ROH TV report

9/14/2013 ROH TV Report

The show opens with footage of last week’s Jay Mike Bennett vs BJ Whitmer match as part of the first round of the tournament for the vacant ROH World Title. Whitmer’s injury is discussed as well as Bennett advancing to the second round.

Kevin Kelly introduces the show from the Mattamy Athletic Center in Toronto, Ontario. Kelly previews tonight’s show with two first round matches in the ROH World Title Tournament including Matt Taven vs Roderick Strong, Kevin Steen vs Brian Kendrick and aquarter-final match Adam Cole vs Jay Lethal.

First Round Match: Matt Taven with Truth Martini, Saleyziya and Scarlett vs Roderick Strong.Matt Taven with Truth Martini, Saleyziya and Scarlett vs Roderick Strong. ROH match-maker says Scarlett has to sit next to him on commentary as she doesn’t have a license to be at ringside. Strong and Taven exchange holds to start and Taven hits a knee-lift. Strong hits a dropkick and follows up with chops and a backbreaker across his knee. Strong continues with chops and Martini tries to trip him. Strong escapes and hits Taven with another dropkick and then a vertical suplex. Martini grabs Strong’s leg from outside and Taven jumps off the second rope to dropkick Strong to the floor. The show goes to commercials and on return Taven hits an enzuiguri. Taven takes up Strong for a suplex and drops him face-first on the mat. Taven goes for a moonsault but Strong gets his knees up in Taven’s gut. Taven charges Strong who hits a big boot. Strong hits elbows, chops and a clothesline and then picks up Taven in a backbreaker and slams him into the mat. Strong hits running elbows but takes a big boot from Taven. Strong throws Taven outside and dropkicks him from the ring to the floor. Seleyziya distracts the referee and Martini attacks Strong with the Book Of Truth. Nigel confronts Martini and Taven charges with a big boot but hits Martini. Strong drops Taven back-first on the apron and gets a two-count inside. They exchange head-kicks and Taven hits Angel’s Wings. Taven goes up top and Strong hits a jumping enzuiguri and then a superplex. Strong applies the Stronghold but Taven gets to the ropes. Taven hits a draping rolling neckbreaker and then a frog splash for a two-count. Taven attempts his Climax finisher but Strong hits two backbreakers and a sick-kick. Strong picks up Taven for a suplex and drops him back-first across his knees. Strong pins Taven to advance to the second round.

Firrst Round Match: Briand Kendrick vs Kevin Steen. Kendrick hits Steen with shoulder-blocks but doesn’t knock him down. Kendrick hits forearms but Steen hits Kendrick with a dropkick. Kendrick rolls outside and stalls but Steen chases him on the floor. Kendrick rolls back inside and tries to hit a pescado but Steen avoids it. Steen attempts to powerbomb Kendrick on the apron but Kendrick stops him. Kendrick manages to hit a Sliced Bread # 2 from the apron to the floor by kicking off the ringpost. The show goes to commercial and on return Kendrick has Steen in a camel clutch and transitions to a sleeperhold. Steen slams Kendrick in the corner and then drops backward into the mat. They trade strikes and Sten hits a clothesline followed by a pumphandle neckbreaker. Steen charges Kendrick who hits a dropkick. Kendrick hits a chinbreaker. Steen hits a back elbow and goes to second rope. Kendrick grabs Steen and hits a Death Valley Driver. Steen rolls to apron and they both try to suplex each other. Steen hits a sunset flip and goes for a sharpshooter. Steen can’t get it but catapults Kendrick into the corner. Kendrick lands on the ropes and hits a tornado DDT. Steen hits the F5 and then goes for a package piledriver but Kendrick gets out and hits a superkick. Kendrick goes for Sliced Bread #2 but Steen grabs him and hits a sleeper-plex. Steen charges but Kendrick pulls the referee in the way and then gives Steen a low-blow. Steen hits Kendrick with a chokeslams and then a cannonball in the corner. Steen puts Kendrick in the sharpshooter and Kendrick taps out, allowing Steen to advance to the second round.

Footage is shown of both Jay Lethal beating Sonjay Dutt in the first round and Adam Cole beating Mark Briscoe in the first round.

Adam Cole vs Jay Lethal. They trade holds and criss-cross until Lethal chops Cole in the corner. Cole goes for La MagistralQu Cradle but Lethal counters it. Cole applies a side headlock. Lethal hits a basement dropkick and then gives Cole a backbreaker across his knee. Lethal chops Cole and they trade strikes. Lethal gives Cole a belly-to-back suplex. Cole hits a neckbreaker and the show goes to commercials. On return, Lethal backdrocks Cole to the apron. Cole goes to the floor and hits Lethal with an enzuiguri as Lethal puts his head through the ropes. Lethal jumps to the second rope and dropkicks Cole off the apron. Lethal hits a tope suicida and they’re both down on the floor. They both beat the referee’s count. They trade several forearms. Cole hits a fireman’s carry into a neckbreaker. Cole goes up top b Lethal chops him. Cole fights him off and hits a sunset bomb followed by a shining wizard. Cole gores for a suplex but Lethal hits him with knee-strikes and then hits a Lethal Combination. Lethal goes to the top rope but Cole cuts him off. Lethal knocks Cole off the ropes and goes for a missile dropkick which Cole avoids. Cole goes for a figure four leglock but Lethal rolls him up in a small package. Lethal hits a back-kick and goes for a handspring but Cole superkicks him. They criss-cross and Lethal hits a superkick followed by a top rope elbow-drop for a two-count. Lethal tries to pick up Cole who goes dead. Cole hits a superkick and attempts a Florida Key but Lethal stops him and hits a Lethal Injection. Lethal takes Cole to the top rope but Cole escapes and superkicks Lethal’s leg. Cole gives Lethal a German Suplex off the top rope and then gives him with another superkick. Cole then hits the Florida Key and pins Lethal to advance to the semi-finals.

This was another strong episode of ROH t.v. continuing the excellent series of world title tournament matches. I loved the Steen/Kendrick match live and both the Taven/Strong and Cole/Lethal matches came off better the second time around. Next week’s show should continue to be good (I’ve seen the tournament matches on vod) and people really need to be watching this right now.

Dave Musgrave

Oshawa, Ontario

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