ROH TV report: Jay Briscoe vs. Matt Hardy

7/20/2013 ROH TV Report

The show starts with footage of Steve Corino talking to members of SCUM in a limo. Corino says that Steel Cage Warfare is next week but that tonight it’s about Matt Hardy. Hardy is shown counting money. Corino says that Hardy is rich and got them the limo for the night and asks what ROH has ever done for them. Corino says that Baltimore has been known for losers and talks about the smell of the inner harbor. Corino talks about idiots like Cal Ripken Jr. Corino says that tonight Hardy defeats Jay Briscoe and it is a proud moment, like his son wins the World Championship and strapping the belt around his waist is their way of saying thank you for taking them to restaurants and putting them up in hotels. Hardy says that being reborn like he has and being resurrected he is able to give it back. He says Corino doesn’t teach him to be selfish, he teaches him to give it away. He says that SCUM is like family and are closer than his real brother and he loves them.

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino introduce this week’s show from the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. Kelly previews this week’s main event of Jay Briscoe defending the ROH World Title against Matt Hardy.

Will Ferrera comes to the ring followed by his opponent Adam Cole. Kelly says that Ferrera is out of New York City. Corino talks about Cole taking a count-out win his match against Roderick Strong at Best In The World. Strong comes to the ring and tells Cole he wanted to get something off his chest. Strong says that at Best In The World Cole made a decision that showed he isn’t as honorable as he says he is. Strong says Cole is the type of guy who comes in the locker room and shakes everyone’s hand and tells everybody he’s their friend but at Best In The World he had an opportunity to do the right thing. Strong says that you’d think he’d be mad at Cole but the more and more he watches the more he got disappointed in him. Cole says that since he started in ROH he has prided himself on his fighting with honor. When he faced Strong, he was so obsessed with wins and losses that when he saw the opportunity to beat one of the best in ROH even by count-out he took it. Cole says if he disrespected Strong or anyone in ROH by not being honorable then he apologizes. Cole tells Ferrera that he is a very hard worker and he would love to have a match with him sometime but it cannot happen right now as he thinks the people in Baltimore want to see a Best In The World rematch. He says he is going to prove to Strong that he does have honor.

Strong and Cole shake hands and then tie up and trade holds four times before Strong hits Cole with an elbow and chops him in the corner. Strong continues to hit elbows and strikes. Cole escapes a bodyslam attempt and hits a back suplex. Cole snapmares Strong and drops an elbow. They both struggle to apply a vertical suplex and Strong lifts Cole and drops him forward. Strong chops Cole in the back and hits a forearm in the corner. Cole whips Strong to the opposite corner where Strong hits him with a back-kick but Cole lifts Strong on his shoulders and drops him across his knee in a neckbreaker. Cole attempts a pin and then hits Strong with a reverse neckbreaker. Cole applies a chinlock on the mat as the show goes to commercials. After the break, Cole gives Strong a vertical suplex and then a bodyslam. Cole applies a triangle lock to Strong from behind. Strong fights back with punches and forearms followed by s dropkick. Both men are down but they return to their feet and Strong hits a clothesline and then pancakes Cole into the mat. Strong follows up with a knee-strike in the corner and then a bulldog. Cole drives Strong into the corner but Strong ties him up in the tree of woe. Strong hits a running knee and then gives Cole a backbreaker for a two-count. Cole kicks Strong in the knee but Strong kicks him in the face and hits a backbreaker followed by an Olympic Slam. Strong picks up Cole on his shoulders but Cole slips off to the apron and snaps Strong’s neck on the top rope. Cole takes Strong outside and drops Strong back-first across the apron. Cole attempts a pin inside and then applies the figure four leglock. Strong gets to the ropes to break it and then goes to the ring apron. Cole tries to suplex him back inside but Strong lifts him to the tope rope and hits an enzuiguri. Strong climbs to the second rope and they trade forearms. Strong climbs to the top rope and hits Cole with a superplex for a two-count. Strong attempts a suplex but Cole fights out with a knee. Strong hits a spinning forearm followed by a double-knee gutbuster. Cole fights back and attempts a figure four but Strong rolls him up in a small package. Strong attempts to apply a Boston Crab but Cole kicks him off and he hits the referee. Strong and Cole trade forearms and Strong hits a jumping knee and a back elbow followed by a superkick from Cole. Corino takes off his headset at ringside and tries to encourage Cole and throws a piece of chain to him. Strong grabs the chain but Cole kicks Strong in the knee and then punches him with the chain. The referee sees this and disqualifies Cole.

