ROH TV report from Richmond, VA Coleman & Alexander & Lethal vs. Taven & Fish & O'Reilly

6/15/2013 ROH TV Report

Steve Corino introduces this “Road Rage” edition of Ring Of Honor from Richmond, Virginia. Corino says that Kevin Kelly may have been given the wrong directions and that he should buy a GPS. Corino says that the main event will be Jay Briscoe defending the ROH World Title against BJ Whitmer as well as Kevin Steen vs Jimmy Jacobs and a six-man tag with Caprice Coleman, Cedric Alexander and Jay Lethal vs ROH TV Champion Matt Taven and ROH World Tag Team Champions Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. Corino announces that at Best In The World Matt Taven will defend the ROH TV Title against Jay Lethal and Jimmy Jacobs of SCUM and that Fish and O’Reilly will defend the tag titles against Coleman and Alexander and Cliff Compton and Rhett Titus of SCUM.

The six-man tag match is joined in progress with Lethal giving O’Reilly the Lethal Combination while everyone else is laid out. Lethal goes up top for his elbow drop but is knocked off by Taven and then thrown to the floor by Fish. Coleman rushes the corner but gets kicked in the face by Taven. Alexander knocks Taven to the floor but gets caught in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Fish and then a dropkick from O’Reilly. Fish and O’Reilly do a double-team leg lariat for a pin attempt. O’Reilly lifts Alexander for a brain buster but Alexander knees him to the head to escape. Alexander takes O’Reilly to the top rope where Coleman hits him with his no-hands top-rope hurracanrana and then Alexander hits him with a frog splash to score the pin and win the match.

After a commercial break BJ Whitmer is interviewed and says that he hopes before tonight’s match Jay Briscoe looks deep inside him and asks what that ROH Title means to him. Whitmer says the title means so much more to him than just being one of the best wrestlers in the world. It represents his redemption from years of bad decisions and years of self-destructive behavior. Whitmer says that if that title only means being one of the best wrestlers in the world to Briscoe then tonight him (Whitmer) will walk out the ROH World Champion.

Corino then returns as host and says he is not going to say all the corporate crap they want him to say because he speaks the truth. He previews the two title matches with members of SCUM at Best In The World as well as Kevin Steen facing Matt Hardy of SCUM. Corino says that mere hours after that Hardy will become the next and last ROH World Champion. Corino says that Corinne’s men of SCUM will face Nigel’s men in Steel Cage Warfare and if SCUM wins Corino will become the matchmaker of ROH. Corino says that ROH will be a footnote in wrestling history and his goal over the past 11 years will come true. He and ROH World Champion Matt Hardy, ROH TV Champion Jay Lethal and ROH Tag Champions Compton and Titus will look down from their heaven.

Jimmy Jacobs is shown in the ring as Kevin Steen comes to the ring. Jacobs meets him in the aisle-way an

They start brawling around the ring with punches and Steen throwing Jacobs into the ringside barrier. Corino is on commentary with Joe Dembrowski. Steen then continues to beat Jacobs around the ringside area and then rolls him inside but almost immediately clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor. Steen follows and throws Jacobs into the ringside arena again and continues to lay in punches. Steen rolls Jacobs inside again but Jacobs starts choking Steen with a chain and is disqualified. Jacobs continues to choke out Steen but is stopped by ROH officials. Steen fights back and clotheslines Jacobs and then throws him outside. Steen punches out some officials and then goes outside and throws Jacobs into the ringside barrier. Steen grabs a steel chair but ROH officials and members of SCUM keep him away from Jacobs. Steen grabs the microphone as Corino yells that Steen is a maniac and Jim Cornette was right about everything he said about him. Steen challenges Jacobs to a no-disqualification match. Jacobs is discouraged by members of SCUM and Steen throws one of the officials onto them as the show goes to commercials. Upon return Steen is beating on Jacobs with a shoe outside the ring. Steen tries to re-enter the ring but Jacobs lifts the ring rope and crotches Steen and then takes him to the floor with a spear. Jacobs punches Steen in the head and then drives his head into the ringside barrier. Jacobs rolls Steen inside then stomps on him repeatedly and drops an elbow on him. Jacobs rakes Steen’s eyes and then drives his head into the steel chair. Jacobs sets up the chair in the corner but Steen fights back with punches and chops until Jacobs rakes his eyes again. Jacobs whips Steen into the steel chair and then hits him with a spear and attempts a pin. Jacobs chokes Steen with a chain again and throws him to the floor. Jacobs hits a tope suicida in which he hits Steen with a back elbow strike. Jacobs goes to the ring apron and jumps off with an axe-handle but Steen punches him in the stomach. Steen gives Jacobs a powerbomb on the ring apron and then rolls him inside and gives a swanton dive from the top rope for a two-count. Steen goes to pick up the chair but Jacobs jumps on his back with a sleeper. Steen jumps back into the corner squashing Jacobs and getting him off his back. Steen then does his running cannonball in the corner but Jacobs gets out of the way. Jacobs goes to the second rope and jumps off to hit Steen with an ace crusher for a two-count. Jacobs attempts a contra code but Steen blocks it. Jacobs attempts it again but Steen manages to dump him on the top rope and put him in the tree of woe. Steen then hits him with a cannonball. Steen approaches Jacobs who gets up and hits his contra code for a two-count. Jacobs then works over Steen with the chair. Jacobs grabs a ringside barrier from the aisle-way and puts it in the ring. The camera shows that Steen now has the chain wrapped around his fist. Jacobs picks up Steen who punches him with the chain. Steen attempts a powerbomb but Jacobs knock him off and drives him down onto the barrier. Steen is on the mat and Jacobs swings at him with the chair twice but misses. Steen gives Jacobs a low kick and then gets up and gives Jacobs a package piledriver on the ringside barrier. Steen then pins Jacobs to win the match.

