ROH TV report - Briscoe Brothers special

6/22/2013 ROH TV Report

The show starts with a video package of Jay and Mark Briscoe as this show is dedicated to them.

After the ROH video opening we are taken to the Briscoes’ chicken farm in Sandy Fork, Delaware. Jay and Mark talk about the work that needs to be done on the farm and Mark is sitting on a chair in a wrestling ring on the farm.   They talk about having to pick up dead chickens, that they have 30,000 chickens and that there are times they have to dig a hole and throw all the chickens in the hole and cover them up.

Jay says their father is pissed off that they go to wrestle and he has to stay home with the chickens. Papa Briscoe comes out of a chicken shack complaining that he has been in there since 5:00 that morning and it is 6:15. Mark says Papa is a big shot in the chicken business. Papa starts yelling about the camera and says that they don’t have time for that and they have chickens to do and don’t have time to worry about chickens and wrestling. Jay and Mark talk about being multiple time tag team champions. Jay says chicken farming is a 24-hour job.

Jay and Mark then leave and drive over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Jay says that Mark thinks he can jump off the bridge and not die. Mark says what he means is that he could jump off and not die and he talks about how he would jump off.

After a commercial break Jay and Mark talk about Sandy Fork and southern Delaware. Papa Briscoe says that growing up was an adventure every day because you never knew what was going to happen with Jay and Mark and they were so competitive with each other. Mark talks about playing basketball and talks about his pitbulls. Papa says that he used to watch wrestling but got away from it but then Jay and Mark started getting up Saturday mornings to watch WWF including Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior. Jay talks about getting into ECW and being there live when Ulf Herrmann hit Kronus and Jay got Kronus’ blood on his shirt and loved it. Papa talks about them taping it and then talks about them wrestling in the backyard. They started with a trampoline and wore it out and then built a ring. Papa talks about them lighting tables on fire and hitting each other with barbed wire bats. Mark talks about jumping off of the roofs of buildings. Jay talks about going to wrestling school in Wilmington, Delaware.

Jay starts talking about their first match in Boston and says they were still in high school. Footage is shown and Jay says they were there since day one and were 17 and 18. Mark talks about watching Jay lose and making fun of him and then having their first match against each other. Mark says he knew that first night there was something special and groundbreaking. Footage is shown of their match against each other from 2002 with Steve Corino on commentary. Mark hits Jay with several different types of suplexes and then misses a moonsault. Jay hits a lariat and then a Death Valley driver but Mark kicks out of a pin attempt. Jay hits an emerald frozien and then misses a back senton. Mark hits a shining wizard and then a cut-throat driver to pin Jay and win the match. Jay says he is not sure who won the match and Mark says he won it.

After a commercial break Mark is shown waiting outside the liquor store. Jay talks about his craziest moment in the ring and says it is between the match where Mark lost his teeth or the match where Mark lost his teeth and had to be stretchered out. Mark says everyone wants to know how his teeth got knocked out and says that it happened in the ring when Jay hit him with a steel chair when he was trying to hit someone else. Jay says it was Mark’s fault. Mark says he grew up watching Chris Benoit and Mick Foley and knew that soon enough he would get his teeth knocked out.

Jay and Mark talk about the first time they won the ROH Tag team Titles, being managed by Jim Cornette. They are shown in the match where they won the titles from Izzy and Dixie of Special K. Mark does a shooting star press off the top rope and Special K moves out of the way and he hits Jay. Back inside Mark does a spinrgboard Ace Crusher on Izzy. Jay and Mark hit a Veg-O-Matic on Izzy followed by a springboard doomsday device and a Jay Driller to win the titles.

Jay talks about becoming synonymous with the ROH tag team titles. Papa talks about them growing up so close and being able to communicate with each other in a way that others didn’t understand.

After a commercial break Mark is shown pumping gas and then buying jerky and chocolate bars. Jay talks about their 2007 Ladder War against Kevin Steen and El Generico after feuding with them for most of the year. Jay and Mark talk about the things they did in the feud taking years off all of their careers. Footage is shown of the match including the Briscoes hitting a springboard Doomsday Device with Mark jumping through a ladder. Steen gives Mark a package piledriver through a ladder that is draped between the turnbuckles and another ladder. Generico climbs the ladder to try to get the belts and Jay stops him and gives him a Jay Driller through a ladder that is draped between a ladder and the turnbuckles. Jay and Steen then climb up the ladder and trade numerous punches at the top before Steen falls and Jay tries to grab the belts to win the match. Jay has trouble getting the belts loose and Steen climbs back up but Jay knocks him down and then grabs the belts.

After a commercial break Jay and Mark are shown coming to the ring at Final Battle 2011 in Manhattan to take on Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. Footage is shown of the end of the match with Jay and Mark hitting a Doomsday Device on Haas to win the titles for the seventh time. Jay talks about his father getting involved when they were training. Papa talks about how he loves watching them wrestle and he is shown attacking Shane Hagadorn. Footage of Jay, Mark and Papa against Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnolli and Hagadorn is shown. Papa talks about thinking that he wouldn’t train to do this but then asking himself how many people get to do something like that with their sons. The Briscoes win the match after Papa climbs on the top rope to hit the clothesline in the doomsday device. Papa says he didn’t think he would be able to do it but his wife got in the ring and showed him how. Jay and Mark say that they are blessed to have parents who supported their dream and they say sorry for all that they put their mom through. Jay and Mark are shown in the ring with Jay’s son. Jay says that having kids change everything because everything he does has meaning and he is trying to better himself. Jay’s son is shown wrestling with Papa. They say that Jay’s son will probably be word champion some day but will pay his dues in the chicken house first.

After a commercial break footage is shown of Jay defeating Kevin Steen for the ROH World Title in April 2013 in Manhattan with members of the Briscoe family surrounding the ring. Matt Hardy tries to interfere but Steen stops him allowing Jay to hit Steen with a Jay Driller and win the title. Steen shakes hands with Jay after the match. The interview with Jay from Toronto is shown in which Mark complains about Jay only talking about how he can whip everybody’s ass. Mark reminds Jay that Mark beat him in his first match in the company. Jay challenges Mark to a World Title Match at Best In The World in Baltimore just down the road from Sandy Fork and ROH match-maker Nigel McGuinness makes the match.

Interviews are shown with a number of ROH wrestlers talking about who they think will win the match. Wrestlers interviewed are Roderick Strong, Jay Lethal, Nigel McGuinness, and Michael Elgin. Both Jay and Mark are interviewed with Mark saying he has been picked on by Jay for 28 years. Jay says he is proud of Mark and the father and pro wrestler he has become. Jay says he is the reason Mark is the man he is today. Mark talks about Jay hitting him out of nowhere while Jay says he had to whip Mark’s ass to keep him in line. Mark talks about growing up enough to slam Jay. They talk about wrestling in Baltimore and the whole family being there. Mark says he will be the new ROH World Champion while Jay says the time has come again for him to kick Mark’s ass.

This was an excellent show to build up the Briscoes and build the match. I think someone who had never seen them would watch this and become Briscoe fans. I would recommend that people track this down and watch it.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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