ROH TV report 8/17 best matches in history for episode 100

8/17/2013 ROH TV Report

Jay Lethal and Roderick Strong are hosting the 100th episode of Ring Of Honor television with some of the top matches from the show’s history.

The first match shown is Jay Lethal vs El Generico for the ROH TV Title from Episode 2. Lethal and Strong are shown in a box on-screen at times throughout the match giving their comments. Here is my review from the original show on 10/1/2011. The action is fast-paced starting out with both guys back-and-forth until Generico hits a flying headscissors. Lethal backflips out of a wristlock and then hits a flying headscissors as well. The fans are into this match. Lethal snapmares Generico, followed by a dropkick to the back of the head. He later does a cartwheel and hits a dropkick to the face of a seated Generico. The fans are singing “Ole, Ole, Ole” for Generico. Lethal puts a figure-four on Generico and stretches him out at the same time. Lethal is really controlling this match, nailing some uppercuts as well. Generico starts a comeback but is cut off with a dropkick. Generico continues to battle back and starts hitting armdrags on Lethal who goes to the outside. Generico then hits a big tope con giro to a big reaction from the crowd.  The show cuts to a commercial break and when we come back the wrestlers are back in the ring. We see highlights from the break of Generico hitting a Moonsault off the guardrail onto Lethal on the floor. More back-and-forth until Lethal hits a handspring elbow leaving both guys laid out. On their feet, they trade punches and chops. Bobby Cruise announces that there is three minutes remaining in the time limit and we get a clock counting down on the screen. Lethal throws Generico in the air then spins around and catches him in a neckbreaker. Generico fights back and hits a Tornado DDT and the fans are singing for him again. Lethal nails elbows prior to Generico getting a near-fall with a Blue Thunder Powerbomb. Generico goes for a Yakuza kick but Lethal avoids it and rolls him up. We have ten seconds left and the fifteen-minute time limit runs out. The fans chant for five more minutes and both Generico and Lethal ask for. Cornette comes out and says they don’t have five minutes but they do have three and if they want they can wrestle until the end of the show. The bell rings and Lethal and Generico are nailing each other with a flurry of punches. The fans are on their feet. Lethal goes to the corner and Generico hits a Yakuza kick. Generico gets a near-fall after a half-nelson suplex. Generico goes for the top-rope brainbuster which is blocked by Lethal who then goes for an elbow off the top but misses. Generico goes for the top rope brainbuster again but is shoved off and Lethal hits the top rope elbow for a near-fall. Generico goes for another Yakuza kick but eats a superkick followed by the Lethal Injection of the reverse Russian Leg Sweep by Lethal for the title win.

After a commercial break, Lethal and Strong introduces a match with then-ROH Tag Team champions Jay and Mark Briscoe vs Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin of The House Of Truth with the winning team getting $5,000. The teams shake hands and Strong starts against Mark. They criss-cross and Mark hits a leg lariat. Elgin tags in and Strong hits Mark with an elbow in the corner followed by an avalanche from Elgin. Jay comes in and stops a double suplex attempt and he and Mark both hit clotheslines on Strong in the corner. Mark hits a dropkick on Strong in the corner followed by a big boot from Jay. Mark hits a vertical suplex and tags in Jay who hits a dropkick. Jay starts hitting forearms on Strong in the corner and then stomps him down. Mark tags in and he and Jay hit Strong with a double shoulder tackle. Mark starts punching Strong in the corner and tags in Jay who trades strikes with Strong who hits a knee to the gut. Jay boots a charging Strong in the face but Strong throws him down in the corner and tags in Elgin who puts Jay on his shoulder and slams him into Strong’s boot in the corner and then powerslams him on the mat. Elgin hits Jay with knees and elbows and the show goes to commercials. After the break Mark is hitting headbutts lands on his feet off of a backdrop by Elgin who then hits a sideslam. Strong tags in and trades chops and forearms with Mark. Strong hits a knee to the face of Mark and tags in Elgin who picks up Mark for a vertical suplex combined with a chop from Strong. Elgin and Strong double-team Mark in the corner. Strong gives Mark an across-the-knees gutbuster followed by a clothesline from Elgin. Mark fights back with elbows in the corner but Strong hits an enzuiguri. Strong goes to suplex Mark off the top rope but Mark knocks him off and then hits an enzuiguri. Mark kicks off Elgin and then tags in Jay who hits both Elgin and Strong with clotheslines, kicks and forearms. Jay gives Elgin a clothesline and then gives Strong a Death Valley Driver. Jay hits a falcon arrow on Strong and Mark comes in with a frog elbow. Elgin breaks up a pin and trades strikes with Jay. All four men are in the ring and the Briscoes kick both opponents in the face. Jay gets dumped to the outside and Truth Martini throws powder in his eyes. Jay clears his eye and goes to the back while Elgin and Strong double-team Mark in the ring. Jay comes back out with a baseball bat and hits Elgin with it causing a disqualification. Jay hits Strong with the bat after the match. Strong and Elgin win by disqualification and win the $5,000. Jay and Mark steal the checks and celebrate after the match.