A preview of next week’s Steel Cage Warfare between Team ROH and Team SCUM is shown. BJ Whitmer, Michael Elgin and Jay Lethal talk about Kevin Steen having been made a member of Team ROH.

SCUM are shown arriving earlier in a limo in front of the fans lined up outside. Matt Hardy is carrying money. There is a fan with a sign that says “Fat Hardy Wrestling Fraud” and Hardy offers him $20.00 for it. The fan refuses and Hardy says that is more than he has in his savings account. Hardy offers $80.00 and Corino tells the fan to imagine the drugs he can buy with $80.00. Hardy offers $100.00 but Cliff Compton grabs the sign and rips it up.

After a commercial break Steve Corino and Matt Hardy come to the ring through the crowd. ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe then comes to the ring with his shoulder wrapped up. Corino does the ring introductions for Hardy, talking him about him creating matches and having an era of wrestling named after him. The ring introduction is done for Jay Briscoe and the show goes to commercials before the match.

After the break, Hardy and Briscoe face off and then tie up and trade wristlocks. They break and then Hardy works on Briscoe’s arm. Briscoe takes over and kicks Hardy down and stomps on him several times in the corner. Briscoe hits a back elbow and attempts a pin. Briscoe runs his shoulder into Hardy’s stomach several times in the corner. Briscoe charges Hardy in the corner but Hardy moves and his shoulder hits the ringpost. Hardy drives Briscoe’s shoulder into the ringpost repeatedly and then gives Briscoe a Divorce Court and applies a hammerlock. Briscoe fights out with elbows and they trade elbows. Hardy hits a side effect for a two-count. Briscoe fights back with a headbutt and punch and then attempts a Death Valley Drive but Hardy hits a Twist Of Fate and goes for a pin. Hardy continues to work over Briscoe’s shoulder and punches him several times in the corner. Hardy runs his shoulder into Briscoe’s shoulder and applies another hammerlock as the show goes to commercials. After the break, Briscoe is hitting Hardy with punches and then nails a dropkick. Briscoe charges into the corner but Hardy hits him with a big boot and then drops an elbow off the second rope. Briscoe hits a superkick and attempts a pin. Briscoe applies a reverse neckbreaker and goes for a Jay Driller but Hardy blocks it. Briscoe hits the ropes but gets tripped by Corino. Hardy hits Briscoe with another Twist Of Fate for a two-count. Hardy throws Briscoe outside and whips him into the ring barricade twice. Hardy rips the bandages off Briscoe’s shoulder and rolls him inside for a pin attempt. Hardy applies a double-underhook but Briscoe backdrops Hardy and then hits him with a Jay Driller for a two-count. Briscoe stomps on Hardy’s ankle in the corner. Hardy pulls off his boot and Briscoe continues to stomp on his ankle. The referee redirects Briscoe and when his back is turned Hardy hits Briscoe with the boot for a pin attempt. Hardy hits Briscoe with the Twist Of Fate twice but Briscoe kicks out of a pin attempt. Hardy butterflies Briscoe into a submission hold but has to release it. Hardy drags Briscoe close to the corner and then climbs to the top rope but Briscoe cuts him off and hits him off and gives Hardy a belly-to-back superplex. They get to their feet and trade several punches. Briscoe hits a headbutt and goes for a Jay Driller but Hardy stops him. Hardy goes for a Twist Of Fate but Briscoe rolls him up in a small package and pins him to win the match. Rhino interferes and hits Jay with a gore. Mark Briscoe hits the ring and fights off Rhino but Corino hits Mark from behind with a roll of coins. Whitmer, Elgin and Lethal come to ringside to fight off Cliff Compton, Jimmy Jacobs and Rhett Titus but SCUM takes over and they zip-tie Team ROH to the ringpost. SCUM then beats on the Briscoes with chairs. Security comes out but are fought off with chairs. Corino takes the microphone and tells SCUM to finish Jay Briscoe once and for all. They put Jay’s shoulder in a chair and Hardy jumps off the second rope onto the chair. Corino says that at Steel Cage Warfare ROH not only dies but ROH will burn.

The show was good this week. I think the Cole vs Strong match could have been a little shorter in order to allow for a third match on the show but the match was fine. Briscoe vs Hardy was quite good and continues the story well going into Steel Cage Warfare next week.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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