ROH TV report - Steen vs. Hardy from Best in the World

6/29/2013 ROH TV Report

The show starts with highlights of Jay Briscoe vs Mark Briscoe for the ROH World Title from Best In The World 2013.

Kevin Kelly introduce this week’s show as a Best In The World showcase with highlights from the pay-per-view including the tag team title match, the TV title match and Kevin Steen vs Matt Hardy.

The first match shown is ROH TV Champion Matt Taven vs Jay Lethal vs Jimmy Jacobs of SCUM. Lethal superkicks Jacobs to start. Lethal gets knocked out of the ring by Taven who hits a tope on both Lethal and Jacobs. Taven throws Jacobs into the ringside barrier. Lethal beats down both Taven and Jacobs and hits a running dropkick into Letha’s face. Taven attempts to drive Jacobs’ head into the ring but Jacobs fights him off and hits a dropkick. Truth Martini run and tries to hit Jacobs with his Book Of Truth. Jacobs jumps over him but Taven hits him with a powerslam onto the floor. Lethal throws Taven into the ringside barrier and they go inside where Lethal hits him with chops. Lethal hits a cartwheel dropkick on Taven and then hits him with chops in the corner. Lethal hits a missile dropkick and follows up with a forearm in the corner and a death valley driver. Jacobs comes off the top rope but Lethal kicks him in the stomach. Lethal catches Taven on a cross body and Jacobs hits Lethal with a neck-breaker, taking down both Lethal and Taven. Jacobs throws out Taven who tries to skin the cat to get back in the ring but Jacobs dropkicks him to the floor as the match goes to commercials. After the break,   Lethal and Jacobs are trading punches in the ring and Martini grabs Jacobs’ leg when he hits the ropes. Taven knocks down Lethal and then hits Jacobs with an enzuiguri. Taven gives Jacobs and Angel’s Wings onto Lethal and then starts punching Jacobs. Taven knocks Lethal off the ring apron with a running kick. Jacobs throws Taven out of the ring and attempts a pescado but hits the floor when Taven moves. Taven attempts a pin back in the ring. Lethal attempts to sunset flip Taven and gets his trunks down. Jacobs charges Lethal as does Taven and Lethal hits the reverse Russian legsweep on Jacobs at the same time that he gives Taven a DDT. All three men get to their feet and start trading punches. Taven tries to hit his modified DDT on Lethal but Jacobs catches him with a contra code and then gives a flying headscissors to Lethal. Lethal picks up Jacobs in a reverse suplex and pancakes him on the mat for a pin attempt. Lethal takes Taven to the top rope and attempts a superplex but can’t get him. Lethal hits Jacobs with a Lethal Combination and then Taven hits Lethal with a splash off the top rope. Taven and Lethal both block each other’s offense and Lethal throws Taven in the air and grabs him for a reverse neckbreaker but doesn’t fully get him. Lethal goes to the top rope and hits an elbow drop. Jacobs breaks up a pin attempt and then attempts a contra code on Lethal but gets thrown to the floor. Lethal dropkicks Taven to the floor and then hits a tope suicida on Taven. Scarlett (Taven’s hoopla hottie) gets in the ring and confronts Lethal but as she runs away he grabs her top which comes off. The referee covers her up with a towel. Lethal then faces off with Martini allowing Jacobs to hit Lethal with a spear. Jacobs is then facing off with Martini but hoopla hottie Seleyzia gets between them . Jacobs tries to shove her out of the way and she picks up Jacobs for a kryptonite crunch but gets knocked down by a superkick from Lethal. Jacobs jumps off the ropes for an ace crusher on Lethal. Martini hooks Jacobs’ leg allowing Taven to sneak into the ring and steal the pin on Lethal to win the match.