The next match shown is the finals of the 2012 Survival Of The Fittest tournament from October 2012. The participants are Roderick Strong, Davey Richards, Jay Lethal, Mike Mondo, Michael Elgin and Adam Cole. This is my review from the original airing. The match starts with Richards vs Strong. They tie up and Davey gets a wristlock and the two hits a series of reversals for their own wristlocks. Elgin tags in and Strong goes outside of the ring. Strong comes in the ring long enough to tag in Mondo who ties up with Elgin and gests a headlock. Elgin sends Mondo to the ropes and they collide with shoulder blocks and face off. They do the same again and tehn Elgin hits the ropes and catches Mondo with a powerslam. Elgin goes after Strong who escapes. Mondo fights back agains Elgin with punches. Elgin tags in Richards who trades forearms with Mondo. They criss-cross and Richards hits a dropkick and then hits another dropkick on Elgin who runs into the ring. Elgin rolls outside and Richards runs along the apron and kicks him in the chest. Strong catches Richards from behind with a kick to the head on the apron and gives him a chop followed by a backdrop on the apron. Cole htis a pescado on Strong followed by a tope suicida from Lethal. Mondo climbs to the rop rope and hits a moonsault to the floor on all of his opponents. Mondo rolls Richards back inside for a pin attempt but Davey kicsk out. Mondo is hitting forearms and kicks but Davey hits a back-kick and tags in Cole who lays in forearms on Mondo. Mondo whips Cole into the ropes and Strong hits a blind tag and hits a sick kick on Mondo. Strong pins Mondo to elminate him and then he and Cole start hitting each other with fast punches. Cole follows Strong into the corner and takes two kicks to the face. Strong knocks Richards off the apron and Cole comes back after Strong with forearms. Strong hits Cole with a knee to the face in the corner followed by a double-knee gutbuster. Cole kicks out of a pin attempt and Strong hits Elgin on the apron. Strong hits Cole with a spinning forearm but Elgin comes in ang hits Strong with a spinning backfist. Cole hits a superkick on Strong and pins him for an elimination. Richards enters the match and applies an ankle lock to Cole who kicks him off. Cole puts Richards on his shoulders and brings him down across his knee. Richards kicks out of a pin attempt and tags in Elgin who does an O'Connor Roll on Cole and tries to deadlift him for a back suplex but Cole rolls him up for a pin attempt. Cole ducks a clothesline and hits an enzuiguri. Elgin catches Cole and hits a buckle bomb followed by a spinning sit-out powerbomb to pin Colle and elminate him. Lethal then enters the ring and hits Elgin with a dropkick. Lethal is hitting Elgin with forearms and is trying to hit Lethal Injection as the match goes to commercial break.
The match is down to Elgin, Lethal and Richards upon return. Elgin catches Lethal in a fierman's carry and then catches Richards in a bodyslam position allowing him to hit the combination Samon Drop and fall-away slam. Richards and Lethal are on the floor and Elgin is clmibing to the top rope as Strong runs out and pushes him off. Lethal and Richards square off in the ring and hit punches until Richards hits an enzuiguri. Richards goes to the apron and hits an Exploder suplex on Elgin from the apron through a ringside table. Richards returns to the ring and he and Lethal exchange punches again. Lethal hits a chop and Richards kicks him. They're both punching each other hockey fight style and Elgin is rolling back into the ring. Elgin blocks a kick from Ricahrds and catches Lethal's foot in an attempted kick but Richards hits an enzuiguri followed by Lethal's DDT. Elgin is on the mat and Richards hits a double stomp from the top followed by Lethal's top rope elbow drop. Both Richards and Lethal are on top for a pinfall but Elgin kicks out. Elgin is on his feet and Richards hits two clotheslines and starts slapping Elgin. Richards misses a kick and takes a backfist from Elgin. Lethal hits Elgin with a superkick and Elgin takes another kick each from both Lethal and Richards who then hit stereo superkicks. Lethal and Richads cover Elgin for the pinfall and elmination.
The locker room empties and everyone comes to ringside to cheer. Lethal and Richards shake hands but Lethal pulls Richards into an Ace Crusher. Lethal goes to the top and hits his elbow drop for a two-count. Lethal picks up Richards on his shoulders and is running for a Finlay Roll but Lethal fights out with elbows. Lethal is in the corner and Richards hits an elbow. Richards tries another but gets caught by Lethal who hits his Lethal Combination twice in a row. Lethal applies a Koji clutch but Richards gets out and applies an ankle lock. Lethal gets out and hits a combination Indian Deathlock and surfboard. Richards gets out of that and is on the apron. Lethal comes to the apron and they trade chops and kicks. Richards hits an exploder suplex dropping Lethal on the floor and then rolls him in and hits a double stomp off the top rope. Lethal kicks out of a pin attempt at one and Richards hits him with kicks and attempts another pin but Lethal kicks out. They trade numerous kicks and Lethal goes for a pin with Richards kicking out. Lethal goes for his handspring Ace Crusher but Richards pushes him down. Richards applies an ankle lock but Lethal spins out and kicks him off. Richards hits elbows in the corner three times and then takes Lethal to the top rope for a superplex. Richards follows with a brainbuster and Lethal kicks out again. Richards gives him a knee to the face and applies an ankle lock again. Lethal gets out and hits a back suplex followed shortly by a full nelson suplex for a pin attempt. Richards crawls back to his feet and Lethal headbutts him followed by a chop. Richards spits at Lethal who hits an enzuiguri followed by his Lethal Injection (handspring Ace Crusher) for the pinfall. Lethal wins the Survival Of the Fittest tournament and fans throw streamers into the ring and chant "That was awesome".

This was a waste of a show for me as I have seen all of the shows and honestly don’t think the match selection represented the best matches in the show’s history. That being said, if you haven’t seen these matches you would probably like them. I think they should have started airing the ROH World Title Tournament matches as that would have been a great way to celebrate the 100th episode and go into what they are trying to show as a new era.


Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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