ROH TV report

8/3/2013 ROH TV Report

The show starts with footage of last week’s Steel Cage Warfare match with Team ROH defeating SCUM.

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness introduce the show from the Rhode Island Convention Centre in Providence, Rhode Island.

3.0 of Shane Matthews and Scott Parker come to the ring followed by their opponents of Adrenaline Rush of ACH and Tadarius Thomas. McGuiness notes on commentary that there is no work champion right now so there will be more focus on the tag team division. Parker starts against ACH with ACH taking a headlock and then hitting a high dropkick. ACH hits a back elbow and jumps to the second rope but Matthews grabs him and drops him throat-first on the ropes. Parker dropkicks him and then tags in Matthews but ACH fights back with punches and elbows and knocks down both opponents. Thomas tags in and hits both members of 3.0 with strikes. Matthews gets knocked out of the ring as Thomas hits Parker with capoeira kicks and then uses a German suplex for a pin attempt broken up by Matthews.  Thomas hits Matthews with knees and the a kick and tags in ACH who jumps off the top rope over Matthews but into Parker’s elbow. Parker tosses ACH over his head into a spear from Matthews for a pin attempt. ACH fights back with strikes but Matthews holds him while Parker hits him with a superkick.  Parker dropkicks Thomas off the apron and gives ACH a flapjack. Matthews gives ACH a powerbomb and rolls him into a Boston Crab. Parker charges Thomas but flies to the floor and Thomas hits Matthews with a kick. Thomas then jumps to the second rope on the outside and moonsaults onto Parker on the floor. ACH then hits his cradle DDT on Matthews and pins him to win the match.

After a commercial break Nigel McGuinness is in the ring and announces that due to injuries suffered by Jay Briscoe at the hands of SCUM two weeks ago on television he was forced to strip Jay Briscoe of the ROH World Title. Nigel announces that for the first time in ROH history the world title is vacant and while the war with SCUM is over one of the casualties of the war was Jay Briscoe’s ROH World Title reign.  Nigel says that if you think that was an easy decision or his decision you are wrong. Noone questions the toughness of Jay Briscoe or what he has done for his company and you can’t take away what he achieved as ROH World Champion. Nigel says that when the doctor came to him after looking at Jay’s shoulder and saying he would not be able to wrestle for 3-4 months the decision was out of his hands. Nigel says he is now faced with the decision of making a new ROH World Champion. Nigel says in three weeks on television will be the beginning of a sixteen-man tournament that will end in the hometown or ROH in Philadelphia where they will a new ROH World Champion. Nigel says in the meantime with SCUM finally vanquished they can rebuild ROH and in the absence of a World Champion he is going to place more emphasis on the ROH tag team titles and bring in some of the best teams in the world today. At that, ROH World Tag Team Champions Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish come to the ring and Kevin Kelly notes that they are scheduled to face The Forever Hooligans of Alex Kozlov and Rocky Romero in a proving ground match.  Nigel notes that he said he was going to bring in some of the best tag teams in the world and on cue the best tag team in the world of O’Reilly and Fish came out.  Fish says that it is no secret that since they have had the titles t.v. ratings are up. Fish tells the fans he didn’t come here for their applause. Fish says that t.v. ratings are up and attendance figures are up. Fish says they are here to do Nigel and ROH a favor. Fish says their tag title reign has reached a mythological level and they are here to man up. Fish says that tonight they have the “Forever Fooligans” in a proving ground match. Fish tells Nigel to throw the proving ground match out and make the match an ROH World Tag team Title contest. The fans applaud and Fish says he didn’t do it for them. Nigel says that sounds like a great idea and to put the titles on the line tonight. The American Wolves of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards come out. Richards says he has to give them props putting the belts on the line against the Forever Hooligans and he wouldn’t write them off as they are one of the best tag teams in the entire world. Richards says the best tag team in the world is the team that wears the belts. Richards says there is a reason former ROH World Champion Eddie Edwards and former ROH World Champion Davey Richards are not in the World Title tournament and it is because they are ready to take their rightful place as world tag team champions. He says that whoever wins should keep the title belts warm because the wolves are coming to collect.

