ROH TV report

 7/27/2013 ROH TV Report

The show starts with footage of members of SCUM attacking Mark and Jay Briscoe.

Kevin Kelly introduces the show from the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, Maryland and previews this week’s Steel Cage Warfare match with members of Team ROH vs SCUM.

Mike Sydal and Zizou Middoux (known as #partyboys) come to the ring followed by their opponents of The American Wolves of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. Kelly says that Middoux is from South Africa and the Tale Of The Tape shows that his pro debut was in 2013. Middoux starts the match with Richards and they trade wristlocks and Middoux fights off Richards’s submission attempts and hits armdrags. Richards hits a back-kick and knocks Sydal off the apron as Middoux rolls outside of the ring. Richards attempts a running kick but Middoux avoids him and hits an enzuiguri on the apron. Middoux ducks out of the way of a charging Edwards who tumbles to the floor and Sydal hits Richards and Edwards with a moonsault from the top rope to the floor. Sydal and Middoux return to the ring and give Richards a double hiptoss followed by a double dropkick. Sydal rolls up Richards who kicks out. Edwards tags in and he and Richards hit Sydal with chops and kicks in the corner. Sydal boots a charging Edwards in the corner and they hits what seems to be a flying headscissors but transitions into a DDT. Middoux tags in and throws several punches at Richards. Middoux misses a kick on Richards who misses an O’Connor Roll allowing Middoux to hit an enzuiguri. All four men are in the ring and Sydal and Middoux do matrix-style kip-ups to avoid clotheslines and then hit double neckbreakers. Middoux whips Sydal into Richards and then hits a chinbreaker. Sydal hits flying double knees from the top rope and Edwards breaks up a pin attempt. Sydal and Edwards trade strikes and Sydal ends up in the splits where Richards kicks him. Edwards throws Middoux up in the air and Richards hits him with an alarm clock. Edwards hits a double stomp off the top rope onto the head of a crouched-over Middoux. Richards then comes off the top rope with a double stomp on Middoux to grab the pin and win the match. Richards and Edwards offer to shake hands after the match but Sydal and Middoux refuse and walk away. Kelly says that the remainder of the show will be dedicated to Steel Cage Warfare.

After a commercial a video is shown with the history of SCUM going back to the 11th Anniversary Show. Rhett Titus, Cliff Compton and Matt Hardy are shown joining the group. Later interviews with both Steve Corino and Nigel McGuinness regarding the ROH vs SCUM war. Kevin Steen is shown breaking up with SCUM and being attacked by SCUM. Interviews with Corino and McGuinness setting up Steel Cage Warfare are shown with the stipulation that if ROH wins SCUM disbands but if SCUM wins Corino gets Nigel’s job as ROH match-maker. Steen is shown challenging Nigel to put him on TEAM ROH. Corino ends the segment saying that at the end of the night Ring Of Honor burns.

After a commercial break Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino are at the commentary table and the steel cage is set up on the ring. Kelly says there is a lot of speculation where Kevin Steen’s allegiances lie as he was not present when SCUM decimated The Briscoes last week. Corino says “I didn’t flatten his tires” and Kelly asks him how he knew that Steen had flat tires.

Bobby Cruise reviews that the match will be held under elimination rules by pinfall or submission. Cruise announces that SCUM won the coin-toss. Two men will start the match for the first five minutes and then the next participant will enter with participants entering every two minutes after that alternating from each team. The team with the remaining member of members after the opposing team has had all members eliminated will be the winner. So the rules are the same as War Games with eliminations and only one ring.

Jimmy Jacobs comes out to start the match from SCUM followed by BJ Whitmer. They face off as fans throws streamers into the cage. Jacobs and Whitmer start exchanging punches and then chops. Jacobs floats out of a suplex attempt and hits a flying headscissors throwing Whitmer into the cage. Jacobs rubs Whitmer’s face into the cage and then hits a dropkick from behind with Whitmer against the cage. Jacobs hits Whitmer with an elbow-smash and then charges him but Whitmer throws him into the cage. Whitmer continues to throw Jacobs into the cage head-first four times and goes for a pin attempt. Whitmer hits an exploder suplex for another pin attempt. Whitmer punches Jacobs in the corner. They start trading chops in the middle of the ring. Jacobs takes over briefly but Whitmer hits a vertical suplex followed by a northern lights suplex and then rubs Jacobs’ face into the cage. Whitmer works over Jacobs with chops as the countdown clock starts and Rhett Titus is introduced into the match. Whitmer hits Titus with a clotheslines and then chops and throws him into the cage several times and attempts a pin. Whitmer takes Titus to the corner and they trade chops as the show goes to commercials.

