Matt Taven in a proving ground match. Parks fights back and drives Taven’s head into the turnbuckle and then backdrops him. He catches Taven’s boot and throws him to the mat. Parks takes Taven’s back but gets an elbow to the head. Taven charges Parks in the corner but takes a knee to the face. Taven attempts an armdrag but Parks blocks it and then hits a nice dropkick and an armdrag. Parks hits a Russian legsweep with a float-over into a pin attempt. Taven hits a spin-kick for a pin attempt.. They trade punches and Parks blocks a rolling neckbreaker attempt and hits a vertical suplex. Taven blocks an attempted Tornado DDT and then hits a rolling neckbreaker off the ropes. Taven jumps off the top rope for a splash but Parks gets out of the way. Parks goes to the top rope and Taven kicks parks in the torso. Taven attempts a superplex but Parks headbutts Taven and then does a sunset flip off the top rope into a powerbomb. Parks misses a top-rope clothesline and Taven hits his forward DDT on Parks and pins him to win the match. The House Of Truth dances and celebrates after the match.

Ontario wrestler Rip Impact comes to the ring followed by his opponent Tomasso Ciampa. Rip attacks with chops to start but Ciampa takes over with his own chops and hits his running knees in the corner. Rip gets out of Ciampa’s powerbomb onto double knees finisher with a roll-over pin attempt. Rip attempts a clothesline but Ciampa blocks it and hits a release dragon suplex and follows up with a lariat. Ciampa picks up Rip in a delayed vertical suplex and Michael Elgin comes out and is on the ring apron for a face-off with Ciampa. Rip stages a comeback with a head-kick. Rip misses a charge in the corner but boots a charging Ciampa in the corner and hits an enzuiguri. Rip hits a flying neckbreaker. Rip goes up top but Ciampa hits him with a knee and gives him a kryptonite crunch off the second rope to win the match. Elgin grabs the microphone and says that Ciampa putting him on his hit-list makes sure that his return will be short-lived. Elgin says that he will see Ciampa at Best In The World.

On “Inside Ring Of Honor” Kevin Kelly promotes the June 22 Best In The World ippv from Baltimore, Maryland. Footage is shown from last week of Tomasso Ciampa attacking QT Marshall and RD Evans and then having a confrontation and stare-down with Michael Elgin. Kelly says that the match has been signed for Best In The World. Elgin is interviewed and points to the smile on his face, saying Ciampa thought he would be mad at him but he understands what Ciampa is doing.   Elgin says Ciampa has been on the sidelines and he came back and picked a fight with the biggest dog in the yard. Elgin says that is exactly what he would have done and that Ciampa has shown he has some guts, he is tough and that he is a little bit psycho. Elgin asks if Ciampa has seen what Elgin has been showing the people. Elgin says he had no clue that Ciampa would be in his path to the ROH World title but a fight like that he welcomes with open arms. Elgin says that at Best In The World Ciampa finds out that Elgin is unbreakable and that when they say that God created all men equal they were wrong.

Kelly says it is not what Adam Cole did but what was Cole thinking of doing   after his ROH World Title match against Jay Briscoe at Border Wars and what was going through his mind in his one-on-one match with Kevin Steen. Kelly asks what is going through the mind of one of the pillars of honor in ROH. Cole is interviewed and says that there has been a lot of questions of late about his apparent attitude change and the biggest thing that bothers him is that his integrity has not changed. Cole says that since he has started in the company he has set his sights on one thing which is being the absolute best. Cole says he was on his way to doing that until he lost the ROH TV Championship and that changed something inside of him. Cole said he realized that in ROH all that matters are wins and losses. Cole says that come Best In The World he has one of the very best to ever step foot in an ROH ring in Roderick Strong. Cole tells Strong that at Best In The World Cole will walk away as a winner.

Kelly says that one man who is determined to dismantle SCUM one member at a time is facing a SCUM member at Best In The World who could become World Champion. Kelly announces Kevin Steen vs Matt Hardy. Steen is interviewed and says that if ten years ago someone had told him that he would be standing in front of an ROH camera talking about his match with Matt Hardy he would have told him they were crazy but it turns out that is exactly what is happening. Steen says that ten years ago he was watching Hardy make a name for himself falling through tables, jumping off ladders and getting hit by chairs. Steen says he is sure that was really hard on him but is nothing compared to what is coming in Baltimore because when they get in the ring Steen he will make him wish he was falling through a table, jumping off a ladder or getting hit by a chair. Steen says that there are a lot of people in this world trying to cure cancer and he is going to be the first one to do it when he takes Hardy out for good.

Kelly previews that next week will be a “Road Rage” episode from Richmond, Virginia with a main event of BJ Whitmer challenging Jay Briscoe for the ROH World Title.