After a commercial break Mark Briscoe is interviewed and says that next week’s episode is going to be all about the Briscoes, showing them on the farm and talking about their careers.

BJ Whitmer is shown coming to the ring followed by ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe. Ring introductions are done and the show goes to commercials before returning for the start of the match. Mark Briscoe is on commentary. Whitmer and Jacobs around circle each other and tie up but break in the corner. They do this again and then tie up and tumble to the floor while still locked up. They struggle on the floor and then start chopping each other. Whitmer whips Jay to the ringside barrier but Jay comes back with a big boot to the face. Jay drives Whitmer’s head into a chair and then whips him into the ringside barrier. He does this again and then headbutts Whitmer and rolls him into the ring. Jay charges Whitmer in the corner but takes a back elbow to the face. Whitmer runs at Jay who hits him with a forearm but Whitmer catches Jay with a spinebuster. Whitmer throws Jay outside and hits him with a tope suicida. Whitmer is picking Jay up from the ringside floor as the show goes to commercials. Upon return, Whitmer has Jay in a reverse chinlock. Jay fights out with punches to the stomach and gets to his feet and starts hitting Whitmer with a series of punches. Whitmer blocks the last one and starts chopping Jay who whips Whitmer into the ropes. They charge into each other and start trading forearms. Jay picks up Whitmer for a death valley driver but Whitmer gets out and catches Jay in a powerslam. Whitmer charges Jay in the corner but Jay gets out of the way and hits a back elbow. Jay hits Whitmer with a blockbuster for a pin attempt. Whitmer hits Jay with kicks and then nails a bridging dragon suplex for a pin attempt. Whitmer then hits two fisherman’s busters and attempts a pin on the second one. Whitmer attempts a German suplex on Jay who blocks it by grabbing the ropes. Whitmer backs off and when he re-approaches Jay grabs him and gives a backdrop suplex but releases him over the top rope and Whitmer falls through the ringside table. The referee is checking on Whitmer when Jay comes out and stands over Whitmer before rolling him back inside. Jay gets a two-count and then gives Whitmer a neckbreaker for another two-count. Jay attempts a Jay Driller but Whitmer drives him back into the corner. Jay hits a running boot to the face and nails a Jay Driller but Whitmer kicks out at two. Whitmer gets to his feet and Jay charges him and gets a boot to the face and then attempts a clothesline. Jay avoids it and attempts a Jay Driller but Whitmer rolls him over for a pin attempt. Whitmer hits an exploder suplex for a two-count. Whitmer goes for another Exploder but Jay fights out with elbow. Jay kicks Whitmer in the head and then hits a running boot five times before Whitmer is knocked down. Jay hits two running kicks to a downed Whitmer and then applies a dragon sleeper. Whitmer goes out and the referee calls for the bell to give Jay Briscoe the win.

A preview is then shown for Best In the World with interviews with Matt Taven and Truth Martini, Jay Lethal, Jimmy Jacobs, Roderick Strong, Adam Cole, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, Michael Elgin, Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander, Kevin Steen, Steve Corino and SCUM (Jacobs, Compton, Titus), and Mark Briscoe.

The show was fun this week. I would have preferred to see a match such as Michael Elgin vs Kyle Matthews as opposed to brief footage of the six-man tag match. The Jacobs vs Steen brawl was really good. The Briscoe vs Whitmer match was good but I think Whitmer going through the ringside table should have been part of the finish as it was quite nasty but of course I’m sure something similar will happen at the WWE Payback ppv tonight. Otherwise, things are shaping up quite well for the Best In The World show next week.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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