ROH results from the Hammerstein Ballroom

Don't know about attendance, but I can confirm there was no one on the upper level balcony. They must've moved everyone down to the lower one because it was packed. Some empty seats on the floor, but nothing too bad.

Silas vs. Page: Crowd was really behind Page to begin with, but Young's headstand finisher got a standing ovation and he was then SUPER over. Good match here.

Corino attempted to come out to ringside for announcing duties, but was kicked out to the displeasure of the crowd. "Let hime stay" and "Bullshit" chants commenced.

C&C vs. Adrenaline RUSH: A complete mess of a match for the most part that had some impressive athleticism. Caprice was extremely awkward and had miscommunications on several occasions. Cedric botched a springboard maneuver, which of course was followed by "You F'd Up" chants. ACH's flip to the outside got a MASSIVE pop.

Mondo vs. Taven: Pretty good match here. No one cared for the most part since the hotties were out at ringside. Typical interference from the Hoopla Hotties and Truth.

Bucks vs. Hooligans: Bucks were BY FAR the most over on the show. Absolutely no chants for the Hooligans (I'll attribute that as the crowd not being familiar with the team.) Tremendous match that is worth the price of the VOD/DVD alone. The match got a standing ovation multiple times, reminiscent to the Lethal/Elgin match from the WrestleMania weekend show. "Please Come Back" and "Thank You Both" chants afterwards. WATCH THIS MATCH.

RD Evans cuts a promo with QT Marshall after intermission. Couldn't make out anything he said because of the loud "Shut the fuck up" chants. As the new talent scount, Nana makes fun of the two and announces a new tag team. A guy comes out in a clown mask from the ramp and another has a weird mask on coming in from the crowd. Both take the masks off at the same time and it's Eddie Kingston and Homicide. Got a real good reaction with mostly "Eddie Kingston" chants.

Marshall Law vs. Kingston & Homicide: Crowd was pretty dead for this match for some reason. A nothing match for the most part. Homicide seemed to break RD Evans' fingers afterwards.

Ciampa/Bennett: Again, the crowd was pretty dead for this match as well. The big pop came when Ciampa send a knee into Bennett's face on the outside corner and went into the crowd. Slow match that took a long time to heat up.

Roddy/Steen: Steen was SUPER over as expected. A solid match that you would expect from these two.

Anderson/Elgin: The crowd was terrible for this one. An example would be when Elgin signaled for his delayed vertical suplex, the crowd started "HOOOOO"ing and chanting "USA! USA!" and would continue this for the entire match. Also "Chris Benoit" chants when Elgin got the crossface locked in on Anderson towards the later part of the match. Dumb crowd aside, this was a really good match.

reDRagon/Wolves for the Tag Titles: Very similar to the WrestleMania weekend match they had but nonetheless, a great match. Last ten minutes or so was just great. When Kyle made Davey tap to the armbreaker, the crowd didn't react at all to the title change. In fact, there was little reaction to their entrance as well. I don't know why, but it seems like the team isn't over as much as people think.

Kingston and Homicide came out afterwards and Homicide again "broke" Kyle O'Reilly's fingers. Not much of a reaction for this. Kingston cut a promo about how the suits didn't want them two to be in ROH, how Homicide is an original, and that they want to take down the "corporate ROH." Kingston also said that they are called "Outlaw Inc." Again, very little reaction to this promo unfortunately. Something just didn't click with these two tonight.

More notes on the crowd: Well, they really sucked. There was one guy behind me that in every match besides the main event would scream something WWE related, including how great SummerSlam will be tomorrow than this show, and singing theme songs. There was also another guy a few rows back screaming about the wrestlers being cool or not cool throughout the night. A "shut the fuck up" chant was started during the main event directed towards this idiot.

Overall, I'd give this show a thumbs up. Bucks/Hooligans was out of this world and Steen/Roddy & Anderson/Elgin were really good matches.

Best match: Bucks/Hooligans
Worst match: Outlaw Inc./Marshall Law
- Bobby G

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