On “Inside Ring Of Honor” Kevin Kelly reviews that Jay Briscoe’s shoulder was injured two weeks ago by SCUM.  A Youtube interview with Jay Briscoe is shown and his shoulder is in a sling. He says he is having some complications with his shoulder but he isn’t even that hurt and he is still breathing. Kelly says that it was learned that Briscoe would be out of action 3-6 months. Jay is shown again telling Nigel he can still go and if anyone knows about wrestling injured it is Nigel. He says not to do this to him. Kelly asks if Jay would be stripped of the title or if # 1 contender Michael Elgin would be awarded the title. Elgin is interviewed and says that speculation is he will walk into Toronto and gets handed the ROH World Title. Elgin says he has fought too long and too hard to be handed anything.  He says he can’t look at himself in the mirror in the morning and truly tell himself in the best because the best isn’t given anything and earns everything he has. Elgin says he refuses to be handed the ROH World title. Kelly says that Nigel McGuinness announced that Jay Briscoe has been stripped of the title due to injury and he can’t allow Jay Briscoe to compete until he is cleared by doctors for his own health and for the integrity of the title. Kelly says this has resulted in the ROH World Title being vacant for the first time in company history. Brackets for the title tournament are shown and Kelly says it will culminate at Death Before Dishonor weekend September 20 and 21 in Philadelphia and every match will be seen on television. Kelly introduces an interview with Elgin and says he is one of the men favored to win the tournament. Elgin says for three months he did everything Nigel asked, he fought for ROH and now Nigel pays him back by giving him exactly what he asked: sixteen of the best wrestlers in the world in one tournament to declare a new ROH world champion. Elgin says the way he sees it any man can win one match but it takes a real man to win four matches and it takes a true champion to beat four of the greatest opponents he has ever stepped foot in the ring with. Elgin says that is exactly what he will do. He has fought long and hard for ROH and now he will fight long and hard for him. Kelly notes that tonight Silas Young and Adam Page will face each other for a spot in the tournament.

After a commercial break QT Marshall is yelling at McGuinness and Kelly at the commentary table as Silas Young comes to the ring followed by Adam Page. Marshall enters the ring and says he thinks it is ridiculous and appalling that Nigel left it up to the people if he should be in the tournament and says if it was up to the people Nigel would fire him right now. Marshall says “Luckily for me mate…” and Page takes the microphone and says he doesn’t think any of these people came to see Marshall. Page says if it will shut Marshall up to put him in the match which Nigel does, making it a three-way match.  Page and Marshall shake hands but Young kicks their hands.  Page punches Young down and then starts chopping Marshall. |Young charges Page but hits Marshall. Page gives Young a reverse atomic drop and then dropkicks him out of the ring. Marshall grabs Page and hits an over-the-shoulder powerslam. Young pulls Marshall out of a pin attempt. Young misses an elbow drop and Marshall rolls up Young for a pin attempt. Young and Marshall trade strikes and Marshall legdrops Young to the mat. Page breaks up a pin attempt and trades chops with Marshall who then hits a back elbow. Page hits a leg lariat and Young breaks up a pin attempt. Page hits Young with an enzuiguri and then gets backdropped to the apron by Marshall. Young hits Marshall with a big clothesline and cuts off Page on the top rope and attempts a superplex. Page pushes him off but Young returns to the top rope. Marshall attempts to give Young a super powerbomb Young bites his forehead. Page drops Young to the mat face-first and then hits Marshall with a crossbody. Page punches down Young and dropkicks Marshall while following through into a shooting star press on Young.  Marshall breaks up a pin attempt and then throws Page outside but Page lands on the apron and backdrops Marshall to the floor. Young grabs Page and hits him with a backbreaker over his knees and a follow-up lariat. Young gets a two-count and then hits a Finlay roll. Young does his headstand on the turnbuckle into a moonsault but Page moves and goes to the top rope where Marshall shoves him to the floor. Marshall rips off the top turnbuckle cover and goes after Young but Young rolls him up in a small package and pins him to win the match and qualify for the world title tournament.