After the break Titus and Jacobs are stomping on Whitmer in the corner as the countdown clock starts and Michael Elgin is introduces.  Titus and Jacobs attack Elgin right away but he fights back with kicks and clotheslines and then hits a back suplex on both Jacobs and Titus at the same time. Whitmer whips Elgin into Titus and then Jacobs but Jacobs gets out of the way and hits Whitmer with a spear. Jacobs jumps off the turnbuckles for an attempted ace crusher on Elgin but Elgin catches him and hits a German suplex. Titus tries to attack Elgin who this Titus with several punches. Elgin puts Titus on hi his shoulders and grabs Jacobs in a bodyslam position and hits a combination Samoan drop and fall-away slam. Whitmer works over Titus as Elgin holds Jacobs up for a delayed vertical suplex. The countdown clock starts Cliff Compton enters the ring and throws powder in the eyes of Elgin. Compton and Jacobs tie Elgin to the cage with zip-ties in a crucifix position. Jacobs, Titus and Compton then triple-team Whitmer and Titus and Compton hit a spike piledriver on Whitmer.  Whitmer is pinned and eliminated from the match. The countdown clock starts and Jay Lethal enters the ring with a steel chair and takes out Titus. Compton grabs the chair but Lethal dropkicks it into his face.  Jacobs charges Lethal who hits Jacobs with a  Lethal Combination onto the chair for a pin attempt. Lethal takes something from his boot and cuts Elgin’s zip-ties. Titus tries to climb out of the cage but Lethal hits him and he lands spread eagle on the top rope as the show goes to commercials.

After the break Titus and another one on Elgin and then and hits a gore on Lethal are battling as Elgin takes on Compton and Jacobs. The countdown clock starts and Rhino enters the ring and hits a gore on Elgin. Rhino attempts to hit a gore on Lethal but Lethal moves and Rhino hits Titus. Lethal then hits Rhino with an ace crusher and pins him and eliminates him from the match.  Lethal works over Compton and then hits him with an axe-handle from the top rope. Titus breaks up a pin attempt. Jacobs charges Elgin who throws him over his head into the cage but Jacobs grabs the cage and hits a back elbow on Elgin. Jacobs digs into Lethal’s eyes as the countdown clock starts and Kevin Steen comes to the ring as the final entrant. Before he gets to the ring Matt Hardy (who is not in the match) hits him from behind and runs him into the ring barricade. The cage door is unlocked and Elgin and Titus come outside. Elgin runs Titus into the ring barricade and bodyslams him on a chair on the floor. Steen continues to brawl with Hardy as well as Compton and starts hitting al of SCUM with a chair. Jacobs Is busted open and grabs the time-keepers’ table and slides it into the ring underneath the cage.  Everyone is brawling on the outside as Jacobs and Titus return to the ring with and attempt to whip him into the table but Lethal stops and clotheslines Jacobs. Titus hits Lethal with knee-lifts and attempts a Razor’s Edge but Lethal gets out and hits a lethal injection on Titus to pin him and eliminate him from the match. Steen is still brawling with Hardy on the outside. Lethal hits Jacobs with a chair and tries to give him a piledriver on the chair. Jacobs blocks him as Steen drives a crutch into Hardy’s crotch. Lethal attempts his lethal injection but Jacobs hits him with a chair and then gives him a spear through the table. Compton then pins Lethal to eliminate him from the match. Steen enters the ring and throws Compton into the cage. The match has Steen and Elgin against Compton and Jacobs as the match goes to commercials.

After the break Jacobs jumps backward off the turnbuckles to hit an ace crusher on Steen and then hits him with a contra code. Jacobs gives Elgin a spinning headscissors but Elgin takes over and swings Jacobs into the cage. Elgin throws Compton into the cage and attempts a powerbomb but Compton backdrops him. Compton climbs to the top rope and keeps climbing on the cage. Elgin goes to the top rope and gives Compton a super powerbomb and pins him for an elimination. Steve Corino enters the ring and throws fire in Elgin’s face. Jacobs pins Elgin to eliminate him from the match. Hardy enters the ring and hits a twist of fate on Steen. Corino is in the ring with a briefcase and dumps it out. Corino starts pouring lighter fluid all over Steen and Jacobs tries to stop him but Corino knocks him down. Corino goes to light a match but Nigel McGuinness enters the cage and squares off with Corino before hitting him with a lariat. Hardy tries to hit McGuinness with a twist of fate but Steen grabs Hardy and gives him a package piledriver. Steen then gives Jacobs a package piledriver and pins him for the elimination and wins Steel Cage Warfare for Team ROH.

Adam Cole is shown in the aisle staring at Steen and McGuinness as they celebrate in the ring and shake hands and hug.

This was an excellent show this week. The first match was just right to get the show going and Sydal and Middoux are impressive. From there, the Steel Cage Warfare match was booked well and worked well. As predictable as it was that ROH would win, the storytelling was still great. This will likely be compared as not being as good as the ROH vs CZW Cage Of Death. It is not as good as that but very little is. Although it was time for the SCUM storyline to end, this was a great way to do so and I would say people should go out of their way to see it.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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