ROH TV report 7-6

By Dave Musgrave

7/6/2013 ROH TV Report

The shoe starts with footage of the announcement of Jay Briscoe as the winner of the Jay Briscoe vs Mark Briscoe match at Best In The World and footage of the Jay Drillers used to end the match.

Kevin Kelly introduces this week’s show from the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. Kelly comments on the footage, saying that nobody fights like family and that both Mark and Jay paid a heavy price for the match. Kelly says that Jay is still World Champion but questions abound about the health and future of the Briscoe brothers. Kelly says that the main event tonight will be a title match with ROH TV Champion Matt Taven vs Eddie Edwards.

Kevin Kelly is joined by Steve Corino on commentary, Alex Reynolds and John Silver come to the ring for their ROH debut and it is noted that they were trained by Mikey Whipwreck. Their opponents Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman come to the ring and it is discussed that they have a tag team title match next week. Silver and Alexander start the match and circle each other with Silver taking Alexander’s back and pushing him. Alexander starts chopping Silver and gets him to the mat and dropkicks the back of his head. Coleman tags in and they give Silver a double suplex followed by a double kick to the chest. Coleman bodyslams Silver and then gives him a legdrop. Silver gives Coleman a chinbreaker and Reynolds tags in and attempts a pumphandle slam. Coleman gets out and gives him an elbow smash followed by a leg lariat. Coleman rolls him up with a small package and follows up with a clothesline. Coleman hits the roles and gets kicked by Silver and Reynolds follows up by snapping Coleman’s next on the ropes. Silver tags in and stomps on Coleman and then gives him a vertical suplex for a pin attempt. Reynolds tags in and they both give Coleman snapmares followed by a seated dropkick from Silver. Alexander breaks up a pin attempt. Silver continues with two elbow-drops on Coleman and misses a third. Reynolds tags in and they miss a double clothesline with Coleman catching them with a dropkick. Alexander tags in and does a to-rope clotheseline on Silver and continues with clotheslines on both opponents and a dropkick on Reynolds. He slams Silver to the mat and goes for a pin that is broken up by Reynolds. Alexander is whipped to the corner as ACH and Tadarius Thomas are seen on the entrance ramp. Silver misses a clothesline in the corner and Alexander hits Reynolds with one of his own. Silver gives Alexander a head-kick. Reynolds gives him a lung-blower followed by a German suplex from Silver for a pin attempt broken up by Coleman. Reynolds and. Silver and Reynolds whip Coleman into the ropes and Coleman kicks Silver and throws Reynolds out of the ring. Silver kicks Coleman in the gut and attempts a suplex but Coleman gets out and drives Silver to the corner where Alexander hits him with a hard dropkick. Coleman takes Silver to the top and hits his no-hands top rope hurracanrana followed by a frog splash from Alexander for the pinfall and the win. ACH and Thomas are seen applauding from the entrance.

After a commercial break Nigel McGuinness is in the ring and says that at Best In The World he was reminded why he loves this company and says from top to bottom all of the wrestlers gave it their all to make sure that Ring Of Honor is synonymous with the name of the ppv Best In The World. Nigel says nothing epitomizes that more than the main event with two guys who had built this company from the ground up, overlooked company ties and did not take any shortcuts to show who on that night was the best man. They did Nigel and the company proud, they did their family proud and most of all did themselves proud. Nigel says he knows only too well the question is not just how much do you have to give but how much do you have left. Nigel says that in the back Jay had re-injured his shoulder and messed up his back after Mark gave him the frog elbow through the table. Mark took three Jay Drillers and suffered a very serious concussion. As a result, Nigel spoke to the doctor and Mark Briscoe will not be cleared to compete in Steel Cage Warfare. Steve Corino started cheering loudly at ringside. Nigel says the question is who does he put into that match. Kevin Steen’s music hits and he comes to the ring. Steen says he is not here to complain about what happened at Best In The World. He needs Nigel and the fans need Nigel to put him in the Steel Cage Warfare match. Nigel says he hears what Steen and the people are saying but Steen started SCUM and was a part of the group from day one. Nigel says that Steen wants him to trust that Steen will defend ROH and restore honor to the company. Steen says that Nigel is looking for honor and he is looking for payback and to kick their asses. Steen says that he started it and he can finish it. Steen says that Nigel knows he needs him in the match and tells him to grow a pair and put him in the match. SCUM members Rhett Titus, Jimmy Jacobs, Rhino and Cliff Compton surround the ring and then start beating on Steen. BJ Whitmer, Michael Elgin and Jay Lethal make the save and all of them start brawling as the show goes to commercials.

After a commercial break Veda Scott is shown coming to the ring to wrestle followed by her opponent MsChif for a grudge match. Kelly says that Scott is a university-educated lawyer who got into wrestling through broadcasting but at the same time was training to wrestle. MsChif whips Scott out of the ring to start. MsChif follows out and this Scott with a forearm and throws her into the ringside barricade twice and hits her with knees to the back. MsChif rolls Scott back inside and goes for a pin. Scott fights back with elbows to the gut and follows up with a dropkick. Scott drives MsChif into the corner and starts hitting her with kicks. Scott gives MsChif a German Suplex into the turnbuckle and then hits her with a low cross-body in which she flies to the outside. MsChif follows outside and gives Scott a German Suplex on the floor. Scott beats the twenty-count to get back inside where MsChif starts with a forearm to the face. Scott fights back with elbows to the head and then a bridging Saito Suplex for a pin attempt. They get to their knees and scream at each other and MsChif gives Scott a knee to the face followed by a chokeslam into a spinebuster. MsChif gives Scott her Desecrater (leg-hook DDT) but Scott kicks out of a pin attempt. MsChif starts smashing Scott’s head into the turnbuckle and gives her headbutts. MsChif then gives Scott Obliteration (pedigree off the second rope) to score the pin and win the match.