The Forever Hooligans of Alex Kozlov and Rocky Romero come to the ring wearing their IWGP Jr. Tag Team Titles. ROH World Tag Team Champions reDRagon of Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly then come to the ring. Kevin Kelly announces that next week The American Wolves and BJ Whitmer will face Kevin Steen, Michael Elgin and Tomasso Ciampa in a six-man tag match. The two teams shake hands to start the match. Fish and Romero start the match and tie up twice and then trade holds with Romero taking Fish’s back and slapping him across the back of the head several times. They get to their feet and Fish breaks in the ropes and elbows Romero in the head. They trade kicks and then criss-cross with Romero hitting a dropkick. Romero tags in Kozlov and bodyslams Fish followed by a splash from Kozlov. Fish knees Kozlov in the gut and tags in O’Reilly who gets armdragged by Kozlov who follows up with chops. They criss-cross and Kozlov hits O’Reilly with a dropkick. Kozlov punches Fish off the apron and O’Reilly goes to the apron and gets punched off as well.  Kozlov goes for a dive but Fish runs in and knees him in the gut. Fish whips Kozlov into the ropes and attempts a clothesline but Kozlov ducks it and hits a tope con giro on O’Reilly on the floor. Romero also avoids a clothesline from Fish and then straddles the ropes. Fish charges him and lands on the floor and Romero then hits a tope suicida on both Fish and O’Reilly as the show goes to commercials. After the break Kozlov and takes O’Reilly to the corner and tags in Romero. They whip O’Reilly to the corner and Romero hits his multiple clotheslines. Kozlov and Romero tease fighting with each other and then hug. Romero chops O’Reilly and then hits him with a reverse atomic drop. O’Reilly whips Romero into the corner and Romero comes back with a clothesline on O’Reilly. Fish then hits Romero with a clothesline and Kozlov and O’Reilly face off in the ring with O’Reilly dumping him outside. Fish runs Kozlov into the ringside barrier and O’Reilly hits Kozlov with the running missile dropkick off the apron. Fish is laying into Romero with punches in the ring when O’Reilly comes back and stomps on Romero before tagging in Fish who knees Romero in the gut. Fish gives Romero a vertical suplex and runs his head into the turnbuckle. O’Reilly tags in and he and Fish whip Romero into the corner and charge him. Fish gives Romero a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and O’Reilly hits him with a second rope kneedrop for a pin attempt. O’Reilly ties him up in an abdominal stretch and rolls him into a pin attempt. Fish tags in and hits a senton on Romero and continues to hit him with knees. Fish whips Romero to the corner and hits him a dropkick for a pin attempt. Romero fights back but Fish continues with kicks. Romero misses an enzuiguri attempt but hits a back-kick. Romero kicks off O’Reilly and tags in Kozlov who hits a springboard cross-body on Fish followed by a flying headscissors. Kozlov dodges a charging O’Reilly in the corner and hits a springboard dropkick. Kozlov then hits an enzuiguri on Fish and then puts on his Russian hat and hits Fish with his Cossack kicks. Kozlov follows up with a double stomp for a pin attempt. Romero is in and trades strikes with O’Reilly and hits him with an uppercut forearm. Kozlov puts O’Reilly on his shoulders and Fish flies off the top rope with a knee-strike to O’Reilly’s face. Kozlov whips Romero into a clothesline on Fish in the corner and then picks up Romero and runs his knee into Fish’s head. Romero then hits Fish with a tombstone variation and Kozlov comes off the top rope and hits Fish with a shooting star press. O’Reilly breaks up a pin attempt. Romero slaps O’Reilly and trades kicks with him. Kozlov ducks a clothesline from O’Reilly and hits him with an enzuiguri. Fish gives Kozlov a backdrop driver. O’Reilly and Romero both tag in and trade forearms. O’Reilly misses a leg-sweep but Romero catches him with a knee-strike to the head. Romero hits the ropes but O’Reilly hits him with a jumping knee. Fish misses a kick on Romero who rolls him up for a pin attempt. O’Reilly gives Romero an axe kick and then a Regal-plex for a two-count. Kozlov starts punching both Fish and O’Reilly but they knock him down with forearms. Fish drives Romero into the corner and O’Reilly gives him a dropkick. Fish gives Romero a German suplex and then hits a clothesline combined with a leg-sweep from O’Reilly for a pin attempt. O’Reilly lifts Romero for a brainbuster and Fish sets up for the head-kick but Kozlov pulls Fish out of the ring. Romero gets out and gives O’Reilly a backslide and pins him to win the match, thus making Romero and Kozlov the new ROH World Tag Team Champions.  They celebrate with the belts as the show goes off the air.

This was a very good show this week. 3.0 were fun and ACH/Thomas are one of my favorite things in wrestling right now so I liked that match. I would have preferred Marshall not get added to Page/Young match but Page and Young still got to show some good stuff. The show really did a good job of making the title tournament seem like a big deal. The main event was a lot of fun and although some might think there were too many near-falls at the end it was fun to see the title change and really made ROH feel like an international showcase promotion.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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