Steve Corino comes out with Rhett Titus, Jimmy Jacobs and Cliff Compton and says that Nigel McGuinness made three mistakes. Corino says that he can forgive not giving Hardy a title shot at Best In The World and says that Hardy will be champ. Corino says that Nigel sanctioned # 1 contenders’ matches without SCUM and that he picked his boys. Corino says that Nigel is lucky Corino didn’t file a lawsuit after Nigel attacked him at Border Wars. Corino says that the company is going down and as the captain Nigel should go down with it. Nigel takes off his jacket and starts facing off with Corino when Caprice Coleman, Cedric Alexander and Jay Lethal come to apron. Corino says that Coleman and Alexander lost cleanly to Rhett Titus and Cliff Compton and Lethal lost cleanly to Jimmy Jacobs. They enter the ring and Corino calls them “Ring Of Homies” and tells them to relax as the fans chant “That was racist”. Corino tells Nigel needs to make the right decision before Corino burns the company to the ground and that if Corino snaps his fingers Coleman, Alexander and Lethal won’t make it to Best In the World. Corino snaps his fingers and they all start brawling.

The American Wolves of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards followed by their opponents Mark Briscoe and ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe. Nigel asks how the Briscoes will co-exist with their upcoming title match against each other. Kelly notes that the history books show that the American Wolves have never defeated the Briscoes. Mark and Edwards start out against each other and tie up and exchange headlocks several times. They criss-cross and Edwards hits an armdrag. They both try to hit chops and come to a stalemate. They both tag out to Jay and Richards who start out shoving each other. They criss-cross and trade shoulder blocks. They criss-cross again and Richards hits a dropkick. Jay rolls outside and Richards goes for a dive but Jay hits him with a forearm. Jay returns to the ring and tags in Mark and they hit Richards with a double shoulder-block. Mark headbutts Richards and then kicks him in the gut and hits him with punches. Richards gets whipped into the corner by Mark but he floats over and hits Mark with an enzuiguri. Richards tags Edwards who goes to the floor. Richards throws Mark outside and Edwards bodyslams him and kicks him in the back. Edwards rolls Mark back inside and attempts a pin. Edwards attempts a vertical suplex but Mark escapes and tags in Jay who attacks Edwards with a headbutt and punches and then a reverse neckbreaker. Mark comes in and they whip Edwards into the ropes but he throws both Briscoes outside. Richards hits a running kick on Jay and Edwards hits a tope suicida on Mark. Richards rolls Jay inside and whips him into the corner. Jay backdrops Richards to the ring apron but Richards hits him with an enzuiguri at the same time that Edwards hits a forearm. Edwards gives Jay a back suplex but follows through like a falcon arrow. Richards then hits Jay with a missile dropkick. Richards drives Jay’s head into the corner as the match goes to commercials.

After the break, Richards has Jay in a Texas Cloverleaf but Mark kicks Richards to break it. Edwards tags in and continues on Jay with chops and whips Jay to the corner. Edwards charges but gets a boot in the face. Edwards picks up Jay for a backpack chinbreaker but Jay gets out and picks up Edwards and hits him with a spinebuster. Richards and Mark tag in and trade chops and kicks. Mark starts his redneck kung fu which goes over well. Mark hits a backdrop suplex for a pin attempt. Mark charges Richards in the corner and takes him top. Richards attempts to throw him but Edwards charges him. Mark hits Edwards with a death valley driver. Mark gave Richards a slingshot into a superkick from Jay. The Briscoes hit a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo. Mark headbutts Richards on the inside and bodyslams him as Jay and Edwards brawl outside. Mark goes up top for a frog elbow but Richards cuts him off. The Briscoes go for a doomsday device but they are cut off by Edwards. All men are throwing kicks. Richards spins into a cross armbreaker on Jay that is broken up by an elbow from Mark. Mark and Edwards trade chops. Edwards throws Mark into an alarm clock from Richards and then Richards throws Mark into a superkick from Edwards. Edwards hits a double stomp on Mark and Richards does the same. Mark hits a release dragon suplex on Richards and then puts him up in a wristclutch torture rack with Jay going to the top rope. Richards gets out and ducks a punch from Mark who ends up hitting Jay. Richards picks up Jay for a tombstone and Edwards kicks Jay in the head as Richards gives him the tombstone. Richards pins Jay to win the match. There is a staredown between the Briscoes and Jay walks to the back.

The show was fun this week with two half-decent opening matches, with Parks making a good showing. The main event was good and Steen’s interview during “Inside ROH’ was quite good as well. It was probably the weakest of the four shows taped in Toronto but there is not really anything to criticize either.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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