After a commercial break, ROH tag team champions Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly are in the ring with opponents Cliff Compton and Rhett Titus and Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander. All three teams start brawling to begin the match. Titus and Compton of SCUM get thrown out of the ring and Fish and O’Reilly hit them with baseball dropkicks. Alexander then hits them with a tope con giro. Fish and O’Reilly attempt to set up for Coleman to do so but they take him down with kicks. O’Reilly slaps Coleman on the face and then Alexander hits a missile dropkick on both Fish and O’Reilly. Coleman and Alexander lay into Fish with kicks and hit him with Total Elimination. Alexander dropkicks O’Reilly’s feet out from under him and Coleman hits him with a legdrop. Coleman picks up Fish in a fireman’s carry but Titus dropkicks him and Compton knocks Alexander off the top rope to the floor as the match goes to commercials. Back from the break Titus is working over Coleman with knees and drives his head into the turnbuckle. Compton tags in and bodyslams Coleman then hits him with a legdrop. Titus tags back in and kicks Coleman in the ribs and then works his arm. Compton tags in and they attempt to Give Coleman a double back suplex but he escarps and tags in Alexander. Fish and O’Reilly enter and Alexander takes them down with clotheslines. Alexander gives Fish and enzuiguri then blocks a number of kicks from O’Reilly and picks him up in a full nelson and drives him into the mat. Compton tries to pick up Alexander who blocks him and holds him in a bearhug allowing Coleman to hit a dropkick/leg lariat. Coleman and Alexander throw Titus out of the ring onto Compton. O’Reilly is on the top rope and Coleman hits his no-hands top rope hurracanrana followed by Alexander’s frog splash. Titus and Compton pull O’Reilly and Coleman hits them with a plancha from the top rope. Alexander gives O’Reilly a brainbuster but Fish kicks Alexander in the head. Fish puts O’Reilly on top of Alexander for the pin and Fish and O’Reilly win the match to keep the titles.

After a commercial break highlights are shown of the angles leading to the Kevin Steen vs Matt Hardy. Steve Corino is then shown in the ring with Hardy at Best In The World as Steen comes to the ring. Steen asks for ROH match-maker Nigel McGuinness to make it a no-disqualification match and Nigel agrees. Steen says “Matt, are we going to do this or is your brother the one with all the balls in the family?” Hardy charges Steen and they start trading punches and forearms. Steen tries to attack Hardy in the corner but the referee gets in the way and Hardy slips Steen’s knee. Hardy starts working over Steen’s knee but Steen runs Hardy into the corner. Steen gives Hardy a pop-up powerbomb and Hardy rolls outside. Steen follows and hits Hardy with a chop and then throws him into the ring barrier. Steen grabs a crutch from a fan and hits Hardy with it. Steen gives Hardy a forearm and then runs him crotch-first into the ringpost. Steen takes him to another corner and does the same again and says to the camera “There’s never going to be any little Hardy’s running around.” Steen takes Hardy to a third corner but Hardy drives Steen back head-first into the ring barrier and the match goes to commercials. After the break, Hardy rolls Steen back in the ring and gives him a legdrop. Corino throws a garbage can to Hardy and he starts hitting Steen with it. Steen fights back and attempts a suplex but Hardy hits him with two reverse neckbreakers. Hardy goes to the top rope and throws a moonsault but Steen gets out of the way. Steen hits Hardy with a cannonball in the corner. Steen puts the garbage can on top of Hardy and hits another cannonball. Steen attempts a pin and then chases Corino around ringside. Steen gets a table out and sets it up at ringside. Steen picks up Hardy on his shoulders but drops him when Rhett Titus runs in the ring. Steen gives Titus a package piledriver. Hardy hits Steen with a side effect for a pin attempt. Hardy gives Steen another side effect and Steen rolls to the ring apron beside the table. Hardy grabs him and goes for a side effect but Steen grabs the ropes. Steen goes for a package piledriver but Jimmy Jacobs runs out and gets the table out of the way. Steen gives Jacobs two powerbombs on the ring apron and then gives one to Hardy as well. Cliff Compton starts attacking Steen’s back with a chair. Hardy rolls Steen inside and brings in a ladder and starts hitting Steen with it. Steen gets up and drives Hardy’s face into the ladder and attempts a pin. Hardy hits a Twist Of Fate but Steen kicks out. Hardy goes for another Twist Of Fate but Steen hits him with a low blow and then hits the F-5. Hardy kicks out of a pin attempt and Steen then attempts a package piledriver but Hardy hits a low blow. Hardy gives Steen a side effect onto the ladder but Steen kicks out. Hardy sets up two chairs and gives Steen a Twist Of Fate onto them. Hardy then scores the pinfall to win the match. SCUM continues to beat on Steen after the match and Nigel calls security to the ring.

If they were going to pick three matches to replay from the ppv these were three good ones. Taven had his best performance as TV Champion and the tag match was fun. Steen and Hardy was better than I remember from watching it live, I would assume that the lack of technical difficulties helps. They did show an ad for Steel Cage Warfare in four weeks so I assume they will be starting to show the tv tapings next week.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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