After a commercial break Silas Young and Adam Page are in the ring for their match. Young takes the microphone and says he is embarrassed to follow a women’s match because women don’t belong in the ring, they belong at home cooking and cleaning. Young says this is a man’s business and he looks around this locker room and does not see any real men. He says “I am Silas Young and I’m the last real man in professional wrestling and I intend on proving that to everyone.” He says he plans on starting with Adam Page and his pretty girly-hair, saying that Page looks like he takes longer to get ready in then Young’s wife does. Young says Page will find out what it is like to be in the ring with a real man. They shake hands with Young taunting Page. The match starts and they attack each other with punches and chops. Page leapfrogs Young and Young tries to do the same but Page catches him and slingshots him into the corner. Page follows up with an uppercut and runs Young’s head into the corner. Page continues with chops and Young rolls outside. Page attempts a basement dropkick but misses and Young throws him into the ringside barricade. Young goes to the ring apron and attempts a dive at Page but Page catches him with a dropkick. Page throws Young into the barricade twice. Young gives Page a knee to the gut and goes back into the ring. They end up brawling on the apron and Young drives Page back-first into the ring post. Young gives Page a forearm and attempts a running kick but Page avoids him and Young crotches himself on the barricade. Young headbutts Page and climbs on the barricade. Page climbs up on the barricade as well and gives Young a superplex to the floor. Page rolls Young inside and goes to the top rope and hits him with a cross-body for a two-count. Page then runs Young back into the corner and takes him to the top rope and they trade chops. Page tries to go for an Ace crusher but Young hits him with a clothesline to the back of the head. Young jumps over Page and then catches him with an over-the-knee backbreaker and a short clothesline for a two-count. They get to their feet and trade punches and chops. Young kicks Page in the face and they both attempt roll-ups. Young goes for a dragon suplex but Page rolls him up in a victory roll and gets the three-count to win the match. They shake hands after the match but Young attacks Page and beats on him before walking to the back.

After a commercial break Eddie Edwards comes to the ring followed by ROH TV Champion Matt Taven accompanied by House Of Truth members Truth Martini and hoopla hotties Scarlett and Saleyzia. The shake hands to start and tie up and trade wrist-locks several times. They get to the ropes and Taven gives Edwards a knee to the gut and continues working him with punches. Edwards whips Taven to the corner where Taven catches him with a boot to the face. Taven goes to the top rope but Edwards chops him and he falls into the Tree Of Woe on the outside of the ring where Edwards hits him with a dropkick from the floor. Edwards chops him against the ringside barrier. Edwards takes him around the ringside area and continues to chop him against the barrier. Edwards rolls him back inside and ties him up in a Romero Special and rolls back into a pin attempt. Edwards whips Taven into the corner and they punch each other. Martini distracts Edwards as Taven goes to the opposite corner and hits a second rope dropkick on Edwards as the show goes to commercials. After the break Taven rolls Edwards back inside and attempts a pin. Taven gives Edwards a vertical suplex. Taven goes to the top rope but Edwards catches him with a dropkick. Edwards goes for a superplex but Taven knocks him off. Taven attempts a frog splash but Edwards gets out of the way. Edwards starts chopping Taven repeatedly. Taven kicks Edwards on a backdrop attempt. Taven charges Edwards who pulls down the top rope and Taven flies outside. Edwards hits the ropes but Martini grabs his foot. Taven charges but Edwards throws him outside. Taven skins the cat to get back inside but Edwards clotheslines him outside. Edwards hits a tope con giro over the ringpost. Edwards rolls Taven back inside and jumps off the top rope at him but misses. Edwards hits a running knee for a two-count. Edwards takes Taven to the top rope and attempts a backpack chinbreaker. Taven gets out and kicks him in the back of the head and then hits him with Angel’s Wings for a two-count. Taven rolls Edwards to the ring apron and brings him back in over the top rope for an attempted DDT but Edwards gets out. Edwards goes to the top rope and hits a codebreaker. Edwards then lifts Taven for a suplex and follows him over with a facebuster. Edwards attempts to go to the top rope but takes a big boot from Taven.   They climb to the top rope and Taven hits Edwards with elbows to the back of the head. Edwards hits Taven with a big kick to the face and then gives him a double-stomp to the back. Edwards gets a two-count and rolls over into an Achilles Lock. Martini jumps to the apron and as Edwards goes back to him Taven grabs the book of truth and attempts to hit him. Edwards avoids it and gets an Achilles Lock again but Taven kicks Edwards toward Saleyzia. Taven then catches Edwards with his forward-facing DDT to score the pin and win the match.

The show was quite good this week. I like both Reynolds and Silver and it was fun to seem against Coleman and Alexander. The women’s match had some weak points but some really cool spots as well. The Young vs Page match stood out strongly and people should try to see it. The main event title match was good as well and Taven continues to come into his